Where's Cheerful1 been?

hunter_txJanuary 28, 2008

Calling Cheerful1- come in. Are you there? Copy?

Miss ya!

I've not been seeing Cheerful1 post lately. Anyone been in touch with her? Hope she's doing okay.

Mrs H

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Here I am, Mrs. H! Thanks for asking.

Been busy at work and have been losing track of the time. Can't believe January's almost gone.

On Friday, I will take my third dose of Boniva for the osteoporosis. I make the first of the month my "Boniva day". I'm taking my calcium and trying to exercise more. I worry about my bones, but am trying not to be paranoid.

The Activella (HRT) has been a godsend for me for the most part. No more hot flashes, my sleep has been better. I still have the anxiety, but I'm trying to work through that.

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So glad to hear everything is better. Just been wondering how you are and where you've been lately. Thanks for responding. :)
Mrs H

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Sounds like you have things under control. I am looking into the activella to replace the prempro I am on. Glad things are good in your world. Shotzy

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