Any connection between menopause and rise in blood pressure?

deemarie5500February 25, 2003

I've not had a period in over 3 years. I was on HRT for a while, but quit cold-turkey in January 2002. Except for flushing in the face and awful vaginal dryness, I had no other distressing symptoms.

Been treated for high blood pressure for over 20 years, and this past month, the blood pressure is unusually high. We are treating it with increased doses of my regular medicine, but wondering if anyone has noticed similar complaints?

Also, are there natural supplements I can take to stop vaginal dryness that will not interfere with blood pressure medicine?

Any help appreciated.


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My BP was fine and now it has gone up. I had blood work which showed I was going through menopause. I too wonder if there is a connection. I have done nothing different.

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