biest and progesterone

celeste_2007January 18, 2007

I just started taking Biest in the form of a pill which is made from a compound pharmacy. Also taking progesterone pill for 10 days out of the month. Is anyone else taking this form of hormone, and is this a natural or synthetic form?

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Sorry, I've never heard of it, but plan to google it and see what I can find out. Is it a form of hormone replacement or something?
Mrs H

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From what I read, it sounds like a bio-identical hormone combination of Estriol and Estradiol in close proportions to what your body produces naturally. As for the progesterone pill, I believe that is probably synthetic unless a new one has been developed in the past couple of years. I use progesterone cream which is supposed to be identical to that produced in the body. Did your gynecologist recommend them?
Mrs H

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Celeste and Mrs. H, here you go
Biest is a combination of two estrogens: estriol and estradiol. It is most commonly found in a ratio of 80:20, estriol to estradiol. This combination might allow for all of the protection of estriol, while potentially providing the cardiovascular and osteoporosis benefits and vasomotor symptom relief of estradiol.


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