Menopause hell.

morganna55February 21, 2013

Hello everyone. I am 55 years old and think I am going mad! I thought I was having a nervous breakdown until I discovered this sight by accident. I have read all the 'horror' stories regarding the menopause and I went to my GP who confirmed I am perimenopausal. I have every problem under the sun. Memory loss, panic attacks, tiredness, restlessness and I am unable to work even hough I work from home. I am a seamstress and made ny living making Roman Blinds, curtains and clothing alterations until I realised I couldnt do it as I was ruining peoples clothes!!! So I am just sitting here waiting on something miraculous happening in my body then I will put the flags out and go on a cruise. I feel so sorry for anyone else going through this. I think all girls should have Menopause information so they know what to expect. My mum went through hell and I have two daughters and keep on at them to educate themselves about this freaky time but they dont listen. Hey ho. I will keep plodding on and I wish everyone that is going through the same hell as me all the best for the future.XXX

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I understand what you are going through, as my mother has gone through the same menopause hell. I actually found this site because I am looking for information on menopause for my own knowledge. I don't want to feel like I'm going through a mental breakdown myself, so I am taking my mom's advice and learning about the symptoms and methods to help. What I've learned so far is go natural! Menopause is about restoring balance to the body and the hormone progesterone is the best hormone to help restore this balance, because it is the building block for all other hormones. Warning though, don't just start pumping progesterone into your body, make sure it is natural and at a low dose. Dr. Betty Kamen has a great book called 'hormone replacement therapy, yes or no', it's a great read!

Well, I wish you well in your menopause journey and keep hounding on your daughters to get educated, I believe it will really help!!

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I am 57yrs. old, post menopausal for three yrs. Back in the mid 90's is when I believe perimenopause started. I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia in 1998 ( due to bouts of lightheadedness). I have since,been told my blood sugar tests say I'm normal . I now believe that maybe that was actually hormonal in nature. Now I fast forward to 2007; I experience my first full blown panic attack , which sent me to the emergency room , thinking I was having a heart attack only to be told it was due to panic. I had other attacks over the next few months and ended up seeking help from acupuncture, a real blessing. I still go for sessions when I can, ( and no, it does not hurt at all !). Since 2007 I haven't had any more full blown attacks. I have although been suffering with terrible "waves" of lightheadedness,( internal jitters/shaky feelings), some days it's almost 24/7.I also have developed sinus issues (pressure/headaches, tired eyes,eye twitches, blurred vision, body chills, low body temp., neck stiffness and pain, achy/sore joints, dry skin, blotting, gas, and just totally tired, run down ). I can go a week or so at times and feel rather good ! I can tell you that I have had a lot of life-stressors over the last six years. I have seen numerous medical doctors, all of them were years behind in the treatment of women and hormones ! I have since found an excellent naturopathic doctor near my town who did ALL the needed tests to get a true picture of what is going on inside my body. My hormones , thyroid and adrenal/cortisol levels are all over the place ! I am only into my first month of treatment so she is taking it slow as to the use of herbal supplements and natural progesterone supplements as well. When I go next week for my second appointment, she will tweak the treatment as needed ( depending on the symptoms I am still experiencing). I can tell you that menopause is a natural part of the female body. We are no different than a caterpillar morphing into a butterfly.....our bodies are changing ! If we get ourselves to the right , smart, educated doctors( who listen to us and don't just prescribe depression drugs to patients they don't know how to cure...please don't get me started !!), we can go through this "change" so much easier. I have been so exhausted at times that I could not do anything! I am an artist who works from home and I don't , most days, have the energy to get out of my pajamas !
I do believe in natural medications and steer clear from any synthetic drugs ( since they are stressful on the cells of our bodies ) and the ones some med. doctors put me on all made me feel worse ! You must stay clear of gluten, soy and all processed foods. No junk food...period ! Also, get to bed by 10p.m. Studies show that the body is designed to get optimal rest between the hours of 10 pm and 6 am. I have spent the last six yrs. educating myself on the subject of menopause, hormones, adrenal health and thyroid issues. It can be all totally interrelated .

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I sympathize; please see my postings --- "ER and scared." My doctor started me on "the pill" because I was in so much pain I had to go to the ER twice exactly two weeks apart. That was after being up on my legs working Fri, Sat, Sun 12 hours shifts at the hospital both times. I feel better today but guarded because I don't want the bleeding and pain/cramps/nausea/vomiting to return! Menopause is hellish; if they told us this, we would never want to go through it. I hope that you start feeling better; make sure you de-stress! Easier said than done, I know. Sasha

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Menopause is a roller coaster ride from hedoublel. I am suffering from "monthly periods" of panic/dread/such sadness. I turned to this forum for help. I have very few hot flashes and rarely even sweat. I am thinking my hot flashes come out in panic, but only for 5 to 6 days a month, just like the old "cycle". Some times more severe and long or sometimes easier. Any advice out there? Don't want to take HRT. Willing to try OTC treatment. Exercise helps, but not for long. This has been going on for 5 years now. HELP. I am 56, very active and 24 day of the month, almost normal, THANK GOD for the 24 days!!

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Banwanawoman, please read my post under 'anxiety attacks', dated May 21

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Missc 13 Hie there,

Can you tell me if its all part of the change, my eye has for the past week or so been twitching.its really unsettling and annoying when the eye twitches.Im 42 and have not had a period for six months.I also take anti-anxiety meds could these make my period disappear for so long?At my last Doc visit he told me I was perimenopausal and even put me on a month trial of premarin which I stopped taking after a month of using.why so long without a period is it all part of the change.Would appreciate any input from all ladies.Im confused and feel alone.


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I have had this as well. I am 50 now but it started quite a long time ago. I worked where there was a pharmacy so i asked the pharmacist about it and he said it was caused by stress/anxiety and is nothing to worry about at all. You will find that there is so much going on with your body as it is changing that you can begin to not worry so much because it's all part of this perimenopause hell.

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