Ten months w/o a period, then WHAM! It's baaaack! Grrrrr

soozFebruary 5, 2004

I thought SURE I was gonna get my menopause badge in a couple more months, but nooooooo. Got my period yesterday, so now I get to start "counting" the months all over again.

I hear from my doc that 12 months without a period means you have officially done the menopause dance. Sheesh! So close!!!

I've been having hot flashes on and off (sometimes none for months at a time!) for about 2 years--nothing too bothersome, thankfully. My doc also said that when I started having hot flashes, my fertility went waaaaay down to zero cuz I'm (gasp!) in my early 50s and the hot flashes plus my age were an indicator of failed fertility, and that I might have some spotting or breakthru bleeding (did have a bit of spotting, for less than 1 day, last summer). YMMV, of course, but that's what my doc told me.

Now, I wonder just how long or how heavy this !surprise! period is gonna be... dang it!!!

Just wanted to share my frustration at getting my little visitor yet again...

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Sooz, I feel for ya as this exact same thing happened to me last month!! It had been ten months for me, too--sooooo close, and yet...

Mine was a pretty normal period, though, a little heavier, more crampy.
Good luck!

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Oh Bummer Sooz!!
My 12 months was in January, and I was so sure I was going to get a period the night before, but I lucked out!
Sorry that you had the prize in your grasp, but fell down just a few feet from it!! Hopefully this was your ovaries final big bash.......their last hurrah! It sure seems like you should get some extra credit for getting so close! Hang in there!

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Rainebeau22 and CatherineT...I was soooooo close!!! LOL

Thanks for the comiseration and understanding!

BTW, Rainebeau22 (great name, love the spelling!), I'm in east county--noticed you were in S.D., CA, so we're neighbors!!!


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Hi Sooz (waving at you from Scripps Ranch)!
Hope all is well.

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Hi all,
Well, I had gotten pretty cocky with my 15-months- without-a-period menopause badge, but gull-dern it......I got one yesterday!! It sure surprised me! I'm glad I wasn't out in public, or would have embarrassed myself. I had to call my OB/GYN, since she told me if I had any bleeding after a year of no periods, that it might be something serious. She hasn't called back yet, but I sure hope she gives me a grace period before wanting a biopsy. It seems like for a couple years, all sorts of normal possibilities should be expected.
Dang.......does this mean I have to turn my badge in???? No way! I refuse!! I've suffered for it and I'm keeping it!!! hahaha
What's interesting.......I have fibromyalgia and have had incredible fatigue with it for about 10 years. When my periods stopped, my fatigue went away........as did my migraines. Well, a couple months ago, my fatigue came back, and a week ago I had a migraine!! My ovaries have been like sleeping volcanoes I guess. I still hold fast to my belief that God didn't punish Eve by creating pain with childbirth......but rather he created perimenopause!!!!!!! Okay Okay!!.......UNCLE!!!!! I won't eat that apple again......I promise!!!!!!! ;)
How are the rest of you doing with this journey???

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One year and one day. I can't believe it. My doctor told me I was post menopausal last summer. At 42, she told me I was too young, at 43 she said I was done. It was actally a little alarming as there was a large clot. Little bit of pain on my right side, I was worried about my appendix...
Don't know if I should bother the doctor about this. Guess I should wait a day or two and see what happens next.

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Yep, me too. Well, not 10 months, but 9. Sigh...

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I haven't had another period since the last one I spoke of last April. But I had alot of ovary pain about a month ago......so we'll see. I'm having alot of sciatic pain in my leg........which usually means my uterus is getting heavy.....so I wouldn't be surprised if there were still another period coming. What fun, eh?

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I am interested to know how things have gone for you gals - especially the ones whose periods started again after a year... My friend just told me her sister's started after a year and is somewhat concerned. Thanks.

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My periods started again last June after about 16 months. I was very thoroughly checked out and given a clean bill of health. My doctor said that my body was just trying to crank out a few more eggs. I am 58.

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Thanks, Devorah. What wonderful news! :)

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These ovaries are definately persistant, aren't they?
I had my last period around April of 2004....nothing since. But I do have occasional ovary pain, and get some of my worst hormone fluctuations symptoms back.....fatigue, anxiety, GI craziness, an occasional migraine. I wished I had as much energy as these ovaries seem to have!
I know they say that if you get a period after a year or not having one, to definitely be checked out. But I think that's a bit overly cautious. This process takes some of us soooo long. I think there should be at least 10 years where nothing should surprise us!
My life does seem to be more stable now, without the periods. Less fatigue, less headaches. The only bad thing is that horrible appetite that I would get with PMS, is here all the time now! Boohoo!

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My last three periods were 11 months apart and they were all very normal. The last one was about four years ago and it's so wonderful to be free of them, free of the whole thing.

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HI I am new to this forum. I am 54 and have only missed one period. I have mine right now. My doctor says that it keeps me young. LOL I don't look any younger than my buddies who are all done. Will it ever end? I know how you all feel.

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Okay, here's my story. My last period was April 2 of last year. Today is March 25, and guess what???? Good thing I didn't throw out the tampax!

The same kind of thing happened last year. My April period was the first since the previous May.

I read somewhere that there is something about the Spring light that makes even the weakest, oldest, ovaries go for the gold. Mine are 51 years old.

I am not complaining, really. I had a thorough checkup with my gyno two weeks ago, and he said that there is no way I have to worry about getting pregnant, the occasional Spring period notwithstanding.

So I guess the occasional Spring dose of estrogen is a good thing, given that it never gave me any trouble in earlier years.

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At 56, and 7 months past anything resembling a period....WHAM.......I'm RIGHT BACK WITH YA! Please tell me this will not go on forever......
Someone told me to see the Gyne if bleeding happened after 6 months. Anybody know if this is true?

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ellen........you definitely still have to worry about getting pregnant! I can't believe your doc said that! You just had a period, and he said that?????? Unless you want a baby at 52, you best use contraception! :)
That's interesting what you said about spring....because my last 2 periods (a year apart) were in the spring.
Nancy....they say that if your period stops for a year, and then starts up, you should see your doc. But I think around menopause, anything can happen, and still be normal.

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I went almost a year and got a period. Soon after this I became menopausal. So don't worry.


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I had a very similar experience. I hadn't had a period in a year and then I had one. This time it has been almost a year and I got it again with cramps and the whole thing!
I am 54. Hopefully this will be the last one. I think all of these things are normal for menopause as long as it feels like a real period.
Good luck!

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Hello, I would like to add that I had my last period December of 2004, then in May 2006 I started having sore nippples, discharge (eggwhite like) and sure as can be I got my period 14 days later, it was 17 months from my previous period, today I had an endometrial biopsy, transvanginal ultrasound and pelvic ultrasound, the ultrasounds were normal for a post menopausal women (shriveled up ovaries and very thin endometrial lining) and according to the gyno. the biopsy samples looked good, but we won't know 100% till the biopsy report comes back. I ovulated 16 months post menopause. I had recently gone on Weight Watchers and started exercising like mad. It can happen that you get "one more egg". Good luck to all, it is extremely scary when post menopausal bleeding occurs and should be taken very seriously. I feel lucky!

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Hello Everyone~ I'm new here...looks like a great place to visit and learn! I had no period for 8 months..like others I thought it was finally going to be the grande finale but 2 days ago..yikes, back again, and with a vengence!!! I was feeling better each day without the periods, achiness was improving, moodiness getting much better, feeling happy again. I'm hoping with her return the old symptoms don't come back??

Good to be here, anxious to get to know everyone!


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I think the doctor's over-react to when we get a period 1 year or a little more after our last one. When you consider how inconsistent the hormones are around then, it's just not inconceiveable, that many of us might get one last period. That happened to me, and they made me have an ultrasound......but I was positive it was "just" a period, since I had all the pms symptoms too. Actually, this happened to me twice.
On another thread we've talked about how our ovaries keep hurting after our periods have stopped. I haven't had a period in over 2 years, and my ovaries are still making cysts. I think our FSH rises, and really tries to stimulate our ovaries to spit out one more egg. Give up already!! lol!

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Well, it was 9 months 3 weeks for me without a period & I woke up this morning with cramps, went to the bathroom & holy moly guess what came back. GRRRRRRRRRR. I have been p*ssy all day about it. :)) Anyway, question here, after a year goes by with no period what does that mean actually? That you are officially in menopause?

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I'm in my second month without my period. As much as I'm glad not to have the horrible cramps, I feel like I'm missing a part of me (I have gone through this for 40 years, after all). Does anyone else feel that way?

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Had a total hyst. 16 years ago, one remaining ovary was just a scraping when Dr. went in to remove my womb which had huge fibroids. On Premarin all this time, just went off and have terrible sweats.
Had migranes since I was 18 (Now 60) In past year they have realy subsided. Still know when the ovaries used to work and when my periods would be, that is when I get headaches just like when my periods would come, but much milder. Do not know how much longer this sweating will be but "come on winter" , at least I will be warmer.

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I'm 43 and had a tubal 19 years ago. I'm the first woman in my mothers family to hit 40 with uterus and ovaries intact. I'm experiencing my first missed period and I'm curious as to whether it's too early to get excited thinking that this may be the beginning of the end?! The end of tampons and pads, the end of my monthly visitor (who has gone on vacation with my husband and I for the last 5 years -- even when she's had to adjust her schedule). Is it to early to wish/hope/wonder?

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I would say its too early to get excited.altho it could be the beginning--the END--hmmm--takes forever.I am 49 and wishing it would end.I know what you mean about Aunt Flo coming on EVERY vacation w/ you--very uninvited..Right now I wish she would visit--I am about to burst..I havent had a period in 2 months--but I am so bloated that the bloody relief (pun intended) would be welcomed.

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I just got mine, after three months of nothing but bloat.

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I wonder if these occurances and other similar female issues have any bearings on the hormones in our protein foods now? I have read that it may be effecting an earlier onset of puberty in girls, they can get their periods earlier than girls did 30 years ago for example. It must be hard for the body to deal with the excess hormones ingested from the chicken and beef we eat. I wonder how women on organic vegitarian diets do in menopause?

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I didn't have a period for 16 months, then had a fairly normal one. Called the dr. She did a pap and a test to see if my ovaries were functioning. The pap was normal and the ovaries were not functioning any more. So she did an endometrial biopsy and it came back clear. This is four months later and yesterday I got another period!! why? How? I know I have to call here back but this one totally felt hormonal-I cried etc. the day before. I don't understand this at all and its frustrating the heck out of me.

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I've read having a period or bleeding after several months of missed periods is much more common than most think.

They recommend you to tell your gyn, but not to become alarmed. (Yeah right, telling menopausal women with wacked out adrenal glands not to become alarmed is their first mistake!) LOL

Anyway, it's wise to let your gyn do tests according to your medical history for a precaution. That is, if they even suspect your having a hormone imbalance. Mine didn't.

I started having skipped periods in my mid 40's. Once I went almost a yr and started. Drs. simply blamed it on my use of prednisone for arthritis. Then I started having other symptoms. I had gone 4 yrs thinking that I was surely about to die. I was euphoric knowing I was menopausal and that I was indeed going to live! LOL

Now if THAT isn't a pathetic story, I've never heard one!

I'm now 51. It's been 6 yrs, and I still have hot flashes and palpitations. Some reports say it could take up to 10 yrs! AWWWWWWWWWWWWW :(
However, my period never returned and I'm beginning to feel more stable emotionally, AS LONG AS I GET MY SLEEP.

What all this means, I have no idea. Just wanted to share. :)

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Happy to have found this thread. I was wondering if I was 'normal' and it appears I am. Whew.

I'm turning 54, last period was in May, and you could have set a clock by my cycle up to then. So I thought that was that. Then I was oddly moody last week, then went crazy scouring the kitchen, then surprise: heavy period out of nowhere!! What the.... It all makes sense in retrospect.

So I start counting the months again I guess. Fortunate to have few other symptoms. Other than night sweats. Cracked me up when DH awoke one night to complain, "Why is it so da*** humid in here?!" as I'm lying there drenched. Gee, honey, why would that be? LOL. If that's gonna be the worst of it, that's just fine.

Thanks for the thread.

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Gee celticmoon.......I wish I'd go crazy scouring my kitchen as part of "the change"! I have a friend who gets tons of energy the day before her periods, but I sure never did!
Lol about your husband waking and thinking it was so humid! It was just you melting! Good luck to you.

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I feel all of your pain. I am 46 years old. Had my last "real" period Oct 31st, last year. Had one day of light spotting this past June. My doctor tested my FSH levels in April and said I was halfway through menopause. Two weeks ago I felt a heavy, dull aching in my pelvis. Told my hubby that I felt like I was ovulating. Sure enough, I woke up yesterday spotting, which turned into a full blown period!! Even so I can't complain. For the past year, I have felt happier and mentally more stable than I had in years. Depite the occasional hot flash, I feel blessed because this is a breeze. My poor mother had a hyst at 40, and at age 70, is still suffering with severe hot flashes. I am happy though to have stumbled across this site because now this feels normal.

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My sister sent me your comments and I just had to join (my first list)
Do I get a prize for 18 months??? The symptoms of menopause started in my early 40's but they were minimal until I hit 50. Periods like clockwork, even after babies, surgery and miscarriages. Then a few months missing here and there, made it to nine months, then Finally!! 13 cycles..woo hoo. Except...
5 months later (18 total)I start bleeding. About 1 am every 24 hours, flooding, then nothing til the next day. Go to the doctor, get the ultrasounds, try not to freak out.
Turns out, though the eggs were done, and the progesterone was on walk about, I continued to make normal amounts of estrogen. So for 18 months, the uterine lining built up to receive a fertile egg, but never received the "not this time" signal to shed. It just started falling out in random bits!
Doctor gave me five days of progesterone; had the scariest period in my life...he told me to take the progesterone every three months or so, and if I needed one, a period would happen. If the estrogen had backed off, no period. So, in November I took the first dose after the deluge. No period. Sigh. Who knows!
I am 55 now, had menstruated for 40 years, about 460 cycles. Enough already. Just leave me, my chin hairs, my 6x mirror and my tweezers alone!
As far as I can tell, menopause is a zone just like puberty. A sense of humor is required which was not in the puberty back pack but I did find in the menopause manual.
Thats all for now, you gals are great, I was laughing so hard I almost (finish the sentence, get a prize)

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Dear Blackpearl: I'm all out of whack. My doctor gave me 5 days of progesterone, but I've been afraid to take it. What exactly is the point of it? I too have been "visited" for 40 years (480 cycles-I have no children). I'm 51. You would think I'd be a walking encyclopedia by now, but menopause is a source of confusion for me.

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Women! you know it is always up to us to just go forward, regardless of how much the medical community doesnt know! Too bad menopause isnt tied to erectile function we could have had a cure by now. :-)

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Hey cheerful, et al
I am so not a jump on the hormone replacement bandwagon, but the nice doctor explained we were not adding in hormones to keep me younger, or whatever, we were balancing out an ongoing situation. The whole thing is a mess of confusion, no? Not something our elders shared very much info about, and my mom is long dead. COurse I share so much that all and sundry roll their eyes; hey, they cant say I didnt offer the information!
Since an estrogen like thing in fat cells (estradiol, which does account for the mysterious mid life weight gain of 5-10 pounds) helps buffer the shifting estrogen, and I am definitely Plus size I am guessing that affected the maintainance of the regular amount of estrogen. I have joined Weight Watchers and had lost about 10 pounds before I took the next dose of Progesterone so maybe things are balancing themselves out.

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I just got what seems like my period today for the first time in a year. I ws pretty much freaking out all day. I called my doc and he wants to see me on Thurs. I am hoping that he isn't going to start doing biopsies and other tests. I cant believe there are several other women who have just gotten theirs after 10-12 months, just in time for Spring. I wonder if there is any correlation. I really thought I was totally done with bleeding. I was shocked to feel crampy today and then find I was bleeding, very lightly. I have been taking Premarin and Prometrium for about 8 months for hot flashes and have had no ill effects. I am pretty depressed right now about this. Hopefully it is just a nuisance and not something serious. Good luck to all

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I'm new to this forum, but not to menopausal symptoms. I started having symptoms of perimenopause at age 45 and now, at age 48, I hadn't had a period for 13.5 months. Thought I was finished with hot flashes, mood swings, heart palpitations and periods, but this morning...a period. I have a physical scheduled for next week so I guess I'll ask my dr. about it, but something tells me it's just the remnants of menses. UGH!

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Right now, 4 months and counting. I can now add migraines to the menu of hot flashes and mood swings.

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Well, here it is, July 2007, and since that initial post in Feb of '04, I have not had another period--that I can remember anyway ! Woo hoo!!!

So far, over these menopausal years, I've just had hot flashes that have not gone away. Oh yeah, and some memory problems! "Remind me again of your name? I'm menopausal!" LOLAM

I notice I have found my voice and communicate quite effectively when saying no to something, or when expressing myself--very gently, of course! No more "poosyfooting" around, no more ummmm, uhhhhhs, now I just say no, I can't do that, sorry. Sometimes I don't even say sorry--I just say that I'm not able to help you out right now.

I read that sometimes hot flashes can last for more than a decade! Great in the wintertime, but awful in the summer!


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You girls have just saved me from a complete nervous breakdown!! I just spent the better part of today crying, convinced that I was doomed!Two years ago I had what I thought was my last period...but then 15 months later I got another one. Well, here we are, 15 more months later.....and I started spotting lastnight! The thing is, I'm using Premarin cream for vaginal atrophy...another story for another thread..lol..and I thought for sure I gave myself uterine cancer, even though it's only been five weeks since I started using it! I didn't want to use estrogen but after three different doctors and major vaginal and urethral pain for seven months(24 hours a day!) I finally agreed.I called the doc today about the spotting and he wants me to cut the cream down to once a week instead of the twice a week that I was using it but I still have the nasty atrophic pain. Well, it wasn't actually him on the phone..but his "nurse" I guess. I hate that! Anyway, for a few days I've been very weepy...more than usual...and I've had sore breasts and weird painful pelvic pressure and was convinced I was "dying". lol Now the spotting is turning into more of a regular period. And now I realize the weird pelvic pressure was "cramps!" How could I forget so easily?? And now that I've read these posts I realize it IS possible to get periods so far apart! I've been to so many menopause forums in the past several months, mainly for the vaginal atrophy...but NONE have been as helpful as this forum! I don't have time right now, but as soon as I get some time I intend to write at the other threads about vaginal dryness. I learned alot in the past several months so I'll share the wealth. lol
Thank you all so very much for being here. I'll sleep alot better tonight thanks to you!
Steviechaser.(PS...I'm 54, by the way. lol)

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Hi steviefan,
Isn't it great to be able to talk to so many other people in similar situations? I'm glad you found us!
I don't get periods anymore, but I sure still feel the effects of hormones! Welcome to the 'hood!

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I hadn't been "visited" since March, but this morning...surprise! Strange, since my bloodwork says I'm post-menopausal. I suspected something was going to happen since I felt like I had ovulated a few weeks ago, got tender breasts and bloat.

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Ha! I posted on this very thread ten months ago in October that periods returned after many months gone. Regular cycles for 6 months, then none since June (hmmm, they stopped in May the prior year - a summer hiatus perhaps?). As I'll be 55 in December, I suspect this time will do it.

Night sweats continue but these new day sweats of the last couple weeks are really something!!

When folks say how are you, I answer "soggy". I'm enjoying my little private joke as it has been raining for weeks.

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False alarm: I only had some brown staining during the day, then it stopped. Does this count as not having a period?

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I had some more brown/red staining last night. I've had tender breasts and irritability for the past two weeks. Will call my doctor today to see if this means anything. I've been on HRT since November.

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Ilove this post...For the share factor...Will be hitting my 50th this year...went thru hot flashes, sometimes diorientation...Skipped periods one every two three months for 1 1/2 years...last year jan was my last period UNTIL jan this year...wasn't a flowy kind but consistent for about 4-5 days...I say Grrrr...Hope this doesn't happen again...Ah well...if it does nothing I can do about it...See how I'm flipflopping...hehee

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Argh! This past December I was declared post-menopausal, as it had been a whole year and all the bloodwork indicated such. So, guess what happened much to my dismay this past week? I couldn't believe it!! Now - to start counting again!

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Oops - BTW I am 49.

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I just started again after a 5 month lull. And I've read posts on another forum where ladies have gone 15 and 18 months w/o a period then started up again!!! Arrrrggggggghhhhhh!!!!!!!

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I went from Sept till this past weekend. Dang...
flowed for 2 days, then nothing for 2 days, so, off I go to work in my white scrubs, and a thin pad just in case...do I need to say more?

Good thing my male boss was understanding and let me wear the black sweater...

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Glad to read all this as it does ease up my fears somewhat! I thought I was home free also on periods and 18 months post menopause,,,I started other day feeling that old feeling coming back,,,crampy,,headache and then started spotting. Called my dr and she has me lined up for bloodwork to see where I stand in menopause and then in 2 days,,I'm lined up for pelvic ultrasound. Ughhhhh,,,I hate this!!

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Yep me too, 11 months and started with sore tender breasts and whammo here we go again, no big deal for me though just a part of the cycle, I don't have any other symptoms and feel 29 rather than 49 ;) but LADIES don't take Premarin or any other PMU based estrogen replacement ...

Please go to www.premarin.org and educate yourselves and if needed your doctor too on what you are contributing to and the risks you are taking! DEMAND a synthetic or non PMU organic will actually work better with less side effects too.

I am a Vegan and don't use ANY animal products since 1979 as I believe animals deserve to live happy lives too. Please go to www.premarin.org and educate yourselves on what you are taking as it's NOT good for you OR natural for you (like drinking cow's milk, it's MEANT for calves) it also promotes unneccessary suffering BIG TIME! In other words, GOT CONSCIENCE? I drink soy protein with phyto nutrients daily for a long time for protein replacement since I don't eat meat or dairy THANK GOD but it's also considered a natural estrogen replacement too and LOVE it, TASTES GREAT and does a body GOOD ;) NATURAL ORGANIC & INEXPENSIVE too

Lastly, help spread the word and let other animal/horse lovers know about this SHADY billion dollar industry based entirely on the suffering of horses. Sales of Premarin have already plummeted 30% (2003) from their high in 1999 and will continue to do so as more and more studies link the drug to life threatening ailments and women are made more aware of these studies...

PLEASE STOP for your own life and ALSO the poor horses'and their foles, take what I suggest or demand a synthetic or organic non pmu at once as PREMARIN KILLS!

Read the site straight thru a LOT of improtant information you need to know before you ingest anymore horse urine, YUK!!

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BTW, holistic is my choice, NO need for doctors as my food is my medicine, my medicine is my food, NO dope (prescription) dealers for me ;)

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Ten months must be the golden number...me, too! I'm 53 and was feeling awfully good - no more hot flashes or migraines then WHAM...my husband likes to claim it's his fault...that he keeps me "young" - HA! It's not been fun - lots of cramping and heavy, but I understand that this is not abnormal, just frustrating. I'm laughing because I just can't wait to "dry up" for good! Keeping my fingers crossed that this was just my body's last little joke on me.

Hang in there, all of you. Glad I stumbled on this message board because you girls all put a smile back on my face. :)

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Wow, am I ever glad to have found this forum! It's always good to hear others who are going through the same thing as the "standard information" on medical sites can scare the living daylights out of us!

I've just turned 52 this month. Since 2004, I haven't had a regular period. More like 3 to 5 days of spotting with all of the PMS symptoms but, not a real flow. (Prior to this stretch of time, I'd had those nasty flood periods every month for about a year.) In 2006, I would go 3 months or more with nothing then, back to these 3 to 5 days of spotting again. In February of 2007, I had one day of spotting, then nothing until February of this year when I got a full blown period again.

In panic of course as it had been just about a full year or more without any bleeding, I ran to my doc who asked about the hot flushes and other symptoms. I realized that the hot flushes had really lessened to nearly disappeared a couple of weeks prior and for the first time in a long time, I'd actually felt chilly instead of dressing in a t-shirt and shorts while everyone else was bundled up. LOL She said that she felt it was all hormonal fluctuations and a real period.

I have had several ultrasounds done during these past few years, including in March of this year after that period. I was checked as post menopausal to be on the safe side, but she said she still considered me perimenopausal. That came back as a normal lining thickness and told me that I didn't need to worry if I got any further bleeding.

In June, I had a day of light spotting again then, 23 days later, full PMS symptoms and I'm on yet another period again this month. My doc did mention that I could go back to cycling for a bit. This period is a bit heavier than the one in February and lasting longer (I'm on Day 7 with a light to moderate flow and cramping but, not like my "flood periods" of a few years ago)

Anyone else relate to this? Any opinions? Do I trust my doc? I go every year for my PAP's and have had an vaginal and abdominal ultrasound come back "normal" after the period in February. Would love some feedback.

Thanks for being here!

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I am so glad I found this forum!

I'm 48 years old and had not had a period since last October (a little over nine months ago). The hot flashes were constant (a lot of days they were every two hours) from last October up until one month ago. I don't know what's worse - constant hot flashes or occasional periods - LOL!

Well I've been very emotional this past week and was very crampy yesterday. So I wasn't really surprised when I started my period this morning, maybe just a little depressed.

I've been experiencing irregular periods for 4 1/2 years. I guess I'll just have to start a new countdown. It;s nice to know there are others who share my distress!

Thanks for "listening".

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Glad to see this forum is thriving. I'm 51 and have been in the peri stage since my late 30's. I thought I had it all figured out until these past two years. My period has gone completely wacky. Last year I was getting the "floods" every other month or so. It got so bad I was missing work at times. That ended (and I don't miss it a bit!). Now, however, other things are happening. Insomnia is creeping in. That hurts because I was always a good sleeper! My periods have become increasingly unpredictable. Most of the time it's staining for about a week or so. The last full period I had was last October. Now, after staining off and on for a few weeks I have the light period that just won't go away. I'm also an emotional wreck. I'm anxious, moody, irritable and crampy!! I'm so glad I found this place. I just want to know I'm not losing it! I just don't feel like ME anymore. anyone else feel that way? Like you're looking at a stranger in the mirror??

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Well, I feel somewhat relieved after reading there are others who have gone for 17 or 18 months without a period and then...surprise. Several times I asked myself why I held onto my pads, but glad I did.

I had heavy bleeding between March of 2007 to June of 2007 and then it slowed to a trickle and finally stopped in July. Doc did blood work that showed I was post menopausal and a pelvic ultrasound that showed a thicken endometrium. ( wanted to do a biopsy, but I stopped).

Sometimes over the months I would feel crampy like I was going to start and then nothing, and sometimes I would get a familiar twinge in my breasts which always signaled ovulation,..and then nothing.

But about 3 weeks ago my nipples because extremely sore and my breast swelled up, and then about 2 weeks ago I felt very irritable as in PMS, and yesterday I started to spot.

Who decided on the 12 Month rule anyway???

Anyone here been diagnoised with think endometrial lining?


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I, too, have been waiting patiently for my badge, then after 10 months WHAMMO! My brain went into denial mode - I probably just ate too much watermelon for my late night snack . . Maybe it was hemorrhoids? But Noooooo! I sat there stunned for about 10 minutes, then the cramps set in. Feeling sorry for myself, I hopped on the computer and found you guys. Thank you for being here! After reading all your posts and getting the giggles, I realize I'm not alone, and that helps- Cheers!

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So, What do you guys all think about going 2 years without a period, and then getting one?

I have not gone to the doctor yet. Should I?

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i am 52 years old. i haven't had my period since jan 2008. as of yesterday i have been urinating constantly. it's brown and seems to be my period. i have had tons of menopause symptoms for a few years now and i thought i was done until now. is this just mother nature's way of "cleaning out"? why am i not flowing like i used to but just bloody or brown urine with period symptoms? help...

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ok - this is my story...

this is my second round of thinking i was done. the forst time, i went 10 months and then i got my period and bled for an average 4-5 day. then i went another 10 months and then got my period but have been bleeding for the past 17 days!!! went to the gyn yesterday and she took blood to recheck my FSH levels and wants me to get a vaginal ultrasound. has anyone had one of these?? for some reason i am horrified to get one.

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Gosh, thanks for all the input and info! Sorry I don't have many answers, but I have had a vaginal ultrasound, so maybe this will help the poster known as "allgirls."

The vaginal ultrasound is absolutely painless. A female tech did it, and it took less than 10 minutes--no pain. I think I had to drink a lot of water before it to *distend* my lower pelvic area. You may want to google it and find out more specifics about this simple test.

Oh, and BTW, here I am 5 years after my initial post and LOVING menopause! No more periods or even spotting! However, I do have the occasional hot flash/hot flush and from what I've read, that could stay with me for a while, but they are mild. I never did have night sweats, so aside from my initial post, it's really been an easy transition.

As for still feeling like myself, well, I do, only better! Maybe it's because I've "aged" and matured or maybe I am just less tolerant of things, but I seem to have found my *voice.* I've become active in our union and have become an advocate for my students, and have not hesitated to say "no" to my bosses and have been vocal (but gentle) in my disagreements with them. Love it! Of course, there is more to this backstory, but that's another time, another forum.


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I am 10 months with no Period, this is the 2nd attempt for me....I would much rather have my period then go through this whole thing....I have the hot flashes, day and night, the confusion, and the memory loss, which is horrible at work, people think I am RETARDED....I am not on any hormones right now because i am taking black Kohash for the hot flashes but i am seriously looking for something for my MEMORY...does anyone have any ideas? I work with a bunch of 25 year olds, who make me feel horrible about what I am going through, so any advise is welcomed

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Glad to know I'm not alone. Here's my story - after 15 months without a period and blood work indicating I was menopausal, guess what came back? In February, I had light spotting for about a week. Went to doc in March, he did transvaginal ultrasound and everything looked good. Endometrial lining only 3mm, so he wasn't concerned. But he said to come back if it reoccurred. Well, a full blown period started on April 15 and I had all the pre-period symptoms I used to get - tender breasts, cramping, etc. Most of it has been fairly light flow, but had a couple of instances of heavy flow. And it's been over 2 weeks and never really stopped!!! All so surprising since a month ago my lining was so thin. So frustrating and annoying. I am back to see my doc tomorrow and I know he's going to want to do a biopsy. Guess it's necessary and will give me peace of mind.

Could this be because I'm still making too much estrogen, hence the tender breasts and other symptoms as well as the never-ending period? Even with the 15 months of no periods I've never had hot flashes, so I'm wondering if my estrogen level didn't drop that much. Is the drop in estrogen what causes hot flashes?

Had two co-workers who had similar things happen after about a year without periods. One was on the verge of a hysterectomy due to the heavy flow that went on for months. Doc urged caution and eventually it stopped.

After reading your tales, I'm beginning to believe that bleeding after a year or more of nothing is not all that uncommon.

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Two years non stop bleeding - 11 months nothing and now a full blown period. Coincidence or not that a month before the bleeding stopped i was prescribbed biodentical testosterone for low libido, and a month ago I stopped using it. So was the testosterone stopping the bleeding? Seems unlikly but who knows....anyone?

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HI! Thank yo all so mcuh for so much POSITIVE info! I have a question about AYGESTIN.I was prescribed 6, 5mg. tablets after telling my doc at my last exam that 5 months had passed w/out a period. I am 55 yrs. young. Well..i havent taken the pills and it is now 9 months since my last period. I'm wondering if it is necessary to take them? Thank you so much for this site and all of the wonderful information!

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I found you gals this morning. You are all an emotional life saver to me. I'm 55, no period for 7 months and the menopausal symtoms have been severe. My hub is ready to string me up with piano wire. Yesterday, I started spotting, and today I have what looks like a full blown period. Went to the doc yesterday. He said if I do anything but spot, he is going to do an ultrasound and uterine biopsy next Thursday. O.K., now and I supposed to worry about cancer? This is so stressful.

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Hey, jd7253--before I went thru this menopause stuff, I had a "period" whose flow would not stop one morning! For the first time in my life, I was wearing a TOWEL to control the flow and called the doc. They sent me in--immediately--to the ER, then called back before I left and told me to go directly to the GYN, whose office was above the ER.

I had a uterine biopsy in the doc's office, which was no big deal except for sometimes it was a bit "pinchy" now and then, like maybe when you pull a hangnail and it's "owie" for a few seconds. They gave me some meds, and scheduled an ultrasound for a couple of weeks later to see what was the cause of the hemorrhage. The bleeding had slowed considerably by the time I got home (whew!), but the doc said if it started up again, go directly to the ER and they would call him.

The biopsy was normal, but the ultrasound showed some kind of cyst. I had a followup ultrasound and the cyst had disappeared. One of the mysteries of the female body, huh?

I tell ya, if I had known about a procedure called intrauterine ablation, I would have had that done during my 30s--no more periods (which, of course, means no more kids--at least that's what they say about the ablation).

Anyway, it's probably *nothing*, but your doc wants to rule out anything out of the ordinary. Of course, your mind goes directly to the worst thing, and nothing but good test results will put your fears to rest. Meanwhile, I'm holding a good thought for you. Please post again and let us know what's what, okay?


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Thanks so much Sooz. This feels like just a period to me, same thing I used to have. I'm not bleeding any more than I used to with one of my normal periods but this is getting so darned annoying. Before menopause, I didn't have to worry, but now, what looks like a period freaks me out totally. A year and a half ago, I had a DNC for a small uterine fibroid. The reason I even went in then was because I was skipping periods, then spotting, then having full blown periods, then skipping again. My sis took HRT years ago and ended up with uterine cancer, so I don't want to go down that road. Thank you so much for responding. Just knowing that there are other women out there who experience this same thing also is a comfort!

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Glad to help, jd7253... and good for you, monitoring your health and going to the doc when something is out of the norm for ya!

I've always avoided HRT based on what I've read, and thankfully, my menopause "symptoms" have been very mild so that certainly helped me avoid HRT, and I really didn't have to seek out alternative therapies either.

Keep us all posted!

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I am so glad I found this!!! Didn't have my period for 8 months and then I got it and got it again two weeks later. Had a biopsy and it was fine. My doctor said have a D&C if you bleed again. Sure enough it is 1 1/2 months later and I have a light period. I believe I am starting again and will seek a second opinion before I do anything.
Any advice from the real experts??????? Thanks for all the great information too.

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If you are having classic pms type period symptoms, like tender breasts, cramps, fatigue and wanting to kill people, just like the old days, does this mean it is not likely to be 'something sinister'? I mean, would cancer also come with all these hormonal period-like symptoms?

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I, too have just had a period after exactly 10 months. It was quite light and for the first time ever there were no cramps. My hot flashes and night sweats stopped about 3 days before I got it. Its been a week since the period stopped and last night I had the sweats again. Its just CRRAAP.

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Hi Ladies, I just saw my A.R.N.P. and had my annual exam, and she had told me that once you don't have a period for a year, you're menopausal and that you shouldn't bleed at all not even spotting, because it could be a sign of uterine cancer. Has anyone else been told this? I have always had my yearly's because Cancer runs very high in my family. Just wanted to put this out. have faith life will get easier.

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I'm new to these health boards, but sorta freaking out right now. Just turned 52, had my last real period in January, in Feb and March maybe just spotting.(before that have had the two a month, short ones, etc which my doctor was aware of) On June 12 got my regular period, which save for a 2 day break, went on for about 2.5 weeks. My obgyn thought it was the grande finale before menopause and she put me on 5 mg aygestin for 10 days. Bleeding did not stop completely in 2-3 days as advised (though was light all along) she told me to keep taking it for the remaining week, during which I got some light brown spotting, then a sort of regular period for 2 days, then for about the last week this strange feeling of being wet down there, like period is coming, but nothing, about once (to twice) a day when I wipe some very very light brown particles showing. Doctor thinks I am not "completely" cleaned out and is going to to an ultrasound and biopsy. She mentioned possible hyperplasia and or polyp, etc, said she is not overly worried, and if was would have me in there asap, first appt I could get is 3 weeks from now. she told me she will try to move it up. if not I may find another provider who can get me in sooner. anyone else have these symptoms or know of anyone who has?? I'm nervous as can be as I have an ongoing fear of health issues (mostly imagined) which I am getting counseling for.

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I have not had a period in 2 years. In April my doctor said the blood tests showed I was post menopause. So far the only symptoms I have is feeling warm (cannot have covers on me at night), No hot flashes or sweats - thankfully.
Now to my problem - I had relations with my husband and it was uncomfortable( ouch) and the next day when I wiped i saw blood. Not a flow. I have had it for a few days and still no flow. Of course I freaked out and called my gyno who said it was probably irritation from dryness that is causing the bleeding. I am hoping that is all it is. After reading the thread I do feel better. It is alarming when you think your the only one experiencing this. Has anyone had bleeding caused my dryness. I am only 44 and sorta freaked out by the whole menopause thing. Although I do nto miss my period that is for sure, lol.

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For your age, it is a bit early but not unnormal either. YOu can use some cream at drug store to lubricate when you need it.

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What a relief to find this message board! I am 44, married with no children, last period was 10 months ago. Have been experiencing moderate perimenopause symptoms for 3 years (hot flashes, disrupted sleep) but have controlled much of it on my own, after much research, through using progesterone and estriol creams, as well as supplements that contain classic menopause support ingredients. At first it was difficult, on an emotional level, for me to accept I might possibly be approaching menopause. After a time, though, it began to turn into a positive for me and a part of me began to look forward to the "12-month" finish line (LOL). To my dismay I got my period a few weeks ago. What a disappointment, to know I had to begin counting again. On the plus side, however, all of the perimenopause symptoms have completely gone (of course) and I've had the most amazing, restful, solid sleep at night. What a gift! It's almost worth it to start counting the months again. I am wondering, though, once one reaches full menopause, do any of you feel you get better sleep again (once the hormone surges are over)? Or will the sleep quality be poor the rest of my life? I hope not!

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I sure am glad to have found this forum. I thought it was only me... I went 10 mos (just turned 51) then was hit hard!! Worst period ever and longgg... used to be only 3 days this one lasted 10 days!!! Do I need to look forward to this again next month?

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I had no period since March.
Nothing, not many symptoms etc.
Then about two weeks ago started having bad mood swings could go from happy, to mad to crying in a matter of minutes.
And I rarely cry. So mad I had to just hide in my room lay in bed and bury my face in the TV.
Went to doctor Sept 14th, day after I turned 43.
I woke up this morning with a migraine its been on and off all day.
Getting worse , have taken fiornal , imtrex and Midrin not all at once but over the pass 18 hours.
Medicine only makes it mild not all gone, not so I can get up and do much of anything.
Went to bathroom and what do I see RED! Spotting. Not heavy YET.
I was hoping it was over.
I had no period since March.
Nothing, not many symptoms etc.
Then about two weeks ago started having bad mood swings could go from happy, to mad to crying in a matter of minutes.
And I rarely cry. So mad I had to just hide in my room lay in bed and bury my face in the TV.
Went to doctor Sept 14th, day after I turned 43.
I woke up this morning with a migraine its been on and off all day.
Getting worse , have taken fiornal , imtrex and Midrin not all at once but over the pass 18 hours.
Medicine only makes it mild not all gone, not so I can get up and do much of anything.
Went to bathroom and what do I see RED! Spotting. Not heavy YET.
I was hoping it was over.

I had a tubal done about 13 yrs ago when my twins were born.
Had an endometrial ablation in Jan of 2008 due to very heavy and clotting periods not to mention bad pains.

I feel nausea, head hurts, stomach feels bloated, YUCK.
Dang MEN they should have to go through some of this mess.

And they complain over a kidney stone, as Brock said on Reba you never shot glass through your weeiner........oh plz.
Try passing a 7 lb child with a big head through well you ladies know.

Doc gave me prempro but I will not take it.
Reasons are many , so I have been taking vitamins. Estroven.

Have a mammogram for Monday, if I go, its two yrs over due.
Forgive me for going on and on

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Glad I found this board. I'm 54. Last full period August 2008. Then a tiny bit of spotting Feb 2008. Then absolutely nothing (not even a discharge) until September 2010. Tiny bit of brownish discharge for a couple of days. I had been exercising a lot so didn't think anything of it. In fact, I thought maybe I rode the stationary bike too long one day. Then in November 2010 I noticed tenderness in my nipples for a couple of weeks. I thought I needed a new bra. Then one day, I noticed the white, stretchy discharge (ovulation?) Then two weeks later, I had the exhausted, headachey feeling I used to get before my period and then POW ! My period started. Just like in the old days. Heavy flow for 1 day, then slowly tapering over the next 6 days until it stopped. When the period started, the nipple tenderness went away almost immediately. I called my Gyne and will have an appointment next week. I have been terrified because during my last well gyne check up the doctor said to come in right away if I noticed bleeding. In reading this forum, it's not as unusual as I thought to have a period after nothing for years. So I'm trying to relax and not worry so much.

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Dear Debs56,

I went 15 months without a period then March 2010 got full period went to Doctor he did biopsy in the office and then went to hospital for DNC needless to say they found nothing

I am 49 started with menopause at 43 it has been sheer hell. What I think is menopause is a very tricky thing and only when your body says its done it will stop.

You should definitely go to doc for testing but don't be too nervous guess your body has a way to go to the finish line.

Hang in there I know it stinks starting again from month 1. I learned its one day at a time.

Please let me know how you do with doc.


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WEll, i stopped the pill dec 09 and the last blip of a period was jan of 10. 1 year later and here it is. it's been a week and doesn't seem to let up. glad to see i'm not the only one. how long to let it go before calling doc? what a great site!

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Dear Nancy,

Usually, Docs like to see you when you get a period after not having one for a year. I would call just to be safe and let them know whats going on.

Good luck!


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I went 10 months with no period. Then I went 16 months with no period. I was having crazy hot flashes. The hot flashes stopped, and I've now had 2 periods. Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

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I went two years with God awful periods - heavy, lasting up to two weeks, clots...just gross. Doctor did biopsy: PAINFUL!!! but, all was good. He wanted to do endometrial ablation. I read up on it...refused, then period did an abrupt slow down...1 period every other month for a year, then 1 period every three months for a year, then six months nothing, then had a period, then nine months without, and I just had a 'normal' acting period. Hot flashes, which have been more like 'steamers' went away for the month preceding the last period. I am 56 years old. ???

Doctor said he wants to do another biopsy. I am refusing, as of this date. It has been 2 weeks since the period ended, it lasted 1 week, normal flow, and then yesterday and today, I am having ovarian pain (much like I used to have in my youth when ovulating). ??? So, googled and found this site.

By the way, my period started when I was 12 years old, and my cycles were exactly 28 day cycles...always, with one 32 day cycle every year. I always felt that 32 day cycle was my body somehow 'resetting' itself.

Glad I found this site, gives me some relief that maybe I really am NORMAL...

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I was bummed...same thing here...10 months....2 to go...yep this AM...it was a bit of a surprise! I guess I should have seen it coming (but I'm sure I was having selective memory, because I didn't want to remember!!)as I was 'meanish' and COLD all week. Oh well, Mother Nature can be a cruel witch! Glad to see I'm not alone!!

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Feeling down over here...decided to google what is going on with me and found you! I'm 52, last regular period was Nov. 14, 2009, then on April 1, 2010 got a heavy period. Then from May till October 2010 I had heart palpitations most days. I read online they have something to do with menopause so I just got used to them. The end of October I got the worst headache and bad strong paps so I made an appointment with my DR, then right before I went I spotted for 2 days and alllll was better, no more paps too!!!

Well it's been 6 months and all was GREAT (never felt better) until April 17, 2011, I had the worst headache and then got my freaken period, it's a heavy flow and now I am wondering what next? Should I make an appointment, should I just do nothing and start the countdown all over again??

From reading most of the above comments I am thinking all of this is normal, if so let me know? I'm just tired and looking forward to getting past this period! :(

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I am 50 havent had a period for 7 months. No hot flashes or hormonal problems. Reading these post I pray I dont have to start counting down again . If I do at least I know it is normal, thanxs to all of you.

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Carla, we are the same age and I also haven't had any hot flashes or hormonal problems. I posted this on two other threads:

Just posted this on the ablation thread. Worth repeating here.
It is NOT always normal. It could be deadly.


I had a hysteroscopy, D&C and uterine ablation (electrical) the end of February. I only experience cramping once - woke me up during the night on Day 8. Other than that, it was nothing. My reason for the ablation was similar to many of yours - didn't have a period for 5 months, then one more on than off for almost 2 months. Was time for my yearly, so off I went. My doctor (of 30 years) told me if it cranked up again to come back. I was back in two weeks, when his office did a v. ultrasound. Discovered one small fibroid. Slight thickening of the uterine lining. Suggested the ablation, D&C and hysteroscopy.

After the ablation, etc he said everything looked good. Went home that afternoon with an RX for 5mg Percocet. I only took 1 every 8 hours the first four days. Then cut it in half.

He called the following week and said the path reports showed complex atypica endometrial hyperplasia. 30% go on to become uterine cancer. Not something I wanted to sit and watch. He had already contacted the gyn oncologist. Both suggested hysterectomy.

So two weeks ago I had a DaVinci system hysterectomy. Path reports came back with some remaining (even though the recent ablation) complex hyperplasia in the uterus - none had crossed over to cancer. No way to tell if what was cancer before the ablation.

But I'm able to sleep now knowing my 30% chance of cancer is now a 99% cured.

My point for posting is so everyone knows that even at 50yo, it is not always normal to stop having periods, then experience heavy bleeding. There is no cancer of any kind in the females of my family. Just be aware, and don't write it off to peri-menopause or being "that age." That's what I was doing and it was far from normal.

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Hi, glad I found this forum. I'm 46, went 8 months without a period, then got it, went 10 months without, then got it, now I just went a year without and dang, got it again today. I've assumed this was normal and haven't talked to the doc about it. Maybe I should. In the past when I've mentioned going without for so long they just figured I was in menopause but I'm a little concerned that this time I went a year and got it back again. It's not really much of a period either. I've got the cramping but it's not too bad other than that.

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Hi, like everyone else I am pleased to find this forum and know that I'm not alone in my symptoms. I am 50 and my last period was January 2010. I thought it was finally finished but two weeks ago I had the whitish ovulation discharge, then last week my nipples were very sore, earlier today I start bleeding but no cramping as yet! I am getting hot flushes again but was putting that down to stress! I will be making an appointment to get checked out by the doc.

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I can't believe my story is so similar to several others. I have not had a period since last June (it's May now) and here is another one. Before that it had been since the previous June. I guess there's a lot to be said for the springtime theory, eh?

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Glad I found this stream of posts. I am in the same boat. Last period was December.. Back today full force! I am 50!

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It had been 10 full mos and a few days and then, yesterday, yes, BAM! Here it is, again. I was so bummed, I began yelling: "NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!" and then cried (wailed) and did all that emotive stuff. Sigh. I called a friend and she reminded me that the main reason I'm so bummed is not only b/c I wanted to glide thru menopause, but that I was attached to the fact that since it had been so long w/out a period, I was SURE (certain) I was not going to have another. And then she told me something similar happened to her, and that period was minimal and then that was that. I was upset b/c I'm thinking now I have to "start all over" but I don't have to start all over. It's just the process. Sigh. I gotta tell ya how utterly and over-the-moon (and everything else) bummed I am about the return of the blood. Just...whatever! Grrrr.

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Ah, I've decided that menopause just sucks! Of course, being me, I didn't write down the exact month that I had my last period, but I'm relatively sure it was around Feb./March of last year- so roughly 14 months. So...what happens?? Uh-huh...light, but just freaked me out all over the place- spotted one day, nothing for the next two days...then yesterday, started spotting again, today, a tad heavier but not much. Had all the usual pre symptoms, didn't even click what was coming, lol. I'm not on any estrogen or anything else, just figured that women have been going through this for eons, and toughed it out- boy, has it been tough, lol.

I think the one thing that bothers me, is the fact that when women have a period right after a year of no periods, the dr. always wants to do all sorts of testing- I haven't been to the dr. for any of this, and gosh I don't want to be stuck on all sorts of meds. I'm wondering if the reason I started like this is because of several factors going on in my life right now (is this anything new in any of our lives? lol)....have three grandsons, 9, 5, and 1 who were placed with me...just lost 35 lbs., due to having to radically change my diet because my cholesterol was through the roof (got the chol. down to normal in three months..without meds, yayyy meeee! LOL). There are a couple more things going on in my life that are causing stress as well, but..

Ohhhh how I wish I had read up more on the trials of freaking menopause before I ever started going through it!!! It was just a total shocker-

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Well, who'd've thunk it?! And here I thought I was all alone - so glad to see I am not. My "last" period was somewhere around labor day (last September) and I was pretty much convinced that was it, it's over. I'd gont from regular every four weeks, to six, to eight and then it just stopped altogether. I've stayed on natural supplements to help keep hot flashes and mood swings somewhat under control, but have so far refused estrogen therapies (I just fail to see the point since it's a natural process and why add hormones that my body is trying to eliminate anyway?)

Anyhoo, about a week ago I started having serious breast tenderness, almost like pregnancy it was so bad. Now I KNOW (unfortunately) it couldn't possibly be pregnancy since I've not been "exposed" and just assumed menopausal stuff. Wee hours this morning I make the regular early morning bathroom visit - and she's baaaaaaack! It started out as a wee bit of spotting but this afternoon it's more like a full fledged period again.

Never expected that to happen after nine months!

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I only made it 7 and then it hit. Disappointed but hopefully the last party it wants and then peace for the next year. This is one visitor I don't want to see again.

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I thought I too was over my period. I passed my 12 month mark in April, but to my surprise it came back this morning. Bright red with dark clots. Should I be worried, or just start the darn clock again?

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I am 55 years old..........and enough already!!! Had terrible periods over the last year.before that never missed a one. They became very heavy , large clots, lasting over 14 days. Went to the Dr.....said all was well.suggested ablation for the heavy bleeding...not happy about scraping the inside of my body.opted not.....June period was lighter.more "normal.no period in July.thought maybe we were on the right track.nope, today started spotting. I really believed I was on the way.the mental side of this is devastating....

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The thing that bothers me the most is the uncertainty. Seems you have to be "protected" no matter where you go or what you do. Not a simple head out the door, grab your keys and go.now.....since you never know when your period might strike....do I have tampons, a couple pads......how far can I go.....I feel like I have a chain around my neck.

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I am 59 and went without a period for "10 Months" too, as some of you in the above postings. Now for several days I have been doing some very light spotting. I wouldn't call it a period so if this doesn't develop into one then I will go for the 12 month concept that turns from perimenopause to menopause. October 2011 will mark the transition if I don't get a real period. I will keep you posted.

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Hi, I am 48 and have been on this journey since I was 41. Am now on my 9th month without a period!!!! I do hope I am at the end!!!!

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So glad I came across this thread...I'm 43 and have not had a period now for 12 months..was 12 months August 20th. Been kinda nice actually...I was having hot flashes over the last year, a gurlfriend gave me something for them ( have no idea what it's called) Anyway they have been far and few between now..I don't miss the moodiness or the craziness I got just before my cycle. I kid you not as I sit here typing I feel kinda crampy...I hope reading all your stories about them starting out of the blue sky...does not jinx me...lol I just wanted to say it was nice to get some perspective from other women who are dealing with this "stage" of life...thanx Ladies:)

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I am 45 years of age and have just had a period after 6 months without. After a visit to my GP a bloodtest revealed that I was experiencing a'definiate change'. I found myself with mixed feelings to the cessation of periods; I was enjoying the absence of migraines and mood swings, but felt too young to be in menopause. I had noticed changes in my period's frequency and length since my late thirties/early forties and concluded I must be in peri-menopause. After mentioning this to the nurse during my routine smear test at the age of 42, she said I was 'too young to be starting menopause', but here I am 3 years later with a blood test telling me I am and a period telling me I am not, confusing times. Before my latest period I noticed that my hot flashes had stopped and that my breats were tender, so it seems that my hormones are still fluctuating, so I suppose I will just have to wait and see....

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I,m from Oakville, Ontario and darn !!It,s been 8 mths and nothing .I had bouts of those darn heat flushes and when i got to close to my boyfriend i thought i was going to over heat .I,m 48 and it,s been what i thought the end .But NOOOooo.i was at my boyfriends on the last weekend and got cramps :( I thought it was just gas but guess what ?Yupe to good to be true .I got my enemy .So is it my bodies way of getting one last kick before it,s done and i officially go threw menopause??I,m miserable :(

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Great thread, sooz.

After reading this, I'm now convinced I'm ultra-normal, LOL!

Maybe it's cuz Dad's a Gyn and if I thought something was abnormal I could easily ask his opinion day or night, but I've never considered anything that's happened to me as anything BUT normal and have never consulted my Dr. on the subject of menopause. Last time my Dad and I talked, he said to supplement D and Fish Oil, but I think that was more for general health for not only females, but males as well.

I'm 51, DH is 57 and we're DINKs. I had ultra-normal cycles for 45 or 46 yrs., average cramping, etc., no surgery, no b/c pills (except for a very short stint around 18 y/o - they gave me migraine headaches and I had been plagued with them as a child and teen).

About 4 yrs ago, my cycles started increasing the days between, and lessening in their severity. I figured it was pretty much a normal process, and I'm fairly sure I was right.

My last period was a year ago last month, and am convinced and pr*y it was the last. Before that, I went 11 months. But for about 2 or 3 yrs before that, I cycled about 6-8 times a year. Like mozie (?) above, I didn't really keep track. But when the flashes started a few yrs ago they got my attention!

You just know what's happening when you're calm and relaxed one minute and dripping in sweat the next.

I just had to post about my most frustrating experience, cuz it's not so much the monthly horror show...

I live in TX and, as most of you probably know, we had a record breaking Summer here (2011). I did NOT experience a single Hot Flash ALL SUMMER LONG! We're talking months of 100+ degree F temps and no rain (was it the lack of humidity? I'm an absolute mess in high humidity). When the temp finally broke in late Aug/early Sept, WHAM, the flashes are back!

I look online and, sure enough, find out my body's temperature gauge is going haywire. I can comprehend that, but holy cow this is hard! I'm "hot-natured" like my Dad's Mom, and I saw her suffer here for many years with the flashes. Luckily my Mom's side's "time" is short and sweet, no real problems and her side of the family is from the deep south.

I realize I'm fortunate enough to have approachable parents who are/were medical professionals and am fairly schooled on my family's medical history. I haven't heard any horror stories in this regard, it's my heart I've got to worry about ;-(

But please let me have my badge? I promise I'll continue to take it all in stride, and please make the flashes go away? I know it's nothing big like the "C" word, but I had my first flash in front of my boss the other day, ACKKKK! I have been experiencing the clammy/cold feeling after the sweat, argggg, I am so done with this!

Calgon? Anyone, or thing? Take it AWAY, please!!!!!! And thanks for the vent, y'all ;-)

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I'm glad I found this thread. I'm 44 and haven't had a period in 22 months. Went through- I thought- this whole nonsense early and got it over with. Well was I in for a surprise this morning! It's been really light so far, no cramps or anything. I'll call the Dr. tomorrow a.m. and go see what's up. Glad to see that this happens to others because I was alarmed, but boy, does it suck.

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Well I'm 31 years old and I haven't had a period in 6 years.I've went to several gynecologist and they all said it was premature menopause.For the past week or two my stomach began cramping and my nipples were sore.Well four days ago I had a period like a normal cycle.I'm so scared of whats going on with me.I don't know if this is good or bad.Some friends say it could be cancer while family says things could have went back to normal before the so call menopause.Sound familiar?

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Just came across this thread yesterday so thank you to those who share their frustrations. I turned 50 this past October so I was sure that the 6 month absence was a sign I was done with my periods. Unfortunately, they are back, and with a vengance! Heavy, cramping, clotting. Yippee (insert sarcasm). Oh well, it was good while it lasted!

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Hi Ladies,

Just came across this today and want to say Thank-you for helping me feel relieved. I thought I was crazy. I just had my annual 3 weeks ago and was happy to hear my Dr. finally agree I was in the early stages of menepause...after 3 years of on again off again periods...never knowing when it will come, if it will come, and then finally come when its most unexpected...after 11 and months of no period's...my friend decided to show her face...and boy is she here with a vengenace....It has been 2 weeks exactly and she's still here...not strong but annoying none the less...I guess now I will have to start my countdown all over again....glad to know I'm not out here alone....

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I am 49 and March 2011, was my last period until December 2011, I had went to the Dr. back in June 11 because my BP was off the charts and I started experiencing was I was later told were hot flashes, as soon as I got on a low level of BP medicine the hot flashes stopped, in December 11, I could not tell if I was trying to have a period but I had what appeared to be spotting and then nothing in Jan 12 and now this month Feb, I actually started to feel as if I was going to have a period and then I have been so slightly spotting, I have experienced two panic attacks where I was worried about something not sure what and could not breath. Am I in menopause or do now I start over, should I see a gyn?

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Hi from a new member! I'm 50 years old and had my first menstrual cycle exactly 1 month after my 12th birthday. Now that I'm the BIG 50 and experiencing irregular periods since I was my 40's, I'm wondering when I'll get my last period. Nowadays, I have more than just irregular periods. I also experience hot flashes, mood swings and brief dizzy spells with tinnitus, the latter of which can be included in the symptoms of menopause.
It's been 10 months since my last cycle and that happened last year too. When will it end?

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Has anyone had this happen? I went 10 months without a real period- only spotted for a couple of days. Then had one for a whole week, and 10 days later- got it again!!!!! WAAAAAAHHHHH I am ready to say goodbye to this forever! I would love to hear if anyone else had periods piggybacking each other like this- Thx in advance! :)

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This is the best forum, thank you for starting it...Heres my story....I'm 51 1/2, at our age we start counting the 1/2 years again!, CJeans...i'm right there with you kid...piggy backing and then some...I had gone for nine months with nothing, no pms, no night sweats, no moodiness..was just loving it, and ready to join the "white pants club", but nooooo, starting getting tender breasts, and within two weeks started spotting. I'll always be so grateful that about 4 years ago I had the intrauterine ablation procedure. Before that my periods were very very heavy, usually missed at least one day per month from work, and when at work, I'd be afraid of what might happen if I stood up...anyway, due to the procedure my periods have always been very light since, and even now, thank goodness they are light, and the cramping is light. But I was always very regular, you could set your calendar to every 28 days. Now, back in Feb, when I started again after nine wonderful months, it was 20 days, then 18 days, and now it was 1 day...all the pms with each...even the one day...tender breast...headackes...cramps...thank goodness it's just heavy spotting....but such a pain in the you know what..anyway, not ready to see the Dr. yet, I wont go for my yearly until August, but I'm sure hoping this thing stops soon...

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this is for suntee or anyone else who is having heavy flow periods. If you can get the ablation procedure done DO IT!!! Spent many years worrying about "what if it starts while I'm doing this or doing that....missed a lot of work, and finally had the ablation procedure...changed my life forever...been to cabo three times now, I never would have planned a vacation like that before....not quite to the "white pants club" yet..but my very next period after the ablation procedure, which will be three years this July, it's was so light...I couldn't believe that after 5 months it was still so light, been light every since..I was so tickled when I purchased tampons in the smallest size, and not then new super sized ones, (I use to have to wear two supersized tampons just to make it through an hour at times, with at least two large nighttime pads)...I'm telling you, the ablation procedure was a life changer for me....now the reason I'm on this thread...I'm 51, after 9 months of nothing, my period started again in February, 20 days later in March, 18 days later in April, and now it hasn't stopped in 12 days. Very very light, just spotting, one tampon in an entire day would probably be enough...but I thought I was so close to the 12 month magic mark...anyone else out there have a period that lasted a long time, and finally stopped, (i'm sure there is, just want a little reassurance and I know, I could go see my Dr., and will if it's still going on next week, just such a pain)...thank you lady's for listening..

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follow up...it's been three days with no spotting...no pms feelings at all...first time in three months that i feel like myself again...I HOPE IT LASTS...but if it doesn't it's been fun while it lasted...

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Hi ladies :-) I'm 47. I had always been regular until December 2011. I am sitting here with my period again after 6 months of no bleeds and about 4 months of crazy hot flushes on the hour ever hour. My doctor said "you'll get your period again and you'll feel so much better and then you'll start all over again"... ArghhH! Well, I do admit, I kind of feel like my "old self" as I sit here, so there is some familiarity about being in this condition which gives some confort - on the other hand.. you know its all going to start again - let's hope without the hot flushes :( but am I being unrealistic? Its hard making the transition.

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My story.

Last time this happened I went 9 months without a period and suddenly woke up one morning and hello Aunty Flo.
This lasted 5 days and happened for 3 months.

Started hot flushes and no monthlies. The hot flushes lasted for about 7 months and suddenly no more yippee.

Now it has been 11 months and today I coughed, felt something inside pop and though hmmm that didn't feel good.
Went to the loo and ohhh noooo.

Rang my local gp who said off to emergency for you. 6 hours later and am home again. Had an ultrasound which showed my appendix has flared up but nothing else unusual so they sent me home???? I would have thought they'd keep me in if my appendix was flared up. Oh well.

Oh and they have sent a letter to my local gp to send me for a blood test to check my hormone levels

Sigh....I am 47 years old and had hoped all this was over and done with ahhh well will see what happens next time.

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Like many of you, I could NOT believe finding this thread when I googled "Ten months without a period..." Wow!!! Like so many others on here, I just wanted to see how normal or abnormal this was. Three days after turning 53 and after going 10 months without a period, I figured I was almost officially post-menopausal....then to quote the original post "Wham! It's baaaaack!" I have received quite an education reading the replies that followed!!!!

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I think I also know this feeling but I'm not sure. I've also gone 10 months without a period but today I had a tiny bit of spotting (like 2 spots) and nothing else. Does this count as a period?

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Like Cindy59, 3 days after my 53rd birthday, and 10-1/2 months since my last period, it hit again. It started off kind of odd, so I wasn't really sure that's what it was. I noticed a couple of days of light, clear discharge, after not having any discharge since my periods stopped. I didn't think too much of it, though, until last night when it became heavier and warranted a pantyliner, which I had to change within an hour. The discharge was a watery, dark yellow, and that in itself had me worried, and I thought I might have an infection of some kind. I was feeling lousy in general and couldn't put my finger on what was wrong. So I put in a tampon, since I wasn't sure the thin pads I had would hold me through the night, and had a very restless night. When I changed the tampon this morning, there was that same darkish discharge, but with blood in it as well, and that's when I had that ah-ha moment--this is no infection, this is a period! DAMN! In retrospect, I understand the breakouts I had on my face last week (I even kidded that my body was acting more like 13 than 53) and the bloated feeling I've had for a couple of days. Because my vaginal tissue is very dry and thin, anything that penetrates it is painful, so I opted not to use anymore tampons; it also allows me to monitor what's going on. Now I'm just bleeding lightly, with a little bit of a crampy feeling and a little bit of a headache. I was going to call the doctor when I thought it was something else, but I think I'll wait now. If it gets really heavy, I'll call her. But I'm due to go in for my regular exam in October anyway, so if this ends up being a "normal" period, I'll just wait til then. Like the rest of you, I'm feeling really blue that I have to start the count all over again, and that this may happen several more times before all is said and done--especially after reading that so many of you ladies had periods well after the 12-month mark. Good luck to all of us getting through this period in our lives (pun intended)!

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Hi all,

I'm new to this forum. I've never joined one before. But, when I got my period after 14 months free and clear, I googled it and found you folks. I definitely got the most info and relief from worry from you all! Thank you for that! It's interesting that I found the most help on a gardening forum, and not a single medical one! I like you gals!

So, my story. I am 49 years old. Started with irregular periods a couple of years ago. Basic textbook experience. The hot flashes hit me with a vengeance about a year and a half ago. After 6 months of the flashes and night sweats, I started on black cohosh. I cannot tell you how much that relieved my flashes and night sweats! Im still on it now, even though i read about not taking it more than 6 months. I can't find any useful studies on long term use of black cohosh, because they don't exist! If any of you have info on it, I'd love to get it, as would my doctor!

Anyway, I got my period four days ago, after not having one for 14 months. I was shocked! However, in retrospect, it made sense, because I was feeling bloated and my breasts hurt terribly for a week before. I just didn't even think I'd get my period again!

I'm not going to run to the doctor. This was a period, with all it's misery!

Thanks gals,

Any advice or wisdom is most appreciated and welcome!!

Thank you!

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Hi everyone! I'm 59 and have had no period for around 3 years, but for the last couple of weeks, I had been having lots of mucus, similar to what I would have before my period. Then yesterday, I started spotting. Right away I thought I was dying, but then after thinking back a little, I've been feeling just like a did when I have a period. Sad, moody, cramping, tired, etc. I'm so relieved to find out that others have had the same symptoms and lived to tell about it! LOLOLOL

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Good Morning!
I just joined this forum because my period is making me absolutely crazy! I went through years of having my period come frequently with spotting in between. Had biopsies, transvaginal ultrasound and was told it was hormonal. FINALLY, this April's heavy period seemed to be it....a tiny spotting in June......I was beginning to relax when out of the blue, It's Back!! I am so frustrated! I don't want to start with the biopsies and transvaginal ultra sounds and waiting for results again!!!!! Aside from the constant anxiety every single time I go to the bathroom!!

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Im going thru the same thing....Feb 20/12 was my last period and on Nov 8/12 i got it with a vengeance. It is now 23 days and still bleeding. Does anyone think its normal or should I go get checked??? Please help!!!

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Hi was so nice to come across this page and see you ladies sharing.
ive got similar story.....im coming up to 56 soon and been in perimenopause since i was 44 with hitty missy periods. 3 years ago i went 11months and 2 weeks no period then wham!! then went 6 months so gyny did biopsy etc and came back ok but endometrial lining was thickening and had to keep an eye because they said it can turn cancerous(eww panic) but went another 4 months with none then another biopsy which came back ok but they werent happy he said there wasnt enough tissue taken (is he kidding me or what id love to see a man have this done) anyways 8 months down the line and was at gyny yesterday and told him no period which was good, so got ultrasound this saturday and if lining has thinned since last time i will just have to go for check ups regularly....but guess what i had a period start last night!!! arrrggghhh i cant believe it ...worried again now but thats all i seem to do since i started all this.....cant wait for the day its all done and out of the way :)
thanks for opportunity to vent
good luck to all you ladies x

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Wow, I didn't have a period for at least a year, I'm terrible about keeping track of that stuff, but when I had my last pap the Doc told me that having a period would not be a good thing, so like an idiot I went on google to find out why!!! OMG it said I should go to the Doc right away because it may be cancer! Thank you all for this forum, I thought the worst.

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I have so enjoyed reading all your stories and finding out that I have nothing to worry about..Actually wished I had found this forum before I had a panic attack..Like many of you, I went close to 13 mos without a period and then out of the dern blue I started..Called the gyno..had the vaginal ultrasound..biopsies..all that song and dance and it all came back normal..Went 24 days and boom once again have that Auntie flo...I agree who decided that after a year without a period you are in full menopause? huh huh...I will turn 54 in November and YES I have paid my dues and ready for this all to be done..

I decided that they need to make a pill you take..Go sit on the toilet and your whole uterus falls out and you are officially done..ugh..

So glad to know that so many women out there goes thru this but of course it doesn't solve things..

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Hi, I am 51 years old and haven't had a period since December 2nd. This morning, I had a tinge of red when I wiped myself... does this mean I am getting my period! Ughhh.. Anybody go through this?

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I went 13 months without then got my period full blast on Christmas Day 2012. It lasted 3-4 days and I haven't gotten one since. When I went for my annual pap smear, I mentioned it to the doctor and she scheduled me for an ultrasound. It came back normal. She still wants to do a biopsy b/c she said it's not normal to have a period after a year without, and it could be cancer, so she needs to rule that out with the biopsy. My appt. is this coming Tuesday. Uuugggg.

I almost didn't schedule the biopsy since the ultrasound was normal, BUT, I would never forgive myself if cancer cells are later found and I did nothing about it.

From reading this post, it seems like getting a period after a year is quite normal. (I'm 53).

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Hi everyone! I'm new to the site, actually I just signed up after reading this thread. I am really impressed with how open so many of you have been!

This topic caught my attention because I'm 37 and have been without a period for 10 months until today. I have a doctor appointment in about a month for them to check things out, but I'll admit, I'm a bit apprehensive. I haven't had insurance for several years, and because of that, I haven't had any type of check up in that time.

Has anyone had this type of issue prior to the 'standard' menopause age?

I appreciate any advice anyone can lend! Otherwise, I hope everyone has a great week!



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I am soooo glad I found this forum. I am 44 and went 16 months without a period. Then today, PERIOD! Called the doc and will take blood tests, etc and plan to get pelvic ultrasound. I am not sexually active (please don't judge)and so I refuse to get a transvaginal one done now because I am not comfortable with that. I am confident all is well, but it sure freaked me out to get a period. Sure liked being free from them. Oh well. Thank God I found out tonight that this happens to many women. I did not know this was normal. Who talks about this stuff? Glad you guys do!!!

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So glad to have found this thread. I also signed up after reading this. It is comforting to know that I am not the only one on this strange new road. I look forward to following.
10 months and holding

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So glad to have found this thread. I also signed up after reading this. It is comforting to know that I am not the only one on this strange new road. I look forward to following.
10 months and holding

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So glad to have found this thread. I also signed up after reading this. It is comforting to know that I am not the only one on this strange new road. I look forward to following.
10 months and holding

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So glad to have found this thread. I also signed up after reading this. It is comforting to know that I am not the only one on this strange new road. I look forward to following.
10 months and holding

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So glad to have found this thread. I also signed up after reading this. It is comforting to know that I am not the only one on this strange new road. I look forward to following.
10 months and holding

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I am glad I found this forum. It was 10 months for me without a period. I was so happy. But, Friday night it all started again. Heavy, crampy and clotty. My breast had been sore for the past week or 2 but thought nothing like this was going on. I sure figured that I must have been a horrible person in my past life to have this start up again with being so close to that gold ring (the end). I guess I will have to start up the count again and hope that I can make it to the finish line. I had my left ovary removed last year as it was 55mm. It had a fibroid cyst attached and after biopsy it was benign. During the removal the doctor did vaginal scrape to make sure all was good and it was. Now I have to start the count again. That makes me sad. I needed the laugh from NMmom about the pill to give us to make the uterus fall out. haha I am all for that! We are all in this together. We will get through this as all our ancestors have before us. Thanks for listening.

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Hi everyone! I hope some one may have gone through the same thing and offer some relief to me a little bit. I am 41 and always had a regular period every month. Well I was suppose to have a period on the 22 of June. Its now ben 14 days and still have not seen It yet. Is that normal? Please help!!!

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12 months and 6 days and I got my period this morning, not sure yet if it's spotting but I got the cramps also. It's nice to know it is normal so I am not worring but I was hoping I was all done with getting my period. Funny when I told my husband on 7/6 it was a year and he asked me "How do you feel abou this?" and I said "Are you kidding, I am thanking god I am done with getting my period." I suppose I spoke too soon. I can say I got some stomach bug on Tuesday night and was sick as a dog, sicker than I ever have been in my life, maybe it set it off, who knows but I am not worried maybe it will be light and over within a few days and I can go another year without having a period. Thanks for this site and others comments to help me not to worry.

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This just happened to me! After skipping 10 periods, I got it back two months in a row, then just skipped two more. Just had my annual GYN visit and he was concerned. He said if you have not bled in 10 months, then bleed it could be a problem, so now I am freaking out! The periods I got after skipping were just like normal periods....I ovulated, then two weeks later got the period. Scheduled for an ultrasound for next Friday..........any of you who posted in here who had to go for testing after skipping so many period have results to post? Thanks!!!

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Sooo happy & relieved to have found this forum! It's 3:30 in the morning and I've been scouring the web because I just got my period yesterday after 10 months of nothing and I was very worried about it. I have a couple books on menopause & they both say to get checked out if you suddenly get your period after not having one for more than 6 months. I thought something might be terribly wrong (& I'm not one to worry about my health issues, usually). After reading posts on this site from so many women who've gone 10 months (and longer! Ugh!) I feel like I'm normal again and can hopefully get back to sleep now. Thanks to you all!

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Wow, I don't know if I feel normal but last year, Sept 6th I had my Period, October 9th we were in a motorcycle accident and my period never came back for a solid 10 mos, very light spotting twice but never touched the pad, then Thursday I started spotting, I was told that as long as you don't need to change your pad twice in a 12 hour period, its not considered a period! Well Friday night when I got home from work! BAMMMM the first 2 hours home, I changed it 4 times! Been sick all weekend, clots every time I urininate! ugggg 48 yrs old I thought I scaved through this crap without a hysto! My question is, will it keep coming back monthly now, or do I just stay prepared for when and if it does! I can honestly say as my name states! I AM TO OLD FOR THIS CRAP!

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Ha it took a few hrs to read these posts! It did make me feel a little better. I am 58 and 1/2 and I finally did not have a period for 6 months and wam! Full on cramps,bloated,fatigue, major depression,head numbness etc. today is day 4 with no end in sight! Have been having severe lowered back pain for 2 months and last week stomach tenderness, so I guess it was on its way! Lucky me! I have read that this can continue on into the 60's . I eat very healthy , exercise , do yoga etc. I have a cousin that went until she was 59 but I think I will surpass her! Just wishing it didn't make me feel so miserable !
Hope this helped someone!

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Well....here is my sordid story: I am a 54 year old teacher. I always wear black pants when I knew my period was on it's merry way and kept an emergency pair of and undies in the closet. In 2009, I had a period in October and skipped November and December...and started on schedule in January. In 2010...the exact same thing happened at the exact same time. In 2011, again, the same thing. The GYN told me welcome to peri menopause. Last October, I had a period, and once again, skipped November and December. But wonders of wonders, skipped January, February, March, April, May, and June!!!! YIPPEEE!!!! Then...two weeks ago, I felt that old familiar twinge in the ovaries, the "Woe is ME" mode reared it's ugly head...as did the Wicked Witch of the West attitude, backache, headache, breast tenderness and crampy bloated feeling...you know, the usual symptoms that I have had for over 41 years. This morning....It. Is. Back. Yep, 8 glorious months without the monster. Called the GYN and spoke with the nurse. She said usually if you haven't had a period in one year...you can consider yourself free and clear...no more periods. However, that is not always the case and if it feels like a period, it usually is a period...you just get to start counting ALL OVER again. Great. I go to my regular yearlyexam next month...Doc will not see a happy woman. But it is good to know I have company. I am 54...I had my tubes tied....I don't need it...don't want it...and I really thought I was through. HA!

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I thought mine was gone too. Went 10 months nothing except hot flashes. Now it is back for more days then I would like. I am 50 Dr told me menopause cause of hot flashes but no period. I thought it was finally gone so back to counting months again. No cramps with this one used to have severe cramps when I was younger. I have had my period since sixth grade. It is like come on have you not had it long enough or what? Aggrevated is all only 2 months then it would have been 12 full months but no. Here it is again. I am finding it gross now being without it so long. I was so happy it was finally almost over. Well I don't have good luck. Now 12 more months of it coming and going as it pleases. Nothing I can do about it. It's here no choice. Not so happy anymore. I keep telling myself after this one it is over for good. It is having it's last hooray. Praying crossing fingers and toes and whatever else I can cross.It is time to go away forever my dear monthly friend.PLEASE!!!!!!

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...ten years later we are still commenting on this topic ... @ the 10 month mark, I too, blew it! Well, my ovaries blew it! I started a cycle ... honestly, I thought my insides had exploded! I am hoping this is just one last hoorah! Hurry MP ... I need you!

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