first time here/ OK, 2ND.

kimmie5January 10, 2006


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Hi! I don't hang out here much, just stop by once in awhile, I don't think it's the busiest forum.

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Where I should live about now !

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Okay... well, I spent the night sweating.... the ole perimenopause is progressing! Since I am still having periods... maybe...waiting for this one to come...waiting...
I usually got to suffer from the sweats and stuff from period to ovulation...the rest of the time I got to suffer from PMS... Now, I guess I get to do both at the same time?

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Hi, was a bit hesitant to write...not sure what to say or where to begin.....went 4 months w/o a period then started a month ago...was heavy-5 days, after spotting for a week...have been sick since.Pain in back and legs and ovaries..have myself worried...

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Looks like we're the only who have been here for awhile??
Gosh, I thought this would be a busy place !!

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I rarely check this forum because as you can see by the dates of posters, it barely gets any action! So I post in Kitchens which is very busy (but under the "conversations" page) because that is where you can discuss any unrelated to kitchens stuff. The Kitchen Table forum is another really busy forum with a huge diversity of topics. But for now, sorry I can't help much cuz although I'm 50 I still don't have any signs of menopause. But from what you've written, I'd get a full gyno. check to make sure you don't have fibroids, ovarian cysts, etc, that could be causing the execessive bleeding and pain in your back and legs.

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Pickyshopper, thanks..I go to the Dr.'s on Friday. Scared to go, scared not to go....

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kimmie... could be nothing more than just perimenopause... I wouldn't worry. The reason I say this, is I have a lot of pain down there... cysts and fibroids... there are so many reasons you could be having pain that are benign that they outweigh the bad reasons by far. I am trying to be reassuring. :o)

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Robynlacy, thanks so much. It's hard not to worry sometimes. It's scary feeling so many aches and pains I've never felt before. Your reassurance means alot.

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Hi Kimmie,
I hope you don't take offense when not many people answer your posts. It isn't a very busy place. I guess we're all freaking out in the corner somewhere, with our migraines, bleeding, backaches, toothaches, irritable moods.......hahaha....or with our thinking problems, we sometimes forget how to get back here! ;)
How did your doctor visit go? I know when my uterus is full, my back, lower abdomen and legs hurt. Sometimes, in perimenopause, our uteruses get too thick, but don't shed, and that can lead to lots of spotting, heavy bleeding, and a heavy lower abdomen. I always would get sciatica in my leg, when my uterus was full!
Perimenopause can be quite a challenge for some of us. I'm 56 and haven't had a period for about 2 years. YAY! My life has settled down tremendously, now that those hormones aren't fluctuating all over the place. ovaries are still tormenting me. I even spent Christmas day in the ER! ......had really bad ovary pain.
Anyhow.....don't be shy to come here and talk. Just give everyone a while to find your posts. Let us know how the doctor visit went!

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Catherinet, no, I'm not offended...just surprised. I somehow thought this would be one of the busier places. funny about forgetting how to get back here!! I can relate to that, very well!
My Dr. visit went well. I haven't heard anything and that's suppose to be good. I think they should call you either way, don't you? I s'pose I should call just to put my mind at rest. New Dr. for me...said things felt and looked good. And luckily no prolapsed uterus or cervix after 8 births.
I actually didn't realize that you could have uterus pain and especially ovary pain when your period stops or slows down. Just one of those dumb assumptions on my part. The Dr. did say my pain sounds hormone related...she showed no real concern which was comforting, actually. She laughed because my husband was with me. Said she never saw a husband come in with his wife to get a pap smear!

Thank you for your kind words and concern. Kimmie

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Hi Kimmie,
My OB/GYN used to only send notice out if one's pap was abnormal, but that concerned me, because what if your notice got lost in the mail?? So I think it would be fine for you to call, just to make sure.
I don't want to bum you out, but when I was going through perimenopause, I had sooooo much pain everywhere. I have fibromyalgia, but I'm starting to wonder if some fibromyalgia is just the result of all those fluctuating hormones. I definitely have a ton more muscle/joint/tooth/head pain, when my ovaries are active.
The thing about fluctuating hormones too, is they can make you alot more anxious and panic-y, so every little pain makes you think you're dying! I know these things from experience! hahaha
I'm impressed that after 8 kids, you're not hanging out everywhere! Sounds like you had a good visit, and that things are in good shape.
When I first started coming here a couple years ago, it was a very busy place, but it has been sort of slow for quite awhile. But don't hesitate to write. There's still a few of us around.

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Yes, that is exactly what I was thinking! What if the mail were lost or I missed that phonecall from the Dr.'s office.
The Fybromyalgia is a strong possibility and my gyn said I should see my family Dr. about it.
I am interested in hearing about who you are, Catherinet !
And anyone else who cares to share, such as where you live, interests, etc.....This forum needs to become a little more interesting, don't you think?
I am 45, live in Illinois,have 5 sons and 3 daughters. I have grandchildren too! My husband and I have been fixing up and decorating our house...still have 5 children at home. We also have 4 dogs and 10 cats ! I have been visiting alot of the forums here...I wish there were more pics to look at; houses, gardens, interior decorating, holiday decorating and so on ! And more women
menopause-ing !! Not really!!!

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Hi Kimmie,
Wow! Lots of kids and pets! I am 56, have a 16 year old son and a 19 year old daughter. Daughter is first year at college. I live out in the country and have chickens and a big garden. I also grow lotus and a lily in big stocktanks. I have lots of trees and flowers. GardenWeb is a huge place. Have you checked out the other forums? I like to visit the cooking, pond, herb, butterfly, woodlands, native plants, trees and many other forums. Just go to the top of the main menopause forum screen and click on "other forums". You will be amazed how many others there are! If I have a plumbing or electrical or car problem, I just go to those forums and ask questions! It's really great!
You must be a very busy woman with 5 kids still at home! You need all the energy you can get! :)

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Catherinet, you're very lucky living out in the country !I live in a very quiet neighborhood but am lucky enough to have almost an acre! Yes, I visit home decorating, many garden forums and so on...mainly to see the photos and learn more about gardening. I would love to see your chickens!

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Even though these postings were from 2006...they apply in 2010!! I appreciated being able to read about the sciatica in the leg, bloating, heavy abdomen, etc. and feeling like "she totally gets it"...thanks for posting ladies! I'm 54, into full menopause with no periods in 1.5 years...but a long, long perimenopausal stage. I have a prolapsed uterus that stopped giving me a problem and I was in heaven...except that there's been no sex with DH for at least 5 years. (his weight/high BP issues) For the past week I've felt like I'm going to have a period...the PU is back, bloating is back, and the breasts feel like I'm nursing...with differnet sensitive nipples....goodness, when does this end. I'm going to try some Evening Primrose and see how that goes...did the Black Cohosh for hot flashes but Dr put me on Celexa for anxiety and that actually helped the flashes!! Overall, just good to read about others being in the same boat...I loved my 40's but 50's have been full of medical issues!

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