boldallFebruary 6, 2010

I have had mild hot flashes for about 10 years, and then they became VERY intense about 6 months ago. I missed my cycle once in October of 08, again in March of 09, and now I haven't had a cycle since October of 09! What I have had though are hot flashes and night sweats about once every 20 minutes or so, 24/7. It has been miserable, but I will say I've enjoyed not having a period! Now, praise God, the hot flashes and night sweats have completely stopped and my cycle has not returned...yay! I hope it never comes back. By the way, instead of calling it Menopause, I think it should be called MenoSTOP! LOL!

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Good for you!!! My symptoms went through cycles. Thank goodness I didn't have everything all at once.
My cycle stopping was the first thing and never came back. The things I am dealing with now is stressing over everything, still way to sensitive, and hating any interaction with the human race lol!!!

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