'Remarkable' Spouse Comments

mary_md7February 21, 2003

I was going to call this "stupid husband comments" but I believe in equal opportunity.

During the recent snowstorm, I was outside shoveling snow. No makeup, hair matted with snow, ski pants over sweats so I looked quite... uh... padded, etc. DH decides to take my picture and pooh-poohs my objections. Later he said to me, "You're too concerned about this. Even when you look like a dog you look beautiful."

So, what wonderful comments has your spouse come up with?

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In Nov, my DH fell off a ladder, 14 feet fall, and was very badly injured. DD and I were shopping (we had no idea he was going to be doing anything like climbing a ladder or we would not have gone.) He's recovered now and just started back to work, using a cane.

Anyway, last week on TV, JAG was a Valentine episode where the Admiral went out with his girlfriend for Valentines, then the next day went up in a plane with Harm. The Admiral was accidentally ejected, and landed in the middle of the woods in a blizzard.

He started hallucinating about his girlfriend, and they had these long imaginary conversations. It was really sweet.

So I asked DH, "So, when you were lying on the floor waiting on the fire truck to arrive, did you think of me?"

DH smiled, and said, "Yes."

I said, "Oh really? What were you thinking?"

DH said, "I was thinking, 'She's at the mall. It'll be HOURS before she gets home!'"

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While I was frantically trying to clean the house before my in-laws arrived for the weekend I thought I'd try to save some time by asking my hubby to vacuum. I must have asked him at least 3 times before he grumply pried his eyes off the comp and snapped out " Where do you want me to vacuum?!!" I was stunned and pretty mad and came back with a not so nice answer but he did it. Badly but he did vacuum LOL!! I mean for crying out loud what does he mean "where"?!!!!

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I asked him to fill up my water bottle before bed (which he kindly does most of the time). His reponse: "We ran out of water."

We have a water filter attached to our faucet.....there was no more COLD water in the bottles we keep in the fridge. Sometimes I wonder what he is thinking :)

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You're too concerned about this. Even when you look like a dog you look beautiful."

ROTFLMAO!!!!! omgosh what a hoot and here i thought my hubby was the only one able to turn a compliment into a slap on the back of the head

fortunately, for him, i forget most of what he says ;o)

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Well, this is partially my DH and partially someone else's DH.

Hope I can type this where it's understandable.

Over the weekend, I rented DH a true 'guy' movie/action flick, Formula 51.

I didnt' go downstairs while he watched it. Later, he came up without watching the whole movie.

He said, "Ahh, it's a rerun i've seen on HBO."

I said, "it can't be! It's a brand-new 2-day rental!"

He said, "Well, I have sure seen it."

I turn the DVD in the next day. Blockbuster calls me later to say, "Please call us. It seems you gave us one of your DVDs in our case. You returned it with "The Game" inside the case."

I call and speak to the manager. "We don't have a copy of that movie, so you must have rented it to us with the wrong DVD isinde. But at least it explains a lot." I say. "My husband was telling me how I had rented him an old movie he'd seen before. But i still don't understand how he didn't notice that it wasn't the action movie I promised him, or why he didn't see a difference when Michael Douglas showed up onscreen instead of Samuel L. Jackson."

The Manager said, "Well, ma'am, you have to explain things slowwwly to us husbands sometimes. Maybe you didn't speak slowly enough when you told him it was a Sam Jackson action movie."

(my husband plans to have a long talk with that manager and kick him out of the man club).

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