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chickenlilyFebruary 4, 2004

First time posting in this forum so hoping you all can help. I saw a device on a home shopping channel for home electrolisis device called EPEN. Before spending $60, has anyone used it and what was your experience? I tried the lazer treatment but found it too expensive--$150 per treatment. Hair grew back in 6 weeks. I work 12 hour shifts and is very embarrasing to have 5 o'clock shadow at 3 in the morning. Thanks for any advice.

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

My mother found a beautician to use electrolisis. I don't think it was very expensive. You don't mention your age, but have you looked into your hormone combination? My daughter has a condition that I can explain if you are interested. Without her medication she gets facial hair and tends to put on weight. If she does not take her medicine, and exercise, at about the age of 40-50, she will develop diabetes.

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I don't think I would use a 'device' on my own and for sure don't shave. I did for years and my beautican has been trying for a year now to kill the root with electrolysis. I go every 3 weeks and pay $28(Can) for this!! She says the root is very course and hard to destroy because I shaved for so long. In time this process will work for me and then hair will be mostly gone, but I learned my lesson the hard way.

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It's initially a bit painful, but repeated waxing will eventually kill the roots.

I've been waxing my upper lip, underarms and legs for years and the hair regrowth has become very sparse and thin. There's a woman at the salon I use that has her cheeks, lip and chin waxed because she has a lot of dark facial hair

The short term benefit is slow regrowth (6 weeks or longer) and no shadow because the root is removed from under the skin.

The waxing becomes less painful over time, too, because the roots get weak.

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Hmmm laser treatment as well as electrolisys are permanent, as far as I know. I also know, if you had been tweezing, you might think you don't have a lot of hair, but in reality, it takes weeks before the same hair grows back. Thus, if you tweeze almost daily, you tweeze a different hair all the time. So, you may think, the lazer treatment did not work, but in reality, you get a different hair coming in, and, thus, you still have a hair in the same vicinity, and it seems like the treatment didn't work.

I take electrolisys treatments. I have very little hair growth anymore. I hope, to be able to quit soon.

Yes, it was expensive, painful, but my face is so much smooter then tweezing or shaving. I am glad, to have started this. ( I will turn 50 in April)

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I was told my a dermatologist never to pull the hairs, he said to cut/shave them off. Pulling them can cause ingrown hairs and cause an infection. He also said if you use an electrolysis be sure he/she is licensed. Shaving hairs do not make them grow back thicker, that's a myth.

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I've been waxing for about a year and have never gotten ingrown hairs from waxing (or plucking). However, I often do get ingrown hairs when I shave. It's awful!

I love waxing. The first few times I waxed my face, it REALLY hurt. It felt like my face was on fire after I jerked the hair off. But now, I barely feel it. And it lasts longer. I used to shave daily because there was so much facial hair. Now, I wax about every 3 weeks. The hair seems much finer now, not coarse like it was when I shaved. I use the Nair Microwave Wax stuff, if anyone is interested.

Also, the strips of cloth that come with the wax is sold in the sewing department at walmart. You can buy a whole yard of the fabric for about $3, much cheaper than buying the replacement strips kit. Then you can cut them to whatever size you want.


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Strips of cloth??? Can't you just use muslin?

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Is that what comes in a wax kit? Whatever comes in the Nair wax kits is what I get in the sewing dept at Walmart. I always use all the strips in the kit and need more. And when I was in the beauty shop one day, two of the cosmetologists were talking about picking some up at the beauty supply store. One cosmetologist said, Oh no, it's too expensive there, get it at Walmart.

Muslin is a cloth, right?


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Natural Progesterone Cream is to stop that unwanted masculine feature of upper hair growth. Dr. John Lee talks about it in his book, "What Your Doctor May Not Tell you About Menopause." I recommend it to everyone! About $13 in health food stores. I've been using this cream for about 13 yrs or more and have never had that facial hair -- I'm 66.

Progesterone is what the body quits making - tho it never stops making Estrogen. Progesterone helps smooth out the Estrogen introduced into the body, which is the dominate hormone, which also causes many other problems in our bodies (as they are NOW finally addressing, after telling us for years that it was protective!)

I get a good price on my cream from Puritan.com.

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Tell me more. How often do you have to apply? Is it expensive? Does it smell?


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I've just about tried everything. I absolutely DESPISE wax and thread, because it's too painful. Shaving is another option I won't opt for, (It feels odd as a woman to be putting a razor to my face). And lastly, I'm not fond of electrolysis, because it's too pricey. Instead, I've been using something called, "Age Balancing Night Cream." I lather it on before I go to bed. After doing this for a couple months, I've noticed significant results. As the packaging explains, it contains chapparal extract, which reduces hair growth by approximately 22%. I bought it online at http://www.murad.com/ibeCCtpItmDspRte.jsp?section=10119&item=14836&minisite=10020 where you can find other products, such as dietary supplements that may appeal to you. Everything is reasonably priced, so you won't feel ripped-off in the end.

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I am about to try Natural Progesterone for years getting progressively worse and worse i have had facial hair coming in which i will tweeze almost daily . it also grows as what men call a happy trail from my belly button to my pubic hair line and stray hairs in my aureoles.. i have not seen if this is related to low levels of Progesterone or not but intend on looking this up as well. it started about the same time as the facial hair in my mid 20's and by 30 it was more than 5 hairs now it is over 50 they grow over my lip on my chin and my neck. very annoying and embarrassing. i also have not been able to conceive..I have never had a child and did when i was 17 now 36 had a miss carriage have not had a pregnancy scare since.even during long term relationships with more than once weekly sexual relations. I also had a promiscuous ex husband who cheated on me and i though that the std he brought me home that was misdiagnosed for years as a yeast infection and badder infection was the cause of my infertility..lately i have been getting emotional , depressed and tire easily i attributed this to my new as of 6 mo ago night job. but I noticed a few menstrual cycles ago that i was having an irregular cycle i have always had a 2 1/2 to 4 day long period every 29 days to the letter.. very short.. and i have tried to figure out when i ovulate but have had no luck.. recently i have been having irregular cycles. and staining ..and pressure like menstrual bloating.
especially over the last 2 yrs i have also noticed i am aging more rapidly my face is not a taught at it used to be the skin under my chin and on my neck seem to have lost some of it's elasticity and i have put on weight not a lot but a good 15 to 20 lbs.my sex drive also has gone way down..from where it used to be.. i can go months with out thinking about sex and don't feel like being touched it actually annoys me .after reading some of this book.. what your doctor may not tell you about premenopause by John R. Lee MD I am beginning to think that all my troubles are one in the same..I also have a sugar craving that sometimes is insatiable.. I have found all of these signs in Natural Progesterone web sites and this wonderful book I intend on doing something about this when i get my next pay check .. and get some wild yam cream Natural Progesterone I will post a fallow up if this page is still here as to if it worked.. I also intend on eating less sugar caffeine and non free range meats. I have almost cut out red meat all together as of now and have begun eating locally grown produce more regularly.. you will find this info also on myspace.. in hopes that it will help others who might be experiencing the same...good luck to all ..

Here is a link that might be useful: my myspace.

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I am 27 soon 28 and have a 6 year soon 7 year old. Your problems sound very similar to mine. I was told that I had polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and that there is no cure. It causes irregular cycles weight gain hormonal imbalances which result in mood swings and hair growth hot flashes excessive sweating and infertility because the cysts are blocking the follicle where an egg is to be released from. This is the part that causes irregular periods. I was told to lose weight and it may help but so far have seen no result. The hormonal imbalance has to do with your progesterone and testosterone levels bit I can't remember exactly. Speak to your gyno about PCOS. they can give you the best advice. I think the only thing to do is treat the symptoms with weight loss hair removal and sometimes hormone therapy if it is severe enough. Birth control can help I was told but I cant take it due to high stroke risk in the family. Good luck!!!

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