Thinning leg and pubic hair

js59January 21, 2008

I'm 48 and had my last period 2 years ago. I've noticed that I hardly have to shave my legs anymore and also my pubic hair seems to be thinning out considerably. Is it all just going to fall out eventually?????

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Yup, it is a part of getting older. I have noticed that women who didnt have an abundance to begin with complain about things getting thin. . I remember my mom not having to shave her legs much in her 40's. Of course I was to self centered to notice or care. Funny how that comes back around. Sorry js..

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Yep, it dawned on me about 6-7 years ago that I don't need to shave above the knees anymore. I was really hairy when I was young, so it came as a shock to me :)
Mrs H

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isn't it if the armpits would cooperate! lol...wait till you start getting grey hair in the most unlikely places...

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My always thin hair on my head continues to thin. My scalp will be showing soon. I almost wish I'd go grey so it wouldn't be as noticeable!
The rest of me is as hairy as my head is not. Of course it does not seem to be thinning. Why should any of this go my way:P

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Does it start growing on the face around the same time it starts disappearing from those other areas?

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