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MausieFebruary 8, 2002

Does all the finances, or do you share? DH and I lived together for three years before we got married, and tried it every way. When we both did it it was the WORST (things didn't get paid, lots of fights, etc). When DH did everything a lot of stuff didn't get taken care of, and we were not saving at all. I've been doing it all for the last two years, and it's working out well... All money goes into a joint checking account, from there I pay the bills, DH gets some "play money" into a checking account of his own, and the rest goes into savings. I was just wondering how other people handled things!

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When we were both working we took turns...one year I would do it and the next was his turn. Now, I do it all and it is much better! Credit card bills get paid off each month, payments are made in a timely manner and I BALANCE THE CHECK BOOK without any hassles. And things are a lot more organized!

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I take care of the bills and balance the checkbook. DH handles the income taxes....

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I do it all, but not perfectly. I don't like to do it so I wish DH would, but he would never get things out on time. We do the same thing we did when we were living together, put the same percentage of our income into joint account for bills and travel, and then keep the rest for personal allowance! We have opposite stereotypes, he spends like crazy, and doesn't watch his debt, I am at least more careful about that. But I have made a mistake on taxes, oops. We really need an accountant!!

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Dh does most of it-I hate to balance a checkbook! He is really a better organizer then me. Also files our bills/statements in our filing cabinet.

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I do--DH has no earthly idea what bills we have. He gets paid every Friday, and just hands his check over to me. He doesn't even write checks, actually the checking account is only in my name--lol. When he needs money, he asks me for it. I'm a SAHM, but actually make almost 3 times what he brings home. I receive an inheritance check each month, so that's why he doesnt' buck me-cause I'm paying the bulk of the bills here. It's fine with him, he's just glad he's not responsible for having to pay anything. A couple years ago, it was a problem--he was thinking since I was making the most, that his pay check was HIS play money, and felt he shouldn't have to contribute anything--NOT!! We had a big discussion, and explanation as to why he's responsible also, so now it works out--lol.

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I take care of it all. We don't keep a joint account, he gives me most of his pay in cash. He has his own accounts and I have mine. He wouldn't know how to handle the money even if he had too. I know that's not right but he has no desire to handle the money and we both know I can handle it better. He resisted at first but not anymore. I make it a point to explain it all to him so he's not completely in the dark.

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DH works and brings home the money and I do our finances.

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DH does it all, he loves it, lots of people told us we were moving to fast buying a house and every thing, I think it is a little personal victory for him every month when we pay all the bills on time, put some in savings and still manage to have fun money :)

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i balance the checkbook , pay the bills, file the taxes, keep up with everyone schedules of where who has to be where when if i didnt nothing would get paid and no one would get anywhere on time lol

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Sheesh. My wife handles the finances too. What's wrong with us guys?!?! Well, my excuse is that she's simply much better at it than me. No, I don't miss payments but the boss lady knows what's in every account down to the dollar...all the time.

How does she do that???

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I do it all .... but DH thinks he does. Must be easy to have someone do your work and you take the credit. Works for us!!! Its pretty funny - really!!!

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I pay the bills or they would never get paid! We have seperate accounts and each contribute a certain amount to a joint household account every month, which I use to pay the bills.

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I take care of the bills in our house. My wife is not very detailed and I admit I am a control freak about things like this. I guess I got this from living alone before we got married. I want to know that all bills are paid and on time. I can't imagine letting someone else take over my financial matters. I have A+ credit (well we both do) and I have always had. I can't say I actually worked to get A+ credit. It just happened. I mean it is just common sense. You buy something-you pay for it. If you can't afford it or don't think you will be able to make the payments, then you don't buy it. I have made sure that we have paid off three vehicles ahead of time, we don't have credit card debt that we can't pay off each month. We will have our 30 year mortgage paid off this year. I am not bragging, I just don't want to work until I am 65. We don't live extravagantely and we put all extra money toward our debt. We are really living bare bones according to some people. We eat out maybe twice a month don't have expensive hobbies. After the house is paid off we are going to get aggressive with our retirement savings. I know we are weird. Normal is broke. I would rather be weird than broke. We have listened to a guy on the radio named Dave Ramsey. He is a financial counselor that put things into perspective. If you are having financial troubles or just want to hear financial talk with a twist of common sense check him out a www.daveramsey.com I would like to see all my friends out of debt. My wife also works, so that helps us out too. I am 31 years old and I know if I can do it then other people my age can do it. You just have to get mad and get tired of being sick and tired. You have to get focused and start knocking the debt out smallest to largest. When you get one debt paid off, then put the money you were paying toward the next largest and get it knocked out. Dave calls it the debt snowball. If you are focused, you can get out fairly shortly. A lot quicker than making minumum or regular payments. May this be the year that everyone can at least eliminate some debt.


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my wife handles it all! she must do a good job, no one has repossesed the cars, or house.

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i'm the breadwinner and i get to juggle the bills all by myself and do all the worrying as well because if i didn't, no one in my house would :o\

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DH does...but I have to add a qualifier. For years I was the bill payer. DH couldn't understand how money could be so tight sometimes. So about 4 years ago I said...here you do it! He has done o.k. I don't like not knowing just where we stand sometimes, and it drives me nuts when he says the budget is balanced, we're just X number of dollars short! (How is it balanced if it's short?????). Go figure.


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We started with one joint account where our paychecks went and DH paying the bills. Money was there, but bills were not being paid, so I took that over. Then it evolved into:

We each have our own accounts and a joint savings account. Our paychecks go into our own accounts, and we each contribute a set amount to the savings every month (about a single weeks pay every month). With the rest:

DH pays the mortgage and house insurance, his car insurance and gas.

I pay all other household bills, my car insurance and gas, groceries, etc.

We switched it for a bit, because DH could never undertand why I had no money left over at the end of the month, and he had tons (fume fume fume). He now understands why, we have switched back, but he now pays for all extras (clothes for DD, new shoes for DD, dinner out as a treat, etc.).

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