panic and anxiety

maryj123February 28, 2013

its taken me forever to become a member to post here,already forgot the password and tried to start this msg several times,so im just going to say it as it comes out.
im tired,fed up and feel SO alone.
i had my hysterectomy 2 yrs ago,one remaining overy which is covered in cyst,yet my doctor does nothing,shrugs his shoulders and says well its the menopause. iv tried premarin and now gone onto estadiol gel (plz let this help) i run a busy salon and im panicking so much that i feel like giving my job up. i have perhaps 35 clients a wk come to see me and i have to make conversation and put my work face on to every single one of them,and im SO anxious and jump at everything. im tired of crying,worrying,over thinking and being afraid that im going crazy. this is not me! im usually the leader,the strong one and now im just frightened all the time,too scared to even drive the car and even answer the phone sometimes.
i forget my clients names,and even forget what im talking about,im starting to get paranoid that all my clients are thinking im wierd.
oh dear dear me,for how long will it be like this ?

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I saw your post few days ago, and couldn't get logged in. I finally got it to work today.
My heart goes out to you , I am struggling with severe anxiety as well and know how hard it is. The fears and the agorophobia are crippling. I can relate to everything you are going through, you are NOT aone. PLEASE go to the Power Surge menopause forums, there are forums specific to anxiety and panic issues. It has helped me so much, and the members are on there often, always somebody available to help. And just reading through others posts is very comforting and informative. I am sorry it took me so long to get to you, please hang in there. Peace to you

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'thankyou' i will go over to that forum now x

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