Had an idea~~

gatorgirlJanuary 7, 2002

Let's do a roll call, I don't ever remmember seeing one in here before and it would be interesting to see who is reading and posting, lurkers invited too.. I guess since it was my idea I'll start..
I'm Judy, 50, married three kids, two G'babies-- they're the reason we are currently living in New Orleans La, a transplant from Ky.. love it here but miss the hills and country life..my garden etc.. found this group about a year and a half ago I guess and have learned, shared and laughed my way through peri here... a great group, thanks, Judy

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I'm Joan and I live in New Zealand, a small country in the South Pacific. I live in Christchurch which is a city on the East Coast of the South Island - how good's your geography?

I've been enjoying this forum for some months. 53yrs old, married, two grown up kids, no grandchildren but I'm hoping because I'd like to be a Granny someday ...... Hard being patient on that issue!


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Hi! I'm Fern. I'm 48, married, two grown sons, no grandchildren. I found this invaluable site about a month ago. I'm still in peri-menopause, trying to tolerate each day one day at a time as best I can. I'm glad you're all here!

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Hi Everyone

I am Anne and I live in Windsor, Ontario Canada. I think I am peri menopausal but my doctor says no. I am 45 years old, single and a caregiver for my mom. I have learned a lot from reading your posts just so that I will be informed when I have to decide to use hormone replacement or not. I think I have symptoms of peri menopause no matter what my doctor says! LOL


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Not many people filled in their homepage, so this is a great idea. I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada... 1 wonderful husband, 3 sometimes not so good dogs! I am not peri ( thought I was, turned out the problems were the result of fibroids)but since I work from home the info I get here is helpful. People will talk about their sex lifes faster than talking about issues like menopause LOL

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Hi I'm Linda an Australian living in Paris where my husband works at the Oz Embassy. Three grown up kids, no grandchildren yet. Will hit the big 50 in March, am definitely perimenopausal tho still having regular periods - Anne: I think you know best even though doctors think they know best. Have tried HRT twice and didn't like the side effects. Contemplating having another try. According to what I've read on the Net it's much easier when you're definitely in menopause. I think all women should have a hormone test when they're about 35 to stash away until they're our age so you have something to compare with!! Makes sense, but no-one has ever suggested it. I'm thinking about trying progesterone alone after reading www.rxmixer.com/hormone3.html. It appears progesterone is a "building block" which the body can use to produce estrogen. Has anyone tried Crinone 4% - a vaginal progesterone gel, which as far as I can gather is available in lots of countries inc the UK and US but not here in France. As it goes right where it's needed you need far less than when taken orally or even via a patch so you don't get the side effects such as headaches.

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Hi all. I'm Anne M. I'm married, three kids, three grand kids. I live in a small town near Rochester, NY. I've been reading and contributing to this forum for almost three years. When it becomes necessary to pay a fee to belong I will no longer be stopping by...guess I'll go over to power surge. I am 58 and have been dealing with many problems of perimenopause since my mid forties. It has been now 22 months since I had a period and a recent endometrial biopsy showed normal inactive endometrial tissue, therefore I think it is safe to assume I am truely post-meno now. This forum has been a valuable help to me as a place to talk about the symptoms and hear what other women are experiencing. The format on this forum is my favorite of any I've looked at. Plus the women have really stuck to the topic well and shared their experiences for the most part. I'll miss it.

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Hi,I'm Kathy, 55yrs.young+live in upstate NY.Have 3 beautiful dd's+2gd's.Don't post here much but I sure have learned a lot,thank you all!

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Hi, I live in NJ, married 28 years, one son, 22. I have been reading up on peri & meno since Dec '99, when I first noticed my periods getting lighter. I still get them every month, and prefer it that way, because it lends to staying balanced and minimizing symptoms, although nothing lasts forever, obviously. By the way, I'm 49.

The biggest discoveries and helps for me have been natural progesterone cream and magnesium. I take lots of other helpful supplements too, and have my entire adult life, which I think have helped me stay healthy, by God's grace.

Norma, your fibriods are a result of imbalance in favor of estrogen, and the natural progesterone cream at the health store can shrink them. I thought you should know. Good health to all of you.

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I'm Framboise (which really is my nickname) and I live in the Colorado Rockies. I had a hyst for humongo-broids in 99 after a 5-year unsuccessful attempt to have them shrivel up with menopause they way they were supposed to. Since then, I have done a lot of hormone research for myself, taken part in a web project to share our pooled gleanings, and learned a lot from following women's experiences on a number of forums. Since I too cannot afford to pay to stick around here, I will also be migrating to powersurge and a couple yahoo lists as well as continuing to maintain the hormone website. I agree with Anne that this has been a remarkably focused and easy to read forum, especially compared to many of the other availble ones. I'll be sorry to have to move along, but I certainly understand and sympathize with Spike's constraints.

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Hi, I'm Kristy. I am new to this forum and enjoy everyones great thoughts and advice! I am 37, married for 13years, and have a 6year old daughter.(Thx to IVF!) I live in the San Francisco area and fly for American as a Flight Attendant.(Been on leave since 9/11) I had a hysterectomy 2years ago due to severe endo. and hopefully will find greater success in Estrace than I did in Cenestin! :)

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Hello, I'm Barbara. I first popped into the Diet board in April 2001 and then found this area after having a hysterectomy in June 2001.

I am married with 4 children, 3 step-children, one step-grandchild and one grandchild on the way. We have one dog, two cats and a large loud blue and gold macaw. I have my own business and only regret I didn't start it sooner.

I have found a lot of great and helpful information not to mention friendly people here.

Barb D.

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Great idea! I'm partnered, recently moved from Colorado to SE Michigan. No kids, but a doting auntie. Two Rottweilers, one Shepherdx, one cat. Self employed, mostly working out of my home now, which I love.

I also love the powersurge site & boards. Am seriously perimenopausal (almost 44) but trying not to regard this as a medical condition needing treatment. Becoming a cranky, horny old lady as au naturel as I can.

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Hi. I am Kara, 53 (but tell everone 49). Married for 27 years, three children and one grandchild. I had a double Mastectomy last July and the Chemo threw me into perimenopause. I really enjoy this site. I am still debating on the $15.00 thing..

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Hi, I'm Karen. Mostly I go to computer help forum, but do check in here when I have the time. I'm 47 and perimenopausal.Haven't had a period since Sept. I have been married 24 years and have a set of 14 year old boy and girl twins. I like this forum because it make me realize that I am not going crazy! I probably will pay the $15 dollars even though I don't need to to post on computer forum. There are may other fourms here that I visit too.

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hi, from Okla. had a hysterectomy at the ripe ole age of 24, so am on the horomone patch. works great for me. I have 2 children, 2 granchildren and a husband that can be so good, but only when he chooses, which drives me crazy. we have been married for 30 yrs. so no changing in site. ha.

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Hi, I'm Cheryl - almost 46, live in Central IL with my husband of 2 years. He, by the way, is the one who diagnosed me as being peri 7 years ago. My biggest problem is absolutely no, nadda, zilch, zero labido. My next biggest problem is the 45 pound weight gain over the past 6 years. UGH!!!!!! My third biggest problem is men who don't understand just what our bodies are going through and claim we are using peri-post as an "excuse"!

Just found this place - what is powersurge?

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