What did you do for Valentines Day?

Carlotta_BullFebruary 15, 2002

We didn't do anything! Our daughter had a dance, so it really restricted us. We're going out this weekend. He did bring Valentine flowers home Wednesday, though!

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I took my DH to his physical therapy, then took him to work, came home cleaned up and then went to pick DH up from work, came home and watched tv and surfed the net. My DH got hurt on the job two weeks ago and is not able to do alot at this time so we agreed not to do anything except send email cards to each other.

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We spent the evening with family at a restraunt.It was nice. Today is DD 14th birthday so she not only got Valentines gifts last night but birthday as well. It was nice. There were 10 of us.

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Nothing as usual :(

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My sweetie, DH, bowls on Wed and Thurs nights, so he took me out for supper on Tuesday night. He sent me a dozen yellow roses at work.

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My DH and I have a fun tradition - we go into "town" for the weekend. We live in a suburb of Boston, but we spend Sat night after V-day in a hotel downtown, and pretend we're tourists. Usually we see a play or the ballet, and just walk around city neighborhoods(weather permitting) - its wonderful. After a nice Sunday brunch we go home, 10 minutes, but we feel like it was a vacation. This is a combo Valentines Birthday treat since my birthday is two weeks before. Its also good because we usually don't have to compete with Valentines day reservations.

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We had two Valentine's dinners. On the day itself, DH prepared me a wonderful dinner at home from a cookbook we got in Williamsburg that has recipies from the historic taverns there. On Saturday, I took him to dinner at a wonderful restaurant/inn we've been meaning to get to for a while.

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