can we use prog cream all the time, no stopping?

potatoJanuary 8, 2002

I use progesterone cream for 14 days of the month. (emerita brand by dr. lee) and for 21 days of the month i use climara estrogen patch 0.02mg. I do not get regular cycles with this even though my doc wants it this way. I asked him why and he said "your cycles come once every 3 months, so this would regulate you" It doesnt regulate me...(He approves of me using dr.lees creams)....... Would it hurt me in any way if i use progesterone cream all the 30 days of the month along with the patch? I really like the way this cream makes me feel..I am trying to achieve a cycle every month to avoid built up lining...

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We all know you can't use estrogen without progesterone if you have a uterus, because of the cancer risk. So one day I asked myself what about taking progesterone without estrogen? I typed into my search engine progesterone without estrogen and several interesting sites came up. For example go to:
I'm perimenopausal so still having periods but very light. I was a good week overdue and feeling very bloated and irritable so I bought a tube of progesterone over the counter and have been using it for a couple of weeks now. It brought me period on and it was much heavier, so definitely helps promote shedding of lining. I realise it's not a good idea to buy things over the counter and play Dr but I don't think a couple of weeks of progesterone cream will do me too much harm. I live in Paris and have an appointment with my gynae to discuss the situation on 15 Jan. I tried HRT twice last year - once pills and once patches and both times I had unpleasant side effects esp weight gain and bloating - caused by the estrogen no doubt. So maybe progesterone is the answer? I had a rough patch before Xmas with migraines and heart palpitations, which started after the funeral of a dear Uncle - I found myself lying in bed thinking who's next and worrying about my ageing parents. I read up a lot on the Net - about migraines, menopause, various hormones and supplements - and decided to take some magnesium, which is a good general tonic - our GP suggested our teenage son take it last year with calcium during exams when he was a bit stressed out. Anyway I am feeling much, much better and more like my old self.

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