Shifting from peri - to meno

marys1000February 17, 2008

I'm 51 and have started missing more periods than I'm having (the ones I have tend to be very heavy with some clotting). For the last few years regular periods I have noticed signs that I'm in peri - losing muscle/elasticity, thinning hair, mood and energy swings, weight gain, memory problems (yow!), Andy Rooney eyebrows (now is that fair?:). I've had some warm flashes but nothing serious and not lately.

So....what's in store? I realize its different for everyone but when did certain symptoms start for you all?

Anyone get through without HRT? (Is that a good thing?)

(P.S. my mother had an early hysterectomy so I can't use her as an example, my sister, 7 yrs older, did HRT because of painful fibroids which HRT cleared up, she went off after a year or two, I'm uncertain what else she has experienced)

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Hi Mary,

My situation is very similar to yours, although I'm not missing more periods than I'm having yet. (Darn!) I'm 52, and my periods have sometimes been irregular, and sometimes very regular for the last two years. This seems to be dragging on forever. I've been having slight hot flashes much like what you describe off and on for the last four years. Weight gain, energy swings, thinning hair, losing muscle, memory problems (the worst!) I can relate to them all, believe me. Also, my migraines will get much worse at times. Also, I go through phases where I don't sleep as well, and I've slept well all my life up until now.

From what I've researched on HRT, the general consences seems to be its only recommended if symptoms are severe. So far, mine are bearable. Do research on it online -- there's tons of information. From all I've learned so far, I won't use HRT unless my symptoms get really severe. For me, I just don't think its worth the risk.

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seachol - I agree. It seems like every drug out there has side effects, many they don't know about till later. I used to be more of a, "the Dr. says this, ok" type but as I've gotten older I believe more and more that less is better! esp when it comes to drugs. There are times when I'm sick of my joint aches (forgot to mention those) and other symptoms but I'm nowhere near awful and hope I can stay off HRT. I'd have to be close to dead to use something like Premarin which limits my options anyway. So far I think the energy thing bothers me the most.

I'm just wondering - what do I need to prepare myself for next?

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Mary, hopefully someone will chime in and give us some help on what to expect next. This is kind of scary. Kind of sad too, as I realize this is a sign that my youth is gone :( The lack of energy is one of my biggest hurdles too. I can only plan to do one thing on any given day, because if I push myself at all, I end up exhausted. Do you exercise? I find that helps tremendously for the joint aches. I also ride my horse. I have a hard time trusting any drug anymore, as I've had bad experiences with awful side effects in the past. Its become almost a phobia. Do you also get heart palpitations?


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Don't have any solutions but sure do relate...I've noticed lately I'm getting looser skin,weight gain...and that memory loss, definitley not a qwick thinker anymore...not much energy to think of, Seaecho, described that perfectly...Although I believe seeing a Dr once in a while, just for emergencies mostly,(only if your not sure of self or of those around you and if whatever is bothering you.. doesn't go away on own then I will seek out the medical field)...I think Dr's in general care but sometimes I think it's often over exaggerated and they overworked...This is just my own humble opinion...Sorry I didn't mean to get way off here....but I would try natural remedies 1st.

And as hubby and I both realised we're not young but feel getting some form of exercise will improve it....So we got a Total Gym 1700...It's a very useful piece of equipment that helps us get toned up and accomodates a few aches and pains of our own...Still could use an cardio program though...maybe a nice trim exercise bike...Yes, could probably take a walk around the house a few times but I don't care for the cold weather...I'm a wimp!

Just listen to your body, read up what ever you can, I beleive knowledge helps you understand...ANd I hope you and all here WELLNESS...


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