How Did He Propose

waddles28February 27, 2002

Mine wasn't that good at the bar we met with all of our friends and on his knees. But I am sure you have some good ones out there.

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By me saying in January - "we've lived together for four years and agreed to marry. So THIS year we are getting engaged!"
He proposed Dec 23 of that year, with 5 days to spare LOL!

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We had picked out the ring, when we got into the car I told him I was sorry I pushed and he could change his mind, but he surprised me and proposed right then and there (middle of a shopping mall parking lot, really romantic I know). I told him if he was kidding no, but if he was serious yes I would. THat was over 19 years ago. Usually happily married ever since.


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Our first date was in November, on my birthday and 4 years later he turned to me and said, i think we should get married on your birthday! I said, i'm in agreement on the first part of that sentence but we're gonna have to discuss the 2nd part because while the thought was very very sweet, you only picked that so you'll only have to remember one date per year! When he stopped laughing i picked the day after valentine's so if he remembered on the wrong day (last year i got a happy anniversary on valentine's day lolol) at least he'd be close!

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My DH asked me when we were in the car. We were getting ready to go into the house and he asked me to sit there with him. I impatiently said, "What?" He looked at me and said, "You WILL marry me, won't you?" I said, laughing, "Are you asking me or telling me?"

A few weeks later while we were at the grocery store (in the soup aisle) I said, "You know, you never did officially ask me to marry you." So he said, "OK, will you marry me?" Of course I said yes.

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it was christmas day and we were at his parents house he had me this huge present wrapped i had thought it was an engagment ring put in a big box to throw me off becasue it sat there for 2 weeks and i wasnt allowed to touch the box (that is why i figured it was a ring) wrong it was this computer i was happy to get the puter but i really wanted a ring so i know i looked disappointed so we were getting ready to eat and he reached into his pocket and said oh yeah i got you this too and handed me the ring no will you marry me or anything just an oh yeah i got you this too. Let us say there is NOT one romantic bone in his body

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We had been going out for 3 1/2 years - we'd known each other for 4. I had been to the doctor that morning. The rabbit died.

We were standing in the kitchen of the house I shared with two other people. He said "Well, I guess we should get married. Do you want to?"

We celebrate our 13th anniversary this spring.

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DH & I had gotten into an argument and we went parking in a graveyard to talk and the subject of marriage came up and he said that is if you will have me. Of course I said yes and we will be married 26 yrs. at the end of May.

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My now DH lived in another town from me but would come to my town for meetings and the legislative session (besides coming to see me). He came and picked me up and we went to the conference center for some happy hours that groups were putting on. As we were pulling in the parking lot I looked up at the marquis and it said "Jamie will you marry me?" I was stunned. How could I refuse that proposal?!!

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I had given him a full year to propose, then I was going to dump him. We had been dating so long, it was s$*t or get off the pot, so to speak LOL.

One night I was getting ready to go to dinner, and DH showed up way early. He kept pacing outside my door. My hair was still wet and I was wearing a towel (he was like 2 hours early LOL).

All of a sudden, he says "I'm Coming In!" and barged into my room, and tossed a plastic bag at me. In the bottom was the ring box. Romantic huh? LOL.

It was SUPPOSED to happen like this:

He made arrangements at the restaurant (dinner show) that DH would go to the bathroom, the MC would shine a light on me, then DH would come out in a tux with the ring blah blah blah. But he couldn't take the pressure.

Of course, we went to dinner, all of a sudden there was a light on me, and who comes around the corner, but a very surprised waiter ROFL. DH never told the restaurant the arrangement was off!

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Well, I'm still not married but he proposed two years ago on Christmas. Well actually he didn't get to say anything. We were at his Mom's the day before Christmas and he was wrapping the presents there. His Mom and step dad then brought everything over on Christmas Eve (they were also keeping some of our 9 month old son's stuff hidden over there). He allowed me to open a few of my presents but refused to let me touch this one. He went on and on about it and I was certain it was just some appliance. (I was picturing a blender and remembering the day I came home from work and he was so happy because he bought me this new 4 slice toaster! LOL I looked at it and said it was nice but we had a toaster oven already and it did the job.) So the Christmas morning comes. We all open our stuff. I pick up this box and it's so heavy! I knew it was a blender. I open it and there is all this bubble wrap. So I dig and I see the white box. I pulled it out and had it open so fast and that ring on my finger that all he could say was, "I guess that's a yes . . ." He had weighted the box down with his Mom's dictionary to throw me off also and I even saw him carrying it through the kitchen when he was wrapping the presents but thought nothing of it! LOL

Still waiting for the cold feet to go away so he's not so worried about getting married. It's not me he says . . it's the whole idea and it's VERY serious to him. He's also worried too much about what MIGHT happen in the future. I guess it would help if others would not keep saying it's not important. To family we are husband and wife.It will happen with time, I suppose.


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My husband and I started dating when I was 14 and he was 17. On our second date, he asked me to marry him and I laughed in his face. We dated for 5 years before we got married and I don't ever remember him asking again. We've been married for 14 years and have 4 kids, so I guess he knew what he was doing.

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We dated for 7 years and I had been looking at diamonds for about 6 months, but kept playing the "I can't afford it right now" game.

After I finally got the ring, we were at the mall and I suggested for fun that we look at some rings. Again, I said I couldn't afford it and it'll have to wait until next summer. She agreed, but had that disappointed look.

Not living in the same town because she was away at school... I only saw her on weekends. She won an award for high marks so I agreed to make a nice dinner for her the week after the award ceremony since we'd be eating out the night of the awards.

I lit the whole kitchen up with candles, played some classical music and served a pasta dinner with a nice garlic wine sauce. The whole time I had her ring duct taped under her side of the table in the box. (ahhh... duct tape... it does everything!) anywho... after we ate, I started to clear the table and dropped a fork. I went onto one knee to pick it up and grabbed the ring out of the box and asked her to marry me. She fell right off the chair. She didn't even say yes... she just cried and hugged me and was shaking like a leaf. It was great! I really caught her off guard and that's exactly what I wanted to do. She did say yes after she calmed down. That was Nov 3/01. We haven't set a date yet for the wedding, but I'm sure I'll be on that forum learning.
Thanks for listening,


BTW... I'm 28 and she is 27.

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Ahh Muscle Cramp-That's soo cute! And Nov 3rd was my parents anniversary!

My DH was actually pretty good. We had been dating for 7 years, but we were both in no rush to get married. He did the same, we can look at rings, but I'm not ready, can't afford speeches, so I didn't suspect anything. Our anniversary comes around. That morning, I was giving him a hard time about buying me flowers. At lunch, he came down and gave me a rose (1)(we worked in the same building). After work, there was a rose on my windshield (2). He comes to pick me up, gives me a rose (3)We go to dinner(4). Gets the waiter to give me a rose (5) He also gives me a watch as my present. Go to a hotel suite he booked, complete surprise, and roses 6, 7 are on the table, with a long list of dates in our relationship, places we've travelled to etc. So sweet, and long. I was afraid to turn the last page, but it just said something nice about how he loved me etc. SO I realize, I never gave him his present. Golf gift certificate. I get up to get it, but he says I have one more present for you. He says, the seven roses were a symbol of our past years, and this will be a symbol of our future! Down on one knee and everything. Found out he had also asked my mom's permission a day before (my dad passed away) SO SWEET!

We've been married almost one year now! Got married on April 21, 2001

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Oh that is really neat, I got goosebumps

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Let's see... After six months or so, the topic of our future came up, and he said that he saw us getting married and being together permanently. Six months later, I moved in with him.

After a week of living together, he asked what we were going to do the next day. I said, "We're going to discuss when we are getting married." His reply was, "Well, you're direct." Then he got down on one knee and asked, and we got married six weeks later.

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hi everyone

my DH asked me to marry him at my university ball, in front of all my family and about 200 people he didn't know, he's never been that brave before or since! he got the size of my finger from another ring in my box and asked my parents the week before, everyone else knew but me! he bought champagne and wore a tux and i cried and cried...LOL!

we have been married just over a year and he has never done anything as romantic as that since!!!


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My hub and I went and picked out my ring together and then we drove to a beautiful spot in town that overlooks the city. He did the whole down on one knee proposal, and slipped the ring on my finger; it was very romantic and we were married about 3 months later. It doesn't matter whether you're 16 or 60, the feelings are the same.


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31 years ago after just a few dates ( I was 25 and a divorcee with two little kids)and (he, 27, had never been married). He called to ask what time the kids might be asleep, came in with a briefcase and laid it open on the table and started to ask questions about my mortgage and general home expenses. I answered a few and asked what he need to know this for. He said in case we get married, I do not know if I can afford a family. I said are we thinking of getting married and he said "If I can afford you"

He could afford me and has done so very well. He is quite a romantic but says he has to use his head too and always has.

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Man.... I don't have no romantic story.. ( sniff ) LoL...

It was simple with him... He just called me up one day on the phone and said..." ya know babe, I have been thinkin that we should get married, what cha think"? I said.. "okay" and that was that... boy, is that boring or what???? Uggg.. ha.ha.. I think that one day, I am going to make him do it again the right way.. Oh well... MAYBE it's a little late for that ... right? ha.ha.ha. :-))

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He lived in another state, so it was over the phone. Then when he flew in to see me he put a ring on my finger and never returned home. (laughing)

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After 4yrs of dating, DH was working in Savannah, Ga for a few mos and when I went to see him one weekend he took me to the beach. We were there most of the day and he even made us a seafood lunch right in the sand. After a few hours he walked me to the edge of the water, turned around, got down on his knee, made a beautiful speach about how he wanted to live the rest of his life with me and pulled the ring out. I was floored! When we went back on the beach he had a bottle of champagne and glasses he had hidden. I still have the little piece of paper he used to help him set the whole thing up (like a little to-do list) It was very romantic. We have been married almost 16yrs

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After a year and a half of dating, he called from work to tell me to be ready to go look at rings when he got home. We went and picked it out together. A week later (after ring was sized, and still in a box), we were laying in bed watching TV and he said "So, you wanna?" I told him that wouldn't work... he'd have to say the whole thing. He sighed and said "So, you wanna have sex?". He laughed then asked, very politely, if I would marry him. I said yes. Still married 8 years later.

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I probably shouldn't post this. I've been married twice. And both times the proposal was made in bed with me.

Does that mean anything?!

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We were in St. Augustine Florida on vacation. We were at the beach and he wrote " Will You Marry Me? " in the sand. He didn't say a word....he just wrote it out in the sand and then I wrote "YES" in the sand.
There was no ring but I thought it was very romantic and sweet. :-)

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He didn't - I just said one day "You know, we really ought to get married." and he said "Good idea!" Next week we went to city hall. 16 years later, still going strong.

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It happened at an apartment's swimming pool area of a former friend. I was begged by that friend to come one weekend from DC just to meet her new boyfriend. I told her I couldn't go to NC until school was over for the summer (I was teaching at Gallaudet University at that time). Beside she never stayed with a guy long (didn't tell her that) so it was not a big deal for me. She began to whine and carry on so I told her I would.

That night, my then boyfriend ran into the changing room with a bag after he arrived from work. Then he came out cleaned and dressed up. I was wondering why until I saw a ring (a temporary one, the real one was being custom made) on one of the sunflowers he gave me. I was shocked that I just said "Oh, fine" and walked away to get in the hot tub. Later he came up to me and asked me if I was ok. I told him that he had to tell me what he was asking me before so he repeated. I was like, "Ohhhhh, ok. I will marry you." Duh.

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DH was a sophomore in college in Japan, majoring in English and shy. I was an American who had majored in Japanese. We met in a Tokyo church choir and soon liked each other enough that we used to manage to walk together (other choir members walking along in front or behind) to the electric train station each week after choir rehearsal. By the time I had gotten to liking him quite a bit, he asked me to check the English in his diary each week. I really enjoyed that chance for extra contact, and one week, I found that he had written that he was thinking of asking me to a movie. I was thrilled, but he never did invite me, and I was too shy to mention the diary entry. After about a year of this non-courting courtship, he asked me to an art exhibition at a famous museum in Tokyo and we ate in a restaurant afterwards. That was our only one-on-one date, but one day he said, "I still have two years of college left, but when I graduate, I want you to be my wife." No ring. We were married a couple of months later. lol. Still no engagement ring, but we have been happy together for 46 years, as of this July.

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He didn't. There wasn't even a ring. But I remember him telling people we were going for a marriage license about a month before we did so. Because we didn't go right away, I never thought we would. I actually never thought he'd marry me at all, but I wanted him to. Well, we applied for a marriage license on April 13th and decided in front of the Register of Wills that when we came to pick it up the next Monday, the day after Easter, we might as well be married by a District Justice. We asked my family the day before if they wanted to come. But that's how he's always done things. LOL! BTW, I hear I'm getting a sapphire ring for Christmas. And I've had the simplest but most cherished of wedding bands since April 17th 2006.

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He came home from work and got down on one knee. I was like,
"What are doing?"

He said,"Asking you to marry me" And pulled out the ring from his pocket.
I said,"Arent you supposed to be on both knees for that?"

He said,"I'm asking you to marry me,not begging you!"

LOL,I never knew it was one knee, I thought it was both.So we always laugh about that one.

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