Had to pass this along..

gatorgirlJanuary 5, 2002

With the miracle of fertility treatment , a woman was able to have a baby at the age of 65.

When she was discharged from hospital , her relatives came to visit. "Can we see the baby?" they asked. "Not yet ," said the 65 year old mother.

Twenty minutes later, they asked again, " Can we see the baby?" "Not yet , " said the mother.

Another twenty minutes later , they asked again. " Can we see the baby?" " Not yet ," said the mother.

Growing very impatient , they said. " Well, when can we see the baby then ?"

" When it cries."

"Why do we have to wait until the baby cries? "
"Because I forgot where I put it."

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I loved it too! And it made me laugh at first but then.....

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