Mean to my Husband

gaylee51January 17, 2007

I have been utterly verbally mean and vicious to my sweet husband in the past few months. On top of hot flashes, anxiety attacks, painful sex and crying jags, it seems that I've now become a monster as well. Hope the endocrinologist has some answers for me next week, otherwise I may become divorce material!

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Dear Gayle, I am very interested in what the endocrinologist has to say. I hope he helps you. Never thought I would have this much trouble with vaginal dryness. Doesnt make me feel very sexy, and you are so correct, sex hurts! I find myself being very hurtful to my husband. It seems to make issues that we were just hiding or ignoring come right on up for air. Good Luck. Let us know.

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Me too! I try to avoid sex all together and it is not sitting well with DH.
Do you both have periodic itching that gets worse after sex? If so, what are you using?

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Oh yeah, I have itching, it is borderline burning. But goes away in a couple of days. I do know some women in their 50's, that dont have this problem, but they are single:-) What does that mean exactly, I am not sure, maybe more foreplay, excitment and perhaps do not feel the need to make everyone happy all the time. My obyn says I need more sex to make it better (she is 36!) On what to use, it seems like the estrogen creme make things more sensitive for a few days. And it is messy. I drink lots of water and wear cotton panties, or at the very least cotton crotch. I will ask this question. My clitoris is so much more tender and smaller than it used to be. Does anyone have that problem? I am sure men go thru some sort of menopause, but I am struggling with being kind when normally I am.

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Haven't noticed a size change, but it sure itches!

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I love this website, it makes me feel normal again. Truly. Not that misery loves company or anything. LOL

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I can relate so well to this topic. I started experiencing dryness and itching several months ago. I thought it was a yeast infection and treated it as such (hadn't had one in 20 years), but itching persisted. I saw my gyno and she did a culture which was showed normal yeast, but a slight increase with B strep. We all have it, but hormone levels can increase it. I notice my itching gets worse just before my period and also after sex for a day or two.

My gyno prescribed borax suppositories to help balance the vaginal environment. I have not tied them yet.

I agree with Shotzy52, this website makes me feel normal again. Thank you all!

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Matti, let us know about the suppository, I am interested! Thanks, Shotzy

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I have never heard of this Borax! My gyno also prescribes cortisone ointment, but it isn't doing the trick anymore.

I am wondering if the new Rephresh is the same type treatment as the borax? It's suppose to balance the PH in the vagina. I started to buy some today in the grocery store, but chickened out.

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Gaylee, years ago I was in a beauty salon and listening to this woman tell her stylist about "wanting to kill people". Unfortunately, sometimes I feel that way. I think it's hard to be nice when your body is playing tricks on you. I'm also diabetic and am told it makes you crankier too. I don't see how it is possible for me to get crankier, LOL. Hang in there. If men could read this forum they might understand!


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I've been so cranky, can't sleep, hot flashes getting worse. I wish men could understand what we're going through. I don't think my husband understands just how bad it is.

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Men don't understand because they don't have high levels of estrogen. The have primarily testosterone which tends to make the personality more forthright and stable. They couldn't understand even if they wanted to because they are not generally emotionally-based creatures. Women, whether we want to admit it or not, are more emotional. I think that's a good thing. It's part of what gives us our nurturing personalities and helps make us good moms. Hang in there, ladies. The roller-coaster ride will eventually come to a peaceful end.
Mrs H

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