Describe the last period you ever had

marie26February 27, 2007

I didn't have my period for 4 months then I had it again the past 2 months. This month, though, there was lots of clotting and heavy. It appeared to be over but now I'm staining every day and I'm on day 8.

I was wondering if the last period one gets is longer than usual, the same as always, heavier or lighter, more or less clotting?

Although I haven't had the hot flashes like many complain about, I'm usually hot or cold when others are the opposite. Could hot flashes start after I start menopause or would they have shown up already?

I see the doctor next week for my yearly exam and since I'll be 56 in about 6 weeks, I'm ready for this to end.

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I am 50, and have had the same exact things go on as you do, the ob/gyn tells me it is normal. You are not through menopause until you have no period for 1 year. I didn't have one for almost 6 moths and than it just popped in again.
People expierence real varying and different amounts of intensity and occurance with hot flashes. Just feel lucky
that you have only had the ones that you have. Mine went on for 4 years or more and I hope that they stay gone. I hate the night sweats. I have an ovarian cyst taht persists so they didn't want me to take birth control pills going into menopause, because it would prolong it or mess it up, as I remember their explanation.
I am going to try a product with Progesterone in it and see how I do.

Is this the same info that the Dr. Gave you?


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The last period that I had was approximately 5 months ago, and very uneventful -- lasted about 2 days and was very light. Unfortunately, it's probably the last one that I will ever have, (sigh).

I know that I am probably in the minority, however I really dread the thought of menopause.

To me, menopause = old; plus a lot of other not so nice changes.

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I'm 42 now. Two years ago...I bled almost every day for 2 months straight. Went to the doctor, went to the hospital, had a hysto, all extra parts were removed, no more period. Not the most natural way to ease into menopause, but my body did it, its way!!! (frank sinatra fan here)

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Can't describe my "last period", b'cuz not sure if it is the last! I went many months several times without, then BAM!..they come back with a slam. Sometimes it seemed soon as period stopped, 2 days later started all over again! Couldn't even make Doc appt for PAP for about 2 or 3 yrs, 'cuz didn't have a "schedule" anymore.

What I DO know, all those PMS symptoms got WORSE as I was approaching menopause! Crazy! Yes, the periods got worse again in between.
I've been having hot flashes for about two years now - that involve some "light" sweat. I get really hot. I ask the peeps if it's hot in here, "or is it just me"? I strip off clothes (well, not all of them - lol!), then a little while later I'm freezing cold and putting clothes back on and covering up with blankets! HAHAHA!!!

I don't know what "night-sweats" really are. My Mother told me I DON'T want them. I think I DO want them. Reason I think I do want? I WANT to sweat profusely..get the toxins out! (Mom says no, because my bed will be soaked. SO WHAT?)

Check back in about 4 yrs and tell us all about it! lol (j/k)

OH! Another thing, even tho I may not have periods - I still many times get all the symptoms: Depression/mood-swings, breast tenderness, bloating/uterin "aches", etc.

I'm still not "in the clear", but am thinking of stocking up on "Depends" now for future! LOLOL!!! (Those weren't cheap 15 yrs ago, and they ain't gonna get any cheaper!)

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I was HOPING that last months period was may last... it was barely there... just spotting... then lo! this months was back to almost normal! :o( GRRRRR! I mean, if I am going to suffer the nightsweats and hotflashes, I just WISH I wouldn't have PMS too!

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I'm 52, and 7 years ago I was having very erratic and heavy periods. Finally I had a uterine ablation after a month long heavy period with clots brought my hemoglobin down to 8.0 (anemic)

This actually stopped my periods. Well, 6 months later when my best friend's son was killed in a car accident, I had a normal 5 day period, but haven't had one since. That was 6 1/2 years ago. ( I think think that major stress had something to do with that phantom period)

Of course, with no periods, it was hard to tell where I was menopausally. Well, now I know I'm in the throes of meno, cause I'm struggling with anxiety, heart palps, insomnia, etc. Hope it's over soon!

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I a happy to amend my previous posting above, on Friday, March 9th. My last period was two weeks ago, and was actually a "normal" period. That means that I still have another 12 months before I am considered menopausal. YES!

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The last period I had if you can call it a period, was a flood. It started like a regular period and got worse and worse then large clots and then I was rushed to the hospital where it was determined that I was hemorraging. I was rushed into the operating room in excurating pain and both ovaries and uterus were removed. It was determined later that I had pre cancer cells. Thank God I came out alright. It is all over now. I gift wrapped my monthly things and gave them to my daughter. End of story. Well, not really. Enter menopause.......

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I'm 47. My last period was 8 months ago. It lasted about 3 weeks, stopped for a week, and then I had another one which lasted a week. Nothing since then, and the hot flashes have all but stopped. I hope I'm done, but I do have an issue with water retention, which has gotten worse in the past couple of weeks, so maybe I'm due for another period.

My FSH levels dropped 3 years ago, but my periods were still normal. I started skipping every other period, then went 2 months between them, then 3 months, and now nothing for 8 months. I could tell when I was due for another because I started bloating about 6 weeks before, but I have been bloated since New Year's, and nothing happened. I lost my dad in April, and was sure that that would bring on my period, but it didn't.

I have my yearly check-up next week. I just want to make sure that the bloating isn't a sign of ovarian cancer. I don't care if I never have another period, but this bloating is driving me nuts.

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My last period started April 3 and ended April 10. I haven't had one drop since. Had to have some minor surgery last week, they insisted on a pregnancy test. Did two, in fact. Both negative. I hope I never get another period. The last 16 months has been very erratic. April 3 and counting.

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I havent had a period in exactly 1 year and now I have the worst PMS of my life!! I am hungry all the time and cranky, bloated and cramping. It is horrible! Anyone else?

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I'm not sure if this is my last one or not. I'm 43 and the last period I've had was by far the wierdest. I am having the most intense cramps ever, but yet I'm not bleeding very much at all. Usually when I have bad cramps, 'the river is flowin!'
When is this gonna end?

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I have been on this peri-menopause rollercoaster for nearly 5 years, and THIS month's period is the WORST. I am SO ready for this to end for good. This time I'm having a heavy period for the first 2 days, then it goes light, but then suddenly it gushes and messes up my jeans, then it's nearly non existant again, but continues enough I need protection, and I'm on day 15. There are lots of clots, and I've been tested for uterine cancer, the works, and my ObGyn says it's normal. Now what HE calls NORMAL and what I call NORMAL are 2 different is rediculous, and I'm wondering if this really strange period this time around is the last one I'll have since it's MAJORLY different. Anyone else going through this same scenerio? I am one tired 47 year old woman, and I'd appreciate hearing from all others going through this.

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