Perimenopause with only ovaries

MccallumSFebruary 25, 2013

I think I have been going through perimenopause for about 3 years and like other women my doctor thought the different symptoms I was having were all individual and treated them as such. What I had to learn on my own through months of research is that all my symptoms are related and due to perimenopause. I actually had to ask my doctor to try my on the patch after he tried me on a number of different anti-depressents thinking I was suffering sever depression. I knew I was not suffering sever depression, nothing in my life had changed, I am on average a normally happy person. One day I began crying and couldn't stop, my joints were hurting horribly and I have never had problems with them before, I had been having problems with brain fog, memory problems, really dry skin and other symptoms but each came on at different times. I did go through really bad night sweats, it was sporatic, and hot flushes here and there. I just did not put two and two together until one night when I was surfing the internet looking at different medical information sites and listing my symptoms, I came across the 35 symptoms of perimenopause. I have about 14 of them.

I called my doctor and asked him to try me on the patch, he suggested estrogen replacement therapy (ERT), I use the estradiol patch .025 mg. This was a miracle for me for weeks, I have now been on the patch for over 2 months but am noticing myself having symptoms that I had prior to using the patch. It is hard to get an appointment to my doctor and am not sure how long before I can get in, does anyone know how often or how long before I need to increase the strength of the patch? I have had a hysterectomy, I thought it was a partial hysterectomy because I still have my ovaries, I recently learned that I had a total hysterectom because I had the uterus and cervix removed. Any advice will be greatly appreciated, I too hope to be the strong woman I once was.

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I had the same symptoms but not at the same time. I also had hysterectomy but kept ovaries. They tested me for RA because my joint hurt so badly. Thyroid in normal rAnge. Fsh is in "normal" range. So! Anti depressants just put on more weight. That's what was missing! Now estrace cream for hot flashes and bladder leakage. All the trips to the doctor made me feel like a hypochondriac. I'm 50 by the way. I was always small but now can't get weight off. I loose 2 pounds and 2 days later its back. Any advice would be appreciated.

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