Wierd (but cute) habits

dances_in_gardenFebruary 15, 2002

No, not those annoying little habits that drive us insane, but something ENDEARING rofl.

Dh has a way of pulling up his socks by bending up his leg and pulling from behind. I have NEVER seen anyone pull up their socks like that LOL.

He also "clenches" when he is excited about something. He grasps his hands together and clenches them and giggles.

What does your SO do that is kind of wierd but cute at the same time?

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My husband stutters slightly when he's nervous or excited. He stuttered alot in the beginning of our relationship, especially the first time he asked me out (after I had to approach him). I don't hear it as much any more but it still comes out sometimes. Maybe I just find it endearing because it was my first impression of him.

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If my husband has more than one cup of coffee you can't shut him up with a stick--it's too funny. You literally have to tell him "honey, stop talking"! I can drink five cups of coffee then take a nap--go figure.

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My DH bangs on his tummy like he is playing the drums if he gets bored, I always thought that was so cute the funny thing is he doesn't even realize he is doing it :)

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My DH wiggles his legs when he's falling asleep. I mean REALLY wiggles his legs! Which I guess I better than what he used to do... when he was a baby (according to his mother) he would get on his hands and knees and rock so that his little head banged against the wall until he was asleep!

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Mausie - I could sleep with your husband then (just kidding). I love to do that and my DH gets really mad at me when I do it. I also do it when I wake up and don't want to get out of bed. When my dad was out of town my mother would make me sleep in her bed so that I could rock her to sleep.

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LOL waddles, if you and my DH slept together, you'd probably rock the bed into another room! It's funny, I used to hate it, but now I miss it when we are not together. I was a hotel a while back, and I actually couldn't sleep because there was no one wiggling next to me!

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It was always better in a waterbed.

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My sweetie, DH, would kill me if he knew I told this. He usually takes a bath first. After he takes a bath, he comes back into the den with his tee shirt and underwear on and walks by my chair and waits for me to pat him on the butt. He has such a cute little butt, anyway. It's such a sweet thing, I love him, going on 30 years now.

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If Dh is already in bed watching TV, for some reason, when I come in the bedroom, he will pretend he is asleep. We both know he is "pretending" but he looks so cute anyway. Sometimes, I will sit and wait for him to start laughing, and open his eyes.

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He twiddles his thumbs! Has forever. I asked him, are you bored or something? He was totaly unaware he did this.


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That 'pat on the butt' thing is the funniest thing I have ever heard, and also the sweetest!

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DH pointed out one of mine, apparently whenever I touch my nose I hum, LOL don't ask me!

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DH slurps his spoon when eating cereal, soup, etc.

Not just at home, but anywhere we are eating. It has been cute and endearing, but now DD has picked up her dad's habit!

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MY husband has telephone solicitors call back to speak to me!

Within an hour after we got back from our honeymoon, I had a guy call me about cemetery plots.

We went to a home & garden show last weekend & he signed ME up at every booth. I told our DD that I'd be getting phone calls for the next month, as the people went through the names & called people. DD said "oh no, why did you do that Daddy?" He smiled his elfish grin!

Actually, it was good to see the mischief. He's been under horrible stress at work for the past several months & I miss his harrassment.

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DH will sometimes raise his hands and motion as if fending off something when he first falls alseep...perhaps it's a bad dream, but it cracks me up!

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Another rocker!!!! I rock a leg or my head up and down to go to sleep. I also rock/bump in chairs when I am at a just relaxing around the house or watching tv. Always have and always will. I do my best thinking while rocking. My family use to tease me when I was younger. They would say I would never date or I would stop rocking. Dated several guys and never stopped rocking. They've all thought of me as.......special. LOL

But I do hate it when someone rocks with me! They mess up my rhythm!!!;-)

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My DH 'organizes' my cereal. If i'm eating a bowl of cereal he'll come over and scoop the cereal off the side of the bowl into the milk for me. He gets mad when I don't eat the cereal that sticks to the side of the bowl. ;)

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