I had my Dr. appointment today and he scared me!

MarionRJanuary 29, 2002

I posted this on the health forum in error. I guess I'm not thinking too clearly. I saw the doctor today. Since I am new to this state, this was my first appointment with this OB/GYN. He took a pap smear and a cancer biopsy. He sent me for a blood test to check my thyroid and I have an ultrasound scheduled for Feb. 11. I need to make an appointment to see the doctor one week after the ultrasound.

The doctor said my uterus is enlarged to the size of 15 weeks of pregnancy. He also said that I definitely have fibroids. I saw an OB/GYN about 1 1/2 years ago. I am going by memory and maybe she said I had fibroids but obviously by not wanting me to come back before my yearly checkup, they couldn't have been bad. The doctor today said if the fibroids grew that much in 1 year, it is of great concern and could indicate cancer. So, I am worried. I went into the doctor thinking that I would have to beg him for an ultrasound because my internal wouldn't indicate anything. I am in shock at the moment. To top it off, I also saw the ENT doctor today and he said if allergies aren't the cause of my sinus problems, surgery is indicated. I will see an allergist next month.

Has anyone had the above symptoms and what was the outcome? Do I have cause to be worried? TIA

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Hi Marion
The first thing I would do tomorrow is calling the doctor you have been seeing all along before you moved and tell her what this doctor told you. She can call the new doctor and talk with him/her. It seems as if your new doctor is really scaring you before he knows anything at all. Fibroids are tricky and they usually begin shrink during menopause. Do you still get your period and are they very heavy? Do you have pain? Marion, please call yourold doctor and talkto her...or go to another doctor for a second opinion. Lou

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My periods are very heavy, with a lot of clotting and this past month I got it 2 weeks after my last period. I am not in menopause yet and on this site people suggested that perhaps I do have fibroids. My problem is that I have moved around so much during the years including being overseas that I only saw the last doctor 1 time. I will be requesting those records for the new doctor to see.

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This kind of menstrual irregularity is very common during primenopause. As I recall you have previously posted that you are in your early 50's which would certainly indicate that perimenopause is likely.

Fibroids are almost always benign. The possibility of these very common benign growths becoming malignant is miniscule, and your doctor did you a grave disservice in making this suggestion. In any case the results of the endometrial biopsy should be definitive. If it comes back negative your mind should be at ease. Call your doctor's office and get the results. They should be available by now.

An ultrasound will show fibroids and their size if they exist, but it will tell you nothing more. Fibroids seldom require treatment especially as you are of an age where you are approaching menopause which will shrink them so long as you avoid taking hormones.

I wouldn't trust a doctor like the one you saw to diagnose a hangnail. He is obviously a scaremonger who likes his patients to be frightened enough so they will agree to anything he proposes.

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I won't comment about the fibroids and enlargement of your uterus, but I've been an ENT nurse for 22 years and I urge you to seek a 2nd opinion prior to having surgery on your sinuses. Have you had a CT of the sinus yet? or at least a limited CT or a sinus series? There is no way (no matter what any doctor may tell you) to tell if it is your sinuses without one of these studies. The CT is the best.
There are many ENT specialists who jump the gun, performing sinus surgery that isn't needed. It's fast and easy money for them, and many of them take advantage of their patient's "ignorance" of his/her sinuses. I do not mean ignorance in any sort of demeaning way, but we are all ignorant at some point about certain areas until we are educated about them.
So, ask questions, get studies, and don't let someone start "reaming" out your sinuses at the drop of a hat.
We have a friend who had sinus surgery with a clear sinus x-ray (he found out later) and he was left with meningitis after the surgeon knicked his brain case and he developed a cerebral spinal fluid leak. He is now deaf in his right ear and suffered from vertigo for 7 years until another ENT surgeon finally had to cut his nerve of hearing to control it (and this, I might add, doesn't always work).
He suffered with this for 7 years because the 2nd surgeon waited until the statute of limitations was up for a law suit from the first surgery. They do stick together most of the time.


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Andierut, you certainly gave me something to think about. He did a CT Scan and he said I should see the allergist to rule out other causes. He didn't seem to be pushing me towards surgery but after what you wrote I will get a second opinion if it comes to that.

Is it okay to have very large fibroids and just wait until you hit menopause which the way my periods are going seems to be way off?

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I'm not sure why you think menopause "seems to be a way off." Many women go from regular periods to none at all in the space of a month. Others have more widely spaced periods, while for still others periods come closer together. There's no "right" or "normal" schedule for periods that means menopause is getting closer. There's no need to treat fibroids at all unless they are causing problems.

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Hi Marion,
I'm so glad to hear that your doc did order a CT and he even encouraged the allergist visit before suggesting surgery, but, if he hasn't done so, have him put the CT films up on his x-ray viewer that he should have in his office and have him show you which sinuses are involved and tell him you want him to explain what he's seeing in them. You have several sets of sinuses. The major ones, the maxillary sinuses, are in your cheek areas, they cause the most problems, but you have ethmoids, frontals, sphenoids as well. Become as educated as you can about your sinuses. The purpose of your sinuses is to lighten the weight of your head. They are only air-containing cavities in your head and some people get pus in them or mucosal thickening as a secondary infection from a common cold and allergy can play a big part as well. If your sinusitis is caused by allergy and the allergy isn't treated, you'll never really clear things up.
I'm a bit cynical because I see too much surgery done and, quite honestly, I've never seen a patient see an allergist and NOT come away without an allergy...if you get my drift..it is the way they make their living. Of course most doctors are ethical and honest, but I tend to feel a bit of mistrust because I see patients who come to use who have been taken advantage of...and sometimes the damage is permanent.

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Andierut, I should have mentioned that the ENT doctor had me on antibiotics 2 times a day for 3 weeks after the CT. I had honestly thought that the sinus problems I have was not serious and surgery would be an easy fix. YOU have definitely made me realize that this is not so.

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