Best Kind of Calcium

Lois_MOFebruary 11, 2006

What really is the best kind of Calcium to take? There is Coral Calcium (was hyped at one time), then all the others. I have osteoporosis and do not want to take the drugs. Had a BAD reaction to my first dose of Boniva and will not take the others now! I walk my dogs EVERY day for 1/2 hr or less, drink 3 glasses of milk a day, and try to eat right. (Used to be a runner)....but who knows what the best kind of Calcium tabs that you can add to your diet?

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Off the top of my head, I would say probably Caltrate or a similar one, but I'm no expert. It sounds like you get close to your daily recommended needs from your diet. Alot of it depends on whether you absorb and utilize what you take, and not just how much you are taking. Ask your doctor what he/she recommends for calcium supplements.
Mrs H

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I've heard that calcium from milk isn't that good. Broccoli is a great source. I take Caltrate Plus, 2 pills each day. I take it mostly for my IBS, which, surprisinging, it has helped alot. I guess that's because of it's constipating effects.
I've heard that weight lifting helps alot too. I never understood that, but it's supposed to be real good for your bones. That can include just lifting something like books. You don't have to lift barbells!

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the best kind is the one that also provides magnesium
which helps in absorption.

(I am wondering if the recent hoop-la report that said
that calcium had NO effect realized that they only
prescribed 1000 mg calcium carbonate.)

-also be sure to calculate 1500 mg calcium total per day
-and 800 IU Vitamin D (because you obviously where sunscreen, and cannot get your Vitamin D). so drink milk that has D.
-don't take 1500 mg in one dose; better to break it up into 2 doses at minimum.

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Crispy Critter - Thanks. I had found online that Calcium Citrate was the best absorbable kind for older people. And I've known for a long time that the body cannot absorb more than 500 mgs at one time. I did forget about the Magnesium, but take the extra calcium with my regular vitamins. I did not know you needed 800 IU of Vit D...nor did I know that the recent negative findings on Calcium were from Calcium Carbonate! One of the positive things is I get to sleep easier now taking the calcium! I've had trouble getting to sleep since I was a teenager. Thanks for the message!

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There's lots of discussion about absorbability of calcium... which kinds, what other minerals... hard to nail it down.
If you start reading on it you go a bit bananas.. they say a diet hich in oxalic acid prevents the calcium absorption (i.e. spinach!)

I think the important thing it to avoid high amounts of salt, sugar, carbonated beverages!!! and caffeine. exercise helps the bones of course (i mean, beat on those bones!!.. however I don't practice what I preach except for twice a week!)...

Calcium is very finicky and has to be optimally balanced... there are too many factors to even enumerate..... The calcium I take has both magnesium, vit D, and some zinc.... and I hope for the best... the smog is gonna kill me anyway!

be well!

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Thanks for the clarification on that study. I hadn't heard what type they used, so now it makes sense and makes me feel better since I don't use dairy.

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Crispy critter - You have helped us all. Funny how the studies they do sometimes have not been reliable. For years we took hormones because "they are good for us"...Yeah, right!...I talked my head off to my friends and family when I read Dr. John Lee's book on hormones and the dangers...and finally about 4 or 5 yrs later, they tell us to stop!... I took Vioxx for bursitus and read that it causes heart attacks and stopped it! Then about 2 yrs later they take it off the market! They say never to take anything the dr gives you samples's a test to see what will happen if you take it : ) I need to look at the Calcium testing to see what they used. Makes me mad the media doesn't always come up with the whole thing!

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I have just started taking a "Liquid Calcium (Citrate-1200mg) Magnesium (Citrate-720mg) with Vit. D" (100 IU ) and it also has Boron Citrate (750 mg). I take a tablespoon daily. I also take a Multiple Vit. that has 400 IU of D in it. I was taking Calcium Carbonate in the tablet form and a friend suggested taking the liquid as she has been taking it. Hopefully it will be more beneficial. Using the wrap around weights on the lower legs when walking is good too..which I haven't done yet!

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ah, the old weight around the ankle bit :-)
sounds good... reminds me of some weights, believe it or not, i got years ago, that wrap around the thighs! see, in my early years I was a visionary!

thanks for mentioning weights mary7060!

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I made a promise to myself that AFTER the snow is gone and I can do some walking, that I will get myself some ankle weights and use them! My step-DIL keeps after me to use the weights. She is a rep. for Johnson & Johnson (McNeil) and although her job is promoting the pills, she is a believer in trying to do all you can yourself to maintain your health and take the drugs as a last resort. I am at 'moderate' risk for osteoporosis and don't want to take drugs unless I have to. I haven't had a full body scan, just the testing with the ankle. I plan to get the body scan this year sometime.

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I just take a store brand calcium carbonate. I overheard a few pharmacists talking to customers about calcium and they tell them that if the customer is taking a mulitvitamin that contains Vitamin D, they shouldn't take a calcium pill that contains vitamin D with it, as too much of it can do the opposit of what you need it for. So i take the straight calcium carbonate along with a One A Day multi vitamin. Your best bed to find a good calcium/vitamin combination is to speak with your pharmacist or doctor.

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I buy the Calcium chews. I hate taking pills, but these taste like candy, so I actually look forward to taking them each day. The caramel ones taste like Bits o Honey, and the chocolate tastes like Tootsie Rolls!

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I buy calcium from Jigsaw Health, and take it, along with their magnesium. I was told that in order for the body to absorb more calcium, you need to take it with magnesium.
It seems to be working great for me!

Here is a link that might be useful: Jigsaw Health Calcium

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The best by far Caltrate. It absorbs the best into the body. It's worth a try.

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Yeah, I've heard Jigsaw has the best stuff out there. My boss takes it everyday. I'd check it out. I take different suppliments from them and LOVE the company. They've got a ton of info on their webpage, I've learned so much from just reading stuff on their site.

Here is a link that might be useful: Jigsaw Health

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