menopause-induced hypertension?

catherinetJanuary 8, 2007

Hi all,

I was wondering if any of you developed high blood pressure during perimenopause? Unfortunately, I did.

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I have high blood pressure. Don't know if menopause induced or not, since I could have gotten the gene from both sides of my family. But I'll bet that menopause contributes in some way. Hot flashes have a vascular component, and hormones control our blood vessels and heart, so it makes sense to me.
Did you have symptoms? I've had to change meds several times to get mine under control. I can tell when my BP is high, because I just don't feel right. My dad can feel symptoms too.

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i think mine was 50/50...obeasity and menopause. at least i responded to the meds they used during recent surgery and have brought home a script, that's working...(and a modified diet, lol)

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Thanks gaylee and susan,

Yes, I have symptoms when its not controlled.......I feel hypoglycemic. But I discovered that when I would eat something, I still didn't feel much better........sweaty, shakey, weak, extremely anxious.
My BP, migraines, anxiety, fast heartrate were all controlled extremely well with 50 mg of Toprol (a beta blocker) for 6 years, but it made me really stupid, and took away all my stamina, and made me hungry 24 hours a I slowly weaned off it. I thought I was doing well, but BP went sky high the other day.(a month after stopping the med). It has made me realize that I really do need to drop about 50#, if I don't want to have to be on this med forever.
But you know how losing weight can go at this age!
I suppose we are lucky that we get symptoms with our high blood pressure. I guess alot of people don't, and they don't even realize they have a problem, until damage has been done to some of their organs, or they have a heart attack or stroke.
Thanks again.

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