When did you start having 'signs'?

intherainFebruary 16, 2005

I'm 42 and am wondering when I might start showing signs of menopause? I hear a lot about "peri-menopause" but nothing has changed with me except my periods are more regular than ever, they usually only last 3 days, and I don't have as much cramping as I once did. (My dr. says I'm lucky because it's usually the other way around.) I didn't get my period until I was 15 1/2 (I don't know if that makes a difference or not.) My mom started menopause around 48-49. I guess I'm just wondering what to expect in my next "phase" of life! Thanks!

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Hi intherain,
Some signs of perimenopause I only saw in retrospect. At the time, I didn't realize what was happening.....since many of my signs weren't the classic signs. I believe my immune system started getting off whack. When I was 45, I got the flu, pneumonia, ear infections, GI problems, alot of panic, headaches, sinus infections, etc. Then, when I was about 47-48, my periods got a little irregular, and I started bleeding way too much. I had to have a D&C, and was put on HRT.......which, in retrospect, may have worsened alot of my symptoms, such as GI problems, headaches, etc.
I'm 55 now, and have about 1 period a year. But......when I get that period, alot of the old perimenopause symptoms come back for awhile. Life is getting much more stable and predictable for me now.....which is such a nice change!
I never really got hot flashes, although I was sooooo hot my whole life, all the time....and especially when I was in my late 40's. I think most people have the classic perimenopausal symptoms, like irregular periods, hot flashes, irritability, sleep problems, but I also think some of us have symptoms that we'd never really think to associate with perimenopause. I've always heard that we tend to have the same type of trip through it all that our mothers had. Good luck, and hold on tight! ;)

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Hi Catherine - thank you so much for the information! I probably do have some perimenopausal symptoms I don't realize - restless sleeping being one of them. If I follow my mother's history, I won't really have obvious symptoms for awhile. My co-worker has been going through menopause practically the whole time I've known her, and she is ALWAYS having hot/cold flashes. Sweater on, sweater off. Thanks again!

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I started off not by having hot flashes, just sweating strangely... took me a while to figure out that I shouldn't be sweating in 70º weather... not when it was going to be over 100º that day... I sweated like that for months before the hot flashes came. I was always cranky too... thought that it was just my BF's fault! :oD I was only 40 at the time... never occurred to me...

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Heathen1, 40?? I'm 42, and I now realize I've had a couple of incidents where I wake in the middle of the night sweating...and it's winter. Hmmm....

As for crankiness, I've had that since who knows when! LOL

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I have a friend who at 41 is technically in menopause. In her family 38 is the starting age on her mother's side of the family. Most of my friends are going through it now, and none of them are very close to 50.

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I bragged on my 50th birthday that I had no signs of menopause......about one month later the hot flashes started, LOL!

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It kind of all started for me around 48 or 49, I'm now 51 and haven't had a period for about one year except for very light spotting. The moodiness, PMS factor are much better, but I am still battling the hot and cold flashes, drives me nuts!

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I'm 54 and still have regular periods although this month it lasted longer than the 4-5 days and there is spotting. But I've been going through such stress that I blame it on that.

I had irregular periods about 4 years ago for a while and I think the doctor gave me a pill that regulated them.

When menopause comes, what will be the signs that I should look for?

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