Anyone been to Marriage Counseling?

Toni_MAFebruary 16, 2002

DH & I have been married less than a year and it has seemed like an uphill battle from the beginning.

Several years ago, I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Mild Clinical Depression, and have recently gone back into counseling and drug therapy, after a 3-year absence (BAD idea, BTW).

With the things that I have discussed with my counselor, he has suggested that DH & I begin marriage counseling, to which DH has agreed to.

I will begin calling on Monday to make an appt, but I was wondering what to expect. Has anyone ever been? Did it help make things better? Thanks in advance for any info.

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i have never been but i have a friend who went when her husband came back from overseas, she says it really help get there marriage back on track, they found a councellor that they were both confortable with and she said this is very important. so GOOD LUCK


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Toni, about 3 years into my marriage, DH and I went to marriage counselling. We were fighting all the time over everything. We only went for a couple months but it really seemed to help us. We are coming up on our 16th anniversary now! Good luck.

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Toni, DH and I went after about 1.5 years of marriage. (We have now been married 17+years) The first session is usually an inventory of your past year. What bothers you, have there been any major upheavels in your life (birth, death, job change). THis will help the counselor find out where to concentrate. For example if one stress area is money, they can help budgeting. Ours (as I'm sure most really) turned to more "Learn how to TALK to each other" and "Learn how to LISTEN to each other". We learned to talk so we'd both (usually) listen. We learned that we learned from out parents - Good and Bad. It was HARD WORK. But since your DH is willing to go, and if both of you WORK on the assignments (yes there is usually assignments and homework), it will do wonders for each of you.

Good luck


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I have friends who have been to Marriage Encounter weekends thru the local catholic churches. Anyone been on one of them, versus counseling (if the marriage is not in serious trouble, but maybe just off-track slightly).

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it can only help! DH and i have both been to counseling, but not together...i think if we'd gone together, we would have been communicating better sooner than we did, but we are communicating better and that is so very important...that, and fair compromise because without compromise, there is no marriage...

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