Waking Up Early

karoniFebruary 21, 2014

Do any of you experience problems with waking up too early? I'm at my wits end and not sure what to do about it. It started about two months ago, although I started having hot flashes a year ago. I understand it is a perimenopause symptom for some women.

If any of you have any tips to share, I would be grateful. I've gone from someone who rarely drank caffeine to someone who drinks a chai latte every day. Even with that, I still exist in a fog much of the time. I have no problem at all falling asleep.

Thanks for any replies.

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I don't require as much sleep as I used to, an aging thing I think. I just stay up latter at night and I sleep better and later in the morning. I go the bed between 11 and 12 at night and sometimes stay awake in bed reading until one AM or so.

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Magnesium helps sleep cycle. Melatonin (which your body makes naturally but may be lacking with hormonal imbalance) helps you sleep. There are supplements with combinations of melatonin and l-theanine and 5-htp that also help you sleep. Dropping off of natural melatonin during sleep can also be caused by diabetes or a drop in blood sugar during sleep. This can make you want to eat or drink something sweet to enable you to return to sleep. Cutting back on sugar and white carbs helps.

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