I think I am losing the me that used to be!!

figitttsJanuary 24, 2010

Seems like since all this stuff started I am a completly different person! I used to be happy secure about who I was and I knew what I could do and what I wanted to do.. Now I have to talk myself into calming down in certain situations, have to worry about whether I am going to feel good or is I was going to feel sick and exaughsted in the next 5 minutes. I have been to several doctors for several different medical issues that all seem to revolve around menoapuse symptoms. I am not on the hormone cream which seems to be making absolutley no difference. I don't sleep much and I am constantly tired. I have gained about 25 lbs in the last few months and my sex life has gone to hell.... I only hope that one day soon I can feel normal again......... My husband is agreat but I know this wears on him and I can only hope that he stays strong and can put up with this for however much longer it goes on.... Thanks for letting me vent....

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Hi figitts
This does not seem to me to be menopause related. Have you ever had your thyroid tested.

These are the signs of hyperthyroidism and from what you've said many of them are what you describe.

Weight gain
Depression and anxiety
Menstral irregularities
Changes in hair and skin
Bowel irregularities.
Family history of hyperthyroidism.

My cousin has it and she said one of her symptoms was a feeling that she was cold all the time, but the worst was the extreme fatigue and not being able to sleep.

Please have it checked out, it could be what is wrong.
good luck

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Thanks but I have been thru so many tests and they have all come back good so far.. I have been going thru all of this for about two years now. One symptom after the other and as soon as one clears up another one seems to take its place. I am not cold all the time, only my hand is feeling cold at this time and that has something to do with my shoulder. Therapy is working on that for me. The night sweats seem to be the worst thing right now and I do honestly believe that waking up so many times each night is causing me to have all these other problems. Thanks for the idea tho. One of these days I am sure I will return to normal..

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Don't know what part of the country you are in but a tip for sleeping, though you may have heard this before: sleep in the coldest possible room you can stand. I turn the heat down to 57 and cover up with lots of blankets. As soon as I get a flash, off they go. In the summer months, of course, I use ac and don't put it that low, but instead keep a fan blowing on me all night. I cover my head and throw it off with each flash. It is awful, I know, and the fatigue can turn you into a monster. But I think the hormonal changes can contribute to all these other feelings too.

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Hi figgits,
I've been coming to this forum for about six months now and have posted several times. I'm afraid your symptoms sound exactly the same as lots of other people on here including me. I was always fit and healthy until I hit my forties and I have to tell you its been all down hill since. I have been tested for just about everything and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia at one point but I think they were completely wrong about that one. Some months I can go without any symptoms and then I have loads all on top of one another. The list is endless including hot flashes, crashing fatigue, nausea, tingling in extremities, headaches, skin crawling which feels as if there are little bugs running over my scalp, weird "spaced-out" feelings like I'm not quite here, crying for no reason, extreme mood changes, feelings of dread......and now in the past few weeks I'm cold all the time! I have had all this in the past 8 years and will be 50 tomorrow. I was hoping it would all have stopped by now but unfortunately not. I too feel like I am no longer the person I used to be and I know my husband thinks the same. Thankfully he is really understanding and tries his best to keep things light and humourous but I know he would like it all to end. Sorry if I've depressed you now but this forum has been a godsend for me cos I know I'm not going mad and imagining it all. I've found some supplements that work for me they don't for everyone so its a case of trial and error as far as they go. I did take HRT for a while but it sent my BP sky high and my GP took me off it. Try keeping a diary with the times you feel bad and when you feel ok and I'm sure you'll find a pattern emerge. I don't know if your period has stopped ofr if you're peri but I didn't have a period for nine months last year and was beginning to feel a lot better then WHAM back it came at the beginning of this month and the bloody symptoms have started again. I agree with Lucretzia about sleeping in the coldest room possible cos that works for me, it helps keep the pillows cold as my hot flashes start at the back of my neck. Theres a post on this forum about hormones and there affect on the hypothalamus but I can't remember who wrote it. If you can find it its really interesting and may help you understand whats happening to you cos it did me. I've gone on a bit but I find it helps to know you're not alone with crap. If there's such a thing as reincarnation I'm coming back as a man!

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THANK YOU hun49 for the great laugh this morning!!!! I soooo needed that!!! ( If there's such a thing as reincarnation I'm coming back as a man!) Hell my hubby even chuckled at that one... as for the peri thing. heck who knows what stage I am in.. I went without a period for 8 months and then bam there it was again and that is when all the crap started. I can say that rite now I am like 3 weeks late on my period so maybe this time it will not come back. Have you tried the anti depressants? I am honestly thinking about trying them so at least my mood can be alittle happier.
heres something that might give some a laugh. I know it did my husband...
I got out of bed this morning and put on my sleep pants and walked straight to the patio doors and stepped outside to cool off. Sounds almost normal for a menopausal woman right? Well it was like 14 degrees and snowing like hell and I just stood there thinking oh yes this feels good!!!
I know this forum has been great for me as well but somedays this whole thing just takes its toll and I need to vent. I wish there was someone close to me here in the states, maybe we could get together on those really bad days and talk each other out of being miserable lol.. Hope everyone is having a good month with as little symptoms as possible..

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Ohh figgits, I did laugh cos I've been there. I've had the windows open and the duvet thrown off and my husband is lying in bed with several layers of clothing and his bit of the duvet up around his neck! He's even been of the verge of wearing a hat! At least he's got a sense of humour about it. For a few months now I've been lucky enough not to have had bad flashes and I am sleeping better but I still keep the room cold. I'm a bit apprehensive about the anti depressants but the way I've been feeling this last 6 weeks it might be something I have to do. This week has been a real struggle to hold back the tears. Anything can start me off....my boss told me his new baby chuckled for the first time the other day and how it had made him almost cry, well I was filling up just hearing the story! Anyway, keep as well as you can. S.

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Hi hun 49 how are you ? i feel just awful i was given a different hrt to try this week and it made me feel terrible i felt depressed evil and soooo tired thats 3rd lot ive tried now my bp went up again as soon as i started on them so ive decided to quit the hrt it just isnt suiting me at all , i feel so fed up im just gonna have to rough it out now with the sweats and the tears

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hi beauty2009, sorry about the hrt. The bp thing with it isn't good as I know to my cost. I'm not sure I have any other suggestions to try to reduce the hot sweats. I've started using yam cream again to try to reduce my sweats cos they've come back at night time. I don't think my husband helps tho' cos he's like a freekin furnace. He has been away a couple of nights recently with work and believe it or not I actually had the best sleep I've had for months. Last night I never woke once it was brilliant! He's going to London the week after next for 6 weeks so I'll have the bed to myself and I cant bloody wait!. I think I'm going to suggest separate beds or a bloody huge one where he cant get close to me during the night. Hope you find something make you feel better. S.

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Hi beauty2009, how are you? Haven't heard anything from you for a while. Hope you're ok. I'm trying a herbal supplement called Maca at the moment. Only had it for 4 days so don't know if its working but I've heard good things about it so thought I'd give it a try. I'll keep you posted. S.

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hello all,
beauty are you still coming to this site. I hope so. I hope you're well. Figgits, I've been taking Maca, which I had read really good things about, but I'm afraid it hasn't worked for me and I have had some really odd symptoms since taking it. I've decided to stop for a week and see what happens. I hope you're ok at the moment. Nothing much seems to be happening with this forum at the moment but I still like to come on and see if anything new has been added.This week hasn't been good and I feel like I want to scream. If I could just find somewhere to go on my own and let it out. I can't believe I have new symptoms after all this time. I was starting to feel better at the end of last year and then having a period in January started the whole lot off again and I feel like I'm back to square one! I think I need a holiday from work too and maybe having less stress will make me feel better. I wrote on this post back in January and said if there is such a thing as reincarnation I'm coming back as a man....well my husband made me laugh cos he said to me a couple of days ago, if you come back as a man you better come back as a gay man, that way you won't have to deal with menopause at all! Here's hoping!!!!

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Hi Hun,

Yes I am still here and I do the same thing. I come here and check out the posts from time to time. I am sorry you are feeling bad again. I had a bout of bad feelings and symtoms on top of having family issues and work sure wasnt helping so when I went to my doc my blood pressure was up and I was a wreck. She put me on Zoloft for my nerves and to try to bring down my blood pressure. So far ( I sure hope I do not jinx myself here) I feel so much better. My nerves have calmed down and I seem less stressed. I do not know if this has anything to do with the hot flashes or night sweats but they sure do seem to have calmed way down. My muscles still hurt alot but then I do alot of lifting at work so it could be from that more than the menopause stuff. I havent had a period since just before xmas and I am sure hoping I do not have another one! The weather here is starting to warm up and I have heard that a change in weather can flare up symptoms. I sure hope not!! Take care and keep in touch.

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Personally to me, BP can change from one day or min to the next. I would not go off HRTs for anything.

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I feel for you with the night sweats and hot flashes. I lived in hot and humid Orlando, Florida and I started sleeping in the nude with a fan on. We did not get cold weather so that was out.
Eating ice chips and drinking cold water helps some. I also kept an ice cube in a wash cloth by my bed, it really feels great on your neck!
It is so hard to explain how you feel like you're going nuts to someone that isn't here yet.
Hope you are having a good day.

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