low dose contraceptive pill

noopy9February 1, 2010

Two and half weeks ago all was reasonaable with the low hormones as they are only low, not below the lowest point yet. Then my wee dog got very sick and the stress was too much!!! $2,000 later and another dog has got sick and there is no money and sleepless nights etc which made all my worst symptoms surface (they arn't there if I'm rested, happy and stress free). So, to cope with all this hormonal STRAIN I started taking 5 days ago the low dose pill in the hopes it helps me with all this stress. So far so good, but I feel really disappointed I have gone this route! The stress with my dad's death 3 weeks ago and then all these sick animals is tooooo much!!!!

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Stress will make menopause symptoms worse. Try to give yourself a few minutes every day for stress relief. Do something that relaxes you. It may be a bubble bath or taking your self out of the loop in a quiet room by yourself and listen to music or read a book. Even go for a walk.

During the day take a couple of seconds to close your eyes and breathe deeply and try and relax all your muscles. Rotate your shoulders and imagine yourself sinking into the floor. This will take no more than 5 minutes and will help relieve stress so you can get on with your day.

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oilpainter, thanks for your kind response. I have been doing deep breathing, and having a nap when I need one each day, but the level of out-side stressors that have come into my life in the last 4 weeks have been too much for anyone to bear, without some sort of side-effects that can't be prevented. All of this stress came out of the blue except the death of my dad from bowel cancer. I am hoping the mini-pill will stabilise my hormone levels that are now taking a bashing! Thanks for your advice, it's all I CAN do. Oh No! Now my boobs are starting to hurt!!!!

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