Roast Chicken for 40

Bev.LindaAugust 20, 2014

Hi! I have been reading posts from here for a while, but this is my first time writing one. I need some advice. I am having a party for around 40 people. We are doing roast chicken in pieces among other dishes. I was wondering if I could marinate and roast the chicken, then freeze it until the party, then thaw it and heat it up. Would it change the texture too much? I am all about preparing things beforehand if I can help it. Thank you for your answers. :)

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I'm with you on preparing before hand. Cooked chicken can be successfully frozen and reheated, but it'll be more bother, and take just as much time, than just cooking it fresh! It's also better done if it's something you do all the time than something you're trying to get right, with no practice, for entertaining. If you're concerned about the prep time, you can break them down the day before, or have the butcher do it. If you're concerned about oven space, you might rent a catering oven, or get a countertop oven.

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I think you also increase the chances of overcooking, under cooking, drying out or serving cold chicken. If the chicken will be cut in pieces, it doesn't take that much room to roast chicken for 40, especially if you do simple breasts and/or thighs. Do you have double ovens? I think mine would allow me to do the meat in one oven and the sides in the other. You can also plan sides that don't require the oven to help with logistics. But I think cooking, freezing and reheating the chicken would be more effort and less certain results.

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I am figuring that you will need about 80 pieces or 10 whole birds. Since I am not that fond of frozen and re-heated chicken, can you make it the day before and just keep it cold?

Oven space may be an issue but if you have a rotisserie on your grill, you can get 3 to 4 birds on the spit and dismember when they are done. Or mooch oven/refrigerator time from a neighbor......

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Thanks for the responses! I do have a roaster oven plus a regular oven, so I will be able to divide up things, I think. I see how it would be more work in the end. At least I can pull out all my little desserts drop the freezer and simply set those out. I love the ease of only having one or two things to make. Thanks again!

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Since I am not that fond of frozen and re-heated chicken, can you make it the day before and just keep it cold?

Peppi - Just your portion, or everyone's?

(LOL just kidding - just struck me as funny when I read that!)

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