new study on menopause

Okla_galJanuary 16, 2002

hey, just read in my new magazine tonight that they recommend at least six beers a week to control hot flashes, mood swings and other symptoms. they said it has alot of other benefits. well, I haven't had a beer in about 15 yrs. or more and if I drank 6 in a month it would knock me on my butt.I believe a man probably wrote that article so us wives would get drunk not gripe and pass out so they can sit quitely and watch football and have their beer in peace.Ha.

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Thank God - A solution!

Unfortunately I can't manage more than half a glass of beer but if it was a good wine......!

Can you please have another look at that article and see if you can find the word "wine" there.


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of course in all magazines they tell us what we want to hear, but they said the beer does get rid of all the symtoms. the same page also said red meat was good for the heart and eggs were good for you. it's this weeks women's day week it will say no more exercise will make you skinny! oh yeah I'm going to buy that.

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The breweries will be pleased with that magazine especially if drinking beer becomes the latest fad and they sell lots more.

I'm always fascinated by magazine articles which over time promote various things as being the latest thing good for you and they are often things which we know we should consume in moderation. From what you are saying, it seems the wheel has just about turned full circle with red meat gaining favour again.

As for the beer - well I have a mental vision of a whole heap of menopausal women out there who believe magazine articles belching and hiccuping their way through as much beer as they can get down. I wonder if the magazine could be sued when these tiddly ladies stagger out of the bars and get run over by a bus on a busy road. Sorry to ponder on about this, but its a bit of light relief.


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You really have to wonder about all the magazine and medical articles. All claim to be the cure all, know all. It all goes back to doing what is best for you, but I would think all this beer would lead to an even bigger problems, one being the endless trips to the bathroom. Then again, it makes about as much sense as some of these so-called "medical know-it-alls."

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