What to do when you have been unfaithful

joshp01February 13, 2011

I need help or advice. I was unfaithful to my wife and i am so full of remorse. I want to make things right for her for the rest of my life. Any suggestions?

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I think first of all you need to figure out why you have been unfaithful.

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Does she know it?

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Keep your mouth shut. You've done the crime, now do the time.
By admitting guilt to someone you've been unfaithful to, you only burden them with the pain you're living with while at the same time relieving yourself or your own. It's considered selfish.
Your spouse's ignorance is bliss. Keep it that way.

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I hate it when the OPs never come back and let us know how it worked out......

My guess is he probably was having a "guilty moment" when he posted this and continues to cheat on her. Male or female, cheaters cheat, just usually for different reasons....I should know I was married to one....

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