ER visit for a painful period; I am scared!

sasha7January 29, 2013

All: I have sought out this website wanting some comfort and care because my menopause is scaring me. I had to actually go to the Emergency Room with menstrual pain from a period that has lasted 10 days! And I never know when I will have a period! Nausea, vomiting, wanting to pass out. The pain was so bad that I thought surely they would come say "we will have to do emergency surgery." Well, the CT was clear and in the end the doctor said I need to follow up with my GYN for hormone replacement, etc. I felt embarrassed... I guess no one wants to tell you that it will be this bad! Because it would scare you! He did say his wife was going through the same thing so he was sympathetic which I appreciated. BUT I will have to say that where I work, with mostly women, most think every one else is a baby about pain. I think they would laugh or be amused that I went to the ER for this. Should I care what they think? No. It's just that, this is a confusing time. I actually am working harder than I ever have, physically and mentally. The stress is high. During this episode of pain, at two in the morning, I was sitting in my rocking chair, really feeling old and tired and scared. I haven't saved for retirement like I should have. I never got married like I should have. I never had children like I should have... there are many regrets. I feel very alone and have a lot of lonely scared 50 something friends. If you can, please reply with some wisdom, advice, encouragement... Sasha

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It sounds as if stress is just making everything worse for you. I am 50 too and the whole peri/menopause thing does crazy things to your mind and body. The emotional ups and downs are normal and I often get sad/moody/irritable for no apparent reason. Your body is going through a big change right now, know that this is normal and you will come through it. Try not to have regrets now. It is never too late to fall in love and find someone to be with. You are still fairly young and just because you are going through peri/menopause doesn't mean that you can't still have a full and happy life ahead of you.
Try to take time for yourself, join a gym to meet people. It is a great way to meet others(cute guys) and feel good at the same time. 50 isn't old that is for sure so try and make the best of what is yet to come. It will get better.

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First of all everyone's thresh hold for pain is different. Feeling pain does not make you a baby nor does going to the ER when you are experiencing something medically out of the norm for you. It was smart that you went to the ER. I agree with TinaL. You need to take some time for you and don't be hard on yourself. I also think you need to find a doctor who listens to you and is sympathetic for the changes you are facing. This doctor should also offer you choices and options for the BEST WAY for YOU to deal going forward. I personally find Pilates & yoga a great way to relax and I have met a lot of very nice people who are also very different from me! Keep trying & asking questions until you are in a better place. I wish you blessings!

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Thanks Kathy and TinaL! I am feeling better and hoping to get some things resolved about what I will take to get through menopause. There's the medical route and the herbal route. I've not had a chance to talk about this yet with my doctor, but hopefully next week. I've also taken some time on my days off to reflect on things and to do some things I find enjoyable like painting. It is certainly a time for nourishment of that sort! Thanks again! Sasha

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Well, after another visit to the ER -- the same ER I went to two week ago -- my GYN offered two solutions for the pain and neverending period. The Pill or Uterine Oblation. I took the pills. I feel very depressed about this and slightly scared. Scared of what? Risk of strokes, etc. Although I do not want any kind of surgery. Has anyone out there tried this for the painful end of their periods before menopause. I thought I would go out of my mind with the pain/nausea/vomiting! My doctor saw from the ultrasound that everything appears normal; the hormonal waxing and waning is causing my cramps/pain/nausea/vomiting. None of my friends my age or older have had this problem. Most tell me they just quit having periods and that was that! So yes, I am looking for some sympathy!!! This experience has been so disruptive of my life... I think I am willing to try "the Pill."

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