Menopause in your 30's...

aflaminaFebruary 13, 2007

Is there anyone that relate with being 32 yrs. old & going through a surgically induced menopause? Everything is going smooth as long as I take my Vivelle (looove it), but I have loss of memory & libido something fierce.

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Maybe you need to have your doc check your testosterone levels??? With the loss of libido, that would be my first question. As far as I know, there are some women that take testosterone replacement in small amounts.
Mrs H

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I was peri-menopausal at 35ish...went into menopause naturally at age 38. I'm now almost 43 and things are kind of getting better. I took an over the counter supplement off and on for a few years...and that helped a lot.

I think it's just a wait it out game. I've also dealt with the libido issue. Mostly I'm self-conscious because menopause took away my waistline and gave me a spare tire. That's been a big adjustment. I swear I'm going insane because of the memory loss! However, I'm finding that the fog is beginning to lift ever so slightly....

Your body is going to do what it has to. Things will settle down eventually. Until then try to explain to everyone, and yourself, that this is temporary. Your 'regular' self has gone on a vacation and someone you don't know is filling is temporary!

Patience is the key!

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I appreciate your time & kind advice. I see my Doctor on the 20th so hopefully he can help further. I took an additional hormone patch 2 weeks ago on my own & the results were wonderful, (it even helped my libido!). As far as the memory loss & sputtering I guess patience is what I will have, it is so annoying! I have been quite intelligent & knowledgeable all my life, now sadly it is all lost beneath a fog-I now feel truly stupid. I joke about it now so that lightens my feelings a bit. I have a wonderful supportive family so that's a godsend. Thank you for your help!!

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I had every test known to man done on me and everything checks out ok. I had a cyst removed from 1 of my bartholin glands. After that I have not menstruated since. It has been about 2 ½ year. I was only 36 at the time. I have been on hormones and they made me nuts. I would cry all the time. Now, I have noticed that I am aging very fast. I have always been told that I look 10 to 15 years younger then I really am. Now in 2 ½ years, people are saying I look like I am 40. Is it the hormones? What is going on? My skin texture feels different and my hair is more mousey. Is this normal? Need to know if there are people out there who are going though the same thing. I need help, advice and suggestions. Thanks!

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I'm going to be 31 one this year.
I have strong signs of menopause.
From no period...or a very random spotting.
I'm ornery and moody and pmsing all the time.
I have strange hair growth. ie. Chin, moustache...
low sex drive...

I'm just worried.

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