No more hot flashes!

MelljoyFebruary 4, 2013

I just turned 50 yesterday but had started having hot flashes at least 6 or 7 times daily which started probably close to a year ago. I completely believe in nutritional healing and only because I had heard it was good for me, started taking 2 Natural Resveratrol pills a day. One day, I noticed I had a lot fewer and lighter hot flashes and the days following even less. After contemplating about what I was doing differently to cause this, I realized that I had started taking the Natural Resveratrol. Has anybody else tried this with the same results? I'm also wondering if this is changing my hormone levels at all or what?

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I just came across your post and am very interested in the Natural Resveratrol....What is it and where do you get it?
I had been taking Premarin for way too many years and have decided to stop (on my own)...I now am having the dreaded hot flashes and if I can get something to stop those, I'd be a happy camper.......

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Well...MACA powder works for me - 1500 mg daily - in that it reduces the frequency/intensity/duration of hot flashes.

On the weekends I don't take MACA. But Saturday and Sunday nite, I took one ashwaghanda capsule before bed...and I am sitting here realizing I have to think back to when I last had a flash......

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