Short Cycles

demeronFebruary 1, 2008

Hey all, I'm 41 and for most of my life had pretty regular 29 day cycles, conceived and bore 3 kids without too much difficulty. For the last several months I've had heavier periods with clotting. They're also getting closer togather. I've experienced some spotting a couple of days before the AF for the first time. And this month, my period is something like 20 days after the start of the last one! I just had a CBC to check for anemia (which I have off and on). I guess I should get my thyroid checked... hands definitely get cold, but I thought that was an anemia thing. No especial hair loss and my energy is about as usual. I have a gyn appointment in a couple of weeks to get this checked out. If this is low preogesterone/perimenopause, isn't it starting awfully EARLY?

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Hi Demeron, I started have short cycles about 42, sometimes they would last 8 or 9 days and then 10 days later I would start again. If I had a 6 day period, then intercourse would start it again a couple of days later. I was never diagnosised with PERI menopause, but I feel sure it was the beginning. cold hands could be many things, I know young women whose circulation isnt good in their hands. Esp in the fall and winter.

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I started perimenopausal changes at about age 38 or so. The average age for completing menopause is 50 and perimenopause can last for about 10-12 years or so.
Mrs H

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Hi: That started happening to me 2 weeks after I turned 41 and then I started missing periods. By 46, I was done. I had no idea that I was "peri" since I was so young, but in retrospect, I realize that's exactly what was going on. I mentioned it to my GYN and she said "Oh yeah, that can go on for 10 years" but in my case, it was barely five.I expected to be having periods till at least age 50 and I was actually kind of sad to learn that I had truly reached menopause within months of my 46th birthday! By the time I realized I was really peri-menopausal, I'd actually reached menopause! So maybe you will keep going for 10 more years, but be prepared that this may really be it. I wish I'd been prepared!

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This just happened to me for the first time. I have always been very regular. My perios lasting for five days and heavy cramps. In December my period was light and spotty. Then in January it was light, but went on for 18 days. Finally it stopped, but started again 8 days later. I am 42 years old and this is really the first symptoms I've had. I am planing to go to the Gyno to see if this is what is happening or if there is another problem.

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