how many symptoms do you get?

loriwooJanuary 4, 2010

So I have the night sweats, and am dealing with that.

Will that be all? I haven't had any other changes in 2 months.

Should I expect more changes and take some type of natural help now? I am doing OK, because it is better to have sweats than a period.

How long can I expect this to last before it gets better, or will it get worse?

Will I really eventually lose my bladder control, my happy mood, my energy, my hair and if so, how do women who seem fine with gray hair in their 60's deal with this? Doesn't anybody do OK after or during menopause wihtout HRP?



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Hi loriwoo,
Have you read any of the other posts? Sorry to be a killjoy but there are loads more things that could happen if you've only had night sweats for 2 months. I've had loads of different symptoms for about 7 years and I'm only? 49. On the other hand you could sail through this with only the night sweats and the odd hot flash. And you don't have to take HRT either cos there are natural remedies.I haven't lost control of my bladder or lost my hair but......oh I can't be bothered to go through all the other stuff again. The one thing that most of us try not to lose is our sense of humour (or temper)and these forums are the best places I've found to make you feel like you're not going mad when everyone else around you seems perfectly normal. One other thing you have to know is that most GPs don't link lots of symptoms with menopause and in GB they don't even use the term perimenopause. I have seen several docs over the years and most of them have looked at me as if I had a third eye when I suggest my tingling in my arm is connected to my hormones! I could go on forever but I won't, I just wanted to let you know what might happen. I hope you can keep a sense of humour and keep reading these forums cos they do help. Take care.

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every woman can or may get differnts reactions to menopause-

Here is a link that might be useful: How-Long-Does-Menopause-Last.html

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Yeah,I read all the posts, and that is just plain DEPRESSING, so that is another reason why I asked. I thought maybe there are more LUCKY women out there than all of you poor unlucky ones.

It is so discouraging to think about. Not fair...
Theh past 2 months have been great, more energy, no period, I have felt great the past 2 months. I just don't want it to end.

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