Weak bladder

jennFebruary 2, 2005

Why does my bladder wake me up at night when the last time I had anything to drink was before noon, and it was only a tall glass of water?????!!!???? This nonsense is going to drive me insane. It seems to matter not how much or how little I drink, my bladder wakes me up during the night. The trouble is, it really isn't that full!!! And then it takes me 2-3 hours to get back to sleep. Waking up to go to work after a night like that is not a good way to start the day.

Has anyone else found a remedy for this that doesn't include medication?


Sleepless in California

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I am thinking you might not be drinking enough... when urine becomes concentrated, it irritates that bladder, sending signals it is full... if you don't drink enough water, it will progress to a urinary tract infection... that is just my humble opinion.

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You know, I've wondered the same thing! On the rare days when I drink a lot of water, I don't seem to have this problem (I haven't been keeping any records). That's usually on the weekend when I can sleep in and make up for loss of sleep, in case I can't sleep after drinking a lot that day.

Maybe I'll give that a try. What have I got to lose... except more sleep. :)


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Hi Jen,
I'm wondering........do you eat alot of salty stuff for dinner, and maybe more in the evening? If you do eat alot of salt, it probably lets loose about the middle of the night. I usually have to go to the bathroom about 12 times a day! I've noticed, though, that when I diet, and don't eat nearly as many carbs, I don't pee nearly as much.
So it might be what you're eating in the evening, as opposed to what you're drinking. It's amazing how much water food has in it.
P.S. When we lay down, we increase the return to our hearts, which increases the blood through our kidneys too....which fills our bladders up.....but there's not much you can do about that.

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Hi Catherine,

I don't ever salt my food so I tend to dislike salty foods (except chips, nuts and that type of snack).

The thing is, What I'm doing now is no different than what I did before... if anything it is actually healthier. This problem has started in the past year or two.

Thank you for your comments though, I will keep a closer eye on those possibilities.


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I drink water all day & night...my 'power surges' wake me all through the night anyway, so having to get up to hit the 'batroom' has become a routine for me.
I guess I should stop drinking water each time I DO get up to use the bathroom...LOL...but the hot flashes make me so darned thirsty!
In the morning, I know that I'm gonna hafta sprint to the 'facilities'...must be a gravity thing ΓΆΒΊ...I cross my fingers that I'll 'make it'! Heehee!

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