You Say Tomahto, I Say Tomatomatomatomato

dcarch7August 7, 2014

So what have you grown this year? and what have you done with your bounties?


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dcarch, those tomatoes look refrigerated, am I right?

(LOL, just kidding, of course!)

The other day I had a realization that I've not had a good summer tomato yet, and during that realization I developed a craving for a super great BLT. The hardest part of that, of course, for a non-grower, was sourcing the tomatoes. I tried to google your address to no avail, so I couldn't steal any from your yard. By the time I got to shopping, the local farm stands were closed. Your post have made me paranoid about them anyway, so that's ok.

I ended up at Fairway, pacing between the various options, trying to put out of my mind what was organic or not.

Whatever it was I ended up with, it didn't meet my expectations. I bought some higher-end bacon which I appreciated in taste but not in texture.

All the while I was thinking of you and what great tomatoes you'd have at your disposal. And of LindaC, wonderinig if she'd use rye or white. I made one of each.

I'm still hoping for some great tomatoes this summer. And some great corn, while I'm dreaming.

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YUMMY!!! I especially like the ones that look like the flag of Benin. :)

The pansies are a nice foil. Are those marinated peppers under the mozzarella/yellow slices? What's sprinkled on top? I've never seen that kind of tomato with green on the outside and red in the middle.

These are all really pretty, and they look like food! I like your art, but I like it even better when it looks like something to eat. :)

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Those are absolutely gorgeous tomatoes (and the presentation, too!). What kind are in the first two photos, please?

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Supreme eye candy. Thank you again and again for the reminder that presentation matters and for the inspiration to just by golly make it pretty.

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Thank you, thank you everyone. You are embarrassing me with such kind words.

FOAS, actually I do refrigerate most of my tomatoes. I like them kind of cold when I eat them.

plllog , I seen to remember there are 60,000 varieties of tomatoes, or may be 6,000? There are so many amazing ones to enjoy. And pansies are edible. The sprinkle on top is bacon powder. Indeed, roasted pepper under the maters, both are of course of the Solanaceae family.

writersblock, there are three kinds shown in the first photo. The green is Lime Green Salad, the red/green is Ananas Noire, and the yellow/red is a volunteer.

Bellsmom, interestingly organizing food on a platter visually can add so much more to the enjoyment of taste, and itâÂÂs all free fun.


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duplicate deleted


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Thanks! Huh, so those gorgeous tomatoes are ananas noir. I was reading a thread in the tomato forum just the other day where someone said they wouldn't grow them again because although they taste great, they're so ugly that nobody will eat them.

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Beautiful tomatoes, dcarch. I'm still waiting for my first ripe one, maybe next week.....


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Great harvest and plating!

My season is pretty much done so nothing to brag about. I will start my fall in September.

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Yum! Beautiful tomatoes and plating.


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I just showed your pics to my husband whose comment was
"He never listened to his mother. He still plays with his food."

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Thank God you do play with your food!

We wouldn't have the wonder of your creations!

If I see a post by you I always go there first.

Please don't ever stop playing with your food!


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I think that you are using those plastic vegetables from Hobby Lobby for your pictures.

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I hope my DH's comment didn't sound snarky. It was NOT meant that way.
As I said in an earlier entry in this thread, you more than anyone have taught me to "play with my food," to arrange and present in the most dramatic and visually satisfying way I can. Great taste and great presentation please so many senses. Now if we could just teach our meals to sing--or at least hum. Then we'd hit still another sense.

I must say I think some of your platings do a sub-aural thrum of enticement.

I hope you never quit posting your cooking. You are one of the highlights of this forum.

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That first picture, with the yellows, reds and greens is my favourite of all the photos you have posted.

My favourite time of year. Fresh tomatoes and fresh corn.


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Thank you all again!

Ann, that beautiful tomato settles the argument about whether tomatoes are vegetables or fruits. It is so sweet that difintiely it is a fruit.

Bellsmom, I enjoyed his sense of humor. I think everyone should play with food. It's very satifying.

You look into the mirror every time you go out. You keep moving furniture to make your house presentable. Every cake you make is decorated.

Why not food?


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This is the time I most miss NJ - waiting impatiently for tomatoes to ripen. One plum partly red and several handfuls of cherries here so far.

I love cilantro chutney slathered on ripe tomatoes. Chutney is waiting. The tomatoes came up from Mass. with generous friends along with corn, swordfish and lifetime supply of asafoetida ( for said chutney)

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