bleeding after menopause.

evaf555January 25, 2010

I'm probably overreacting, but:

At the yearly exam last April, OB-GYN drew blood for a test and the nurse called a few days later with the news: I'm menopausal. If I have any bleeding, I'm to call the doctor's office.

I didn't think about it much. I had something period-like in September, and once again in November. I didn't call the doctor because I figure they always go with the worst case scenario. Then on Friday, there was one of those public service announcements that warned women to call their doctor if they have any bleeding after menopause.

I called the OB-GYN, and have an appointment set up for Wednesday, with (ugh) an endometrial biopsy. (Those hurt!)

Anyone else go through this?

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Well this is a new one to me. I spotted off and on for quite a while after I went into menopause. I know others that did the same and it was considered absolutely normal.

I think that public service announcement meant woman who are into complete menopause with nothing for months and then start bleeding, not someone who is just going into menopause

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Well, the blood test said I was done having periods. Actually, I figured the same as you: twenty or thirty years ago, before blood tests were performed for everything, you were menopausal after a year of no periods.

And the biopsy *sigh* was somewhat clumsily done, and hurt a lot. The doctor said that in all likelihood, it was my ovaries' last hurrah.

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How do you figure blood tests can tell if you are done having periods. All blood tests can tell is your hormone levels. It can't tell if you are going to spot a bit. Things are not much different in this regaurd than it was when I went through menopause.

I think your doctor was drumming up business and you paid the price. He as much as told you that with his last hurrah remark. A biopsy is usually done if there is a lot of bleeding or some other symptoms, not just a bit of spotting.

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