Cat------what have you decided to do?

phoggieFebruary 8, 2009

Hi Cat~~

I haven't seen a post following up on what you decided to do with your situation.....keep us posted....we are wondering about you.

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I am going to file. I can't live like this anymore. I went into details on the other post. Thank you so much for caring. I've just been trying to decide what to do and now I am going to go though with it.

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where you asking about cat (the one with SSs taking over her hosue) or straycat?

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I was asking about the Cat, whose SS was taking over her house.

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Hello Everyone,
I'm ok, stressing a bit, but I decided to try and work this out and bought a house for us and afer it is rehabbed (aprox 3months) we will move there and ss will stay here. I am really doubtful he will actually help pay for any living expenses but DH & I will have our own space.

DH is working 18-20 hr days to do thi along with paying for our upcoming vacation.

More tomrrow, I wll post a more thorough update from work as my keyboard is malfunctioning and I'm having to re-type this 3-4 tmes. I'm sorry Ihaven't been on the board much lately-LOTS going on..Hugs & thanks forkeeping me in your thoughts, and the good sage advise. I appreciate it very much and it def helps me put things into perspective..
More tomorrow...

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Let me rephrase, DH bought the house, he says for me and paid it off & put it in my name only. He is re-doing it all top to bottom. It' going to take a while, I hope/pray this is a GOOD thing. I have to in my heart know I have done everything to make this work.

I have made it crystal clear that no adult kids will be moving in with us,no matter what.That's a deal breaker. Now if I can just get through the next few months withot losing it.

More tmorrow this keyboard is vey irritating to me, I hav lots more to tell...Nighty night and thank you again. Oh& Stray, I'm sorry it's not working for you but admire your strength, it's such a tuff decision, when to say it's enough..Keeing you in my thoughts.


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It sounds like DH is trying to make this work....buying the house and putting in your name and remodeling it for long as he remembers the "conditions"... If you are able to help him with the remodeling, that would give you both a "common goal" and working together on something for the better of you both.
Good luck to both of you....and hoping it will work out this time.

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Thank you so much, I hope so too. I think we'll be ok in the long run.


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good luck, at first i worried that you bought a house yourself. I am glad he bought it. hope it works. and yes no adult kids there.

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Thank you Fine, yes we have that understanding and it is crystal clear, believe me. It's exciting to pick out what is going in the house since everything will be new/or reclaimed vintage I am looking over, like the old glass doorknobs/fixtures this part is fun. The demo I am sure will not be. I'm anxious to get going on it already but we are leaving for vacation in 2 weeks. I wanted to cancel it & push ahead but it's paid for, we both need it, so I guess that is silly.

So far, so good. We will have G-son today for a few hours which I am looking forward to taking him out with us. Not for our VD plans (that sounds bad,lol!) but just a little fun shopping/some fun kids play place..

Things are looking up, just let me keep my cool. I'm dealing with menopause symptoms big time and have to stop myself sometime as I'm just feeling angry/hot/out of sorts for no real reason much of the time..Poor DH.


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