joint pain during the menopause

ranajrodgerFebruary 28, 2010

can anyone suggest any natural remedies/vitamins/tips for terrible joint pain especially in my left thumb?

I m new to this

I m going through the menopause.



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I can't tolerate this because it gives me GI problems, but lots of docs recommend Glucosamine/chondroitin tablets or liquid. People on it say it makes their joints feel better.........but it takes a couple months to really make a difference.
You're probably dealing with some osteoarthritis. Try an ice pack on it several times a day. If that doesn't help, try a heating pad.
I have intermittant really bad pain in my one thumb base, and it seems to happen from the way I'm sleeping. If this is your case, you can buy a little hand/wrist splint and sleep with it on, so you can't bend your thumb during sleep.

Also, my joint pains flare up when I eat too much salt or too much sugar, so you could try limiting those things.

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