a remedy for migraines, prolong heavy bleeding, fibroids, PCOS...

faith99February 4, 2012

Here is some good remedies i would like to share with you.

Have you heard of an herb called Lady's Mantle? It's really effective in treating migraine headaches, prolong/heavy menstrual bleeding, hot flashes, uterine fibroid, polycystic ovarian syndrome, high blood sugar, PMS and monthly cramp. Because Lady's Mantle is also used to treat diarrhea, it might cause constipation to some people. If that occurs, simply add more fiber to you diet.

A simple way to make Lady's Mantle tea is adding in about 3/4 cups of organic herb to 3 quarts of boiling water, let it boil for another 3 to 5 minutes. You can drink it hot or cool. However, a glass of cold Organic Lady's Mantle is so delicious.

If you are birth control pills, please do some research before using Lady's Mantle.

Cutting down on your coffee and alcohol intake, eat less fat and sugar. You will feet healthier and happier.

If you feel depressed and you don't want to take RX antidepressants, adding in all natural hormone, pregnenolone, could be an alternative way to get rid of your perimenopause/menopause blues. You can get pregnenolone at Whole Foods or on line stores, 10 to 15 mg under the tongue in the morning should be sufficient to make a difference. As taking any kind of natural hormone supplements, monitor yourself, adjust to the amount you need.

Melatonin is a good sleeping aid and antioxidant, 3 to 5mg right before bed time should be enough to get you through the night and make you wake up happy.

If you like to learn more about natural hormone supplement, here is a link to Dr. Ray Peat, a pioneer in natural hormone studies.


I hope my tips will help you and many others. Having an exam by your doctor is important, do some reseach of your won to decide what's the best treatment for you. May God bless you all.

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There is something needs to be added to my last note. Every woman is different. Some women I know still need to add in natural progesterone cream to reduce their hot flashes and migraines, however we all have good results solving our uterine and ovarian issues with lady's mantle tea.

If you are interested at learning more about natural progesterone and hormone balance, 'What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause (TM): The Breakthrough Book on Natural Hormone Balance' by Dr. Lee is a good one.

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hello, I would try things but i have a terrible phobia to medication and herbs , this happened because I had an adverse reaction to an anti depressant medication when i was 29 I thought i was going to die it made me shake all over and my breathing was eratic my friend stayed up all night with me until the medication wore off and she helped me through the reactions which scared me so much.
I don't know if migraine without pain the aura type is a symptom of menopause because i have had a few recently but have had them all through my life but only a few a year , i have found that an additive in bread called calcium propionate is a migraine trigger and also High oleic sunflower oil is a trigger for some people , to be honest my diet is so boring as i am nearly scared to eat anything .
I can't wait until this menopause is complete .

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I don't understand what you meant by 'a migraine without pain'. Migraines are so painful, i hope I can help others to avoid having them. I guess everyone is different, many stuffs out there can trigger a migraine. However, if you with proper diet still get your migraines, give all natural progesterone cream a try. I like the type that is made of wild yam root with no preservative. It should be very gentle.

Also, vitamin B complex with Co Q10, and sufficient amount of iron supply during monthly periods will help easing menstrual migraines.

Here is a link that might be useful: Menstrual migraines and other hormonal headaches

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migraine without the headache is called migraine aura and around 20% of people suffer this type, its still very scary as part of the vision goes and it causes zig zag flashing lights in both eyes , I have also heard that magnesuim helps those with migraine.

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Thank you, i hope many others will see our posting.

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