Long-Distance Relationships

Lynn45February 25, 2004

I posted this on the Singles forum, but thought there might be married folks with wisdom to share on this topic, so decided to post it here, too.

I have been in a long-distance relationship for several months now. I seem to have problems feeling connected when we are apart. We have both been out of relationships for many years. Our children are grown. I was contented with my life before we started seeing each other, but am happy with things the way they are now, too. Except for the feeling of withdrawal I get while we are apart. It would certainly be easier if we had the normal dating relationship situation where we lived in the same town. I'll leave any other comments until I hear from some of you.

Any experiences or advice?

Thanks, Lynn

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I think it depends on where you want this to go. A lot of BIG protential problems don't show up when you are just "visiting" and are not together day in and day out for ages at a time. But the distance itself causes problems as well. Sigh, it is so easy for everything to seem great when you're together and then to blame all the problems on the distance..... If I were you, i certainly would not do anything drastic, like one of both of you moving, for a really really long time. And also, until you know each other's friends and family very well. And if he does not have close long-term friends, then take that as a warning as well. I found out the hard way.

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