First Gift Your Spouse Bought You?

SheliaNCFebruary 8, 2002

The first gift my DH ever bought me was a jewelry box.

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The first gift my DH bought me when we were dating was a heart shaped gold charm that said I Love You. :-)

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First gift, well - I got flowers (dozen roses on our first date) - won me over with that one.

He was an over the road truck driver at the time and I remember him bringing me an alligator head from some alligator park somewhere. Needless to say it was gross, but I took it. somehow it ended up in the garbage on a cleaning day and I haven't brought it up since! LOL

I think the first piece of jewerly I got about 4 months after we started dating at Christmas time, a sterling silver Bracelet from Tiffanys!

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On one of our first dates, a local senior citizen center had a day of demonstrating crafts that were becoming obsolete, like paper cutting and Swedish embroidery. There was a gentleman doing woodburning with a small alcohol lamp and he had some items for sale. I saw a heart-shaped wooden pin with a burned design background and painted with a yellow daffodil. My date (later to be DH) bought it for me and I still wear it often and he always notices when I do.

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In addition to the many bouquets of flowers he gave me a beautiful gold charm bracelet....

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Flowers on our first date and then later that same day a bread tie, shaped into a ring, we were feeding the ducks and DH proposed, mind you this was on our first real date :) We didn't get married for three more years but hey, it was still pretty romantic, I got another proposal later on that was a bit more proper but truthfully the first one was of course the best. :)

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A pearl and amethyist (sp. wrong, it's LATE!) ring. We referred to it as my "Interim" ring. I wore it between my first marriage and us tying the knot! Wore it for YEARS, meant as much or more to me than my wedding band and then lost it a few years ago. We both were just SICK!

The first "gift" he gave me after we were married was two weeks after: I left town for a meeting and he called and said, "Uh, sweetheart, my DD (age 13) has moved in with us." LOL I told him that he knew that was fine with me, but we were NOT gonna find a kid to move in EVERYTIME I left town! LOL

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First gift? A bottle of perfume. I was impressed because he wasn't the type to hang out at a perfume counter. I asked him how he came to pick out that particular fragrance ("It made me think of you", etc.) Should have left well enough alone. Turns out it was the same brand his ex wore.
We're no longer together.
--ann in NH
"Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me..."

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A little figure of a little red devil with a sprig of red hair that said "I'm a Honry little devil"!!! Still sits on my lingerie chest - 30 years later (although the hair is getting thinner)!! One of my dearest treasures!

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a steven king novel...i've since forgotten the title (it wasn't one of his best)

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My prom corsage ROFL.

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Not really considered a gift as much as I thought it was an emergency loan, but it was for the most important thing in my life at the time.

He paid my airfare, plus my dogs fare back to the remote site we were at when I had divorced my 1st. My dog was being neglected by the people he was left with.

The first official gift came in 2 parts. My birthday is 27 December. He purchased a very nice pearl earring/necklace set (to go with my Christmas dress), then a trip to Hawaii for my birthday. We were only 3 months into our friendship.

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A crazy little decal for my car window that said "love a nurse prn".


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A phillips screw driver so I could tighten the car antenna when it got loose and he wasn't around. I really knew he cared when he brought over his vacuum when mine was broken. How romantic. I knew then he would make a good husband over the years...practical and thoughtful.

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a tire!
We weren't even dating yet, but I count this, because it was obviously a sign of things to come. We worked at the same place, and I was just making ends meet, driving a beat up car with bad tires. One day at work one of my tires just went flat. He noticed it, went out, bought a new tire, and changed it right there in the parking lot in the snow!!, then told me afterwards I didn't have to worry about my tire... what a man! :) 6 mos. later we were living together.

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The day after our first dinner date the Florist delivered 2 dozen long stem red roses with a card that told me he couldnt stop thinkig of me and that last night was the best night of his life!!

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The first one I can think of was a tennis braclet. Very sweet and nice gift. Jewels

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He showed up for the first date with a single coral rose. We chose those flowers for our wedding 7 years later :-)

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A trip to Williamsburg where he proposed. It was for my HS graduation. There were other things in the same present- a little stuffed penguin wearing a grad hat, a CD I think, but that was the main thing. The best gift was and still is my Husky, Aleksander, which he gave me 6 years ago for my birthday. Another great gift was a combo Yule/anniversary/birthday 2 weeks in Hawaii for scuba diving and hiking and that kind of thing. We promised someday we'd live on the Big Island.

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SHOES!!! No, seriously, we were out and stopped at the mall. We had just started dating, and just kindof hanging our. I HAD to go into the shoe store and found a few pair. I went to pay, but he pulled out his money first and insisted. Should have known then that he was a keeper.

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My cat was missing and he bought me a big Garfield pillow. We'd only been together a few weeks.

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Good question. I'll have to ask him because I don't remember. :((

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Rubberbands- I had mentioned to him that my shih tzu Sophie could amuse herself for hours with a rubber band. I was touched that he brought something for my dog on our first date!

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3 months after we started dating I got a pearl promise ring for my birthday, 3months after that an engagement ring. Kind of hard to keep up with that but he tries:)

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a gold cross necklace with little diamonds for christmas a mth after our first date.His aunt didn't want him to get it for me she was afraid I would break his heart.By the time we married 5 mths later she told someone she wished her son had met me first.HA!That was 7 yrs and 2 kids later.The gifts are a little more practical these days.

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A couple of weeks after we met we had plans for a Saturday evening out and my daughter ended up in the emergency room. I had to call and cancel our date but when we got home he stopped over with flowers for me (the stressed out mom) and balloons for my 2 year old!

A month later for Christmas he gave me the Journey CD box set (awesome gift for me!!) and a gold necklace which I still have NEVER taken off!


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