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alisandeFebruary 16, 2013

I'm not familiar with this guy, and don't know his qualifications, but most of what he writes is based on common sense. Such as, "....the difference between medicine and poison is all in the dose." He points out that vegetable juice is concentrated nutrition, and if you overwhelm your body with nutrition it can cause problems.

This is what I did, and why I've had to stop juicing for awhile. I was drinking 16 oz. of vegetable juice every morning, loving it, and experiencing more energy in the afternoon than I had in years. But it caught up with me, and stomach problems made me stop.

According to this writer, a pint is way too much. In another article, he says greens should represent only 1/4 of our juice. Apparently I was overdoing the greens too.

He also talks about the amount of sugar in fruits, and vegetables as well.

Here's the article: Responsible Juicing

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Really? That is interesting. I have heard of people thriving on juice diets (Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead documentary). I wonder if the combinations have something to do with it.

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He does point out that everyone is different. My parents had a neighbor, a retired college professor, who ate spareribs every night of his life. He lived to be 86. My dad and I wouldn't have lasted a week.

I suppose my juicing experience shouldn't have come as a surprise to me. My digestion has never been the hardiest.

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Good article, thanks. I have made smoothies combining fruits and greens, but don't do it every day as I eat probably way too many veggies anyway. But good food for thought, pun intended.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Great article, very interesting. I don't juice, and the amounts of assorted foods that go into the green sludgies could never be called over kill, I don't think.

I especially appreciated the chemical content information for all of those foods.

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Can anyone explain what the advantages are to juicing instead of eating the apple (just for an example) with all it's fiber etc? I would think it would be more benificial to actually EAT the apple, than grind it up, throw out the fiber and drink the concentrated sugars. Being diabetic, I pretty much avoid juice.

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Jean, when it comes to fruits, I agree: Better to eat the whole fruit than drink the juice--particularly if the fruit is organic and you can eat the skin without chemicals.

But I'm talking about juicing vegetables. Juicing provides almost all the nutrients from vegetables without the bulk, therefore enabling one to consume more of them. Most of us don't eat nearly enough vegetables. That's why the author of the article linked above calls juicing "concentrated nutrition."

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