small red bumps, hormone related or not?

Okla_galJanuary 13, 2002

I will try to describe this as good as possible. I get these small red dot like bumps. when one first comes up it itches like crazy then the itch stops after a day or two, but the bump stays there and will eventually get about the size of a quarter. they use to only come up on the front side of my arm toward the armpit, then they came up only on the side of my face in front of my ear and now I only get them on my chest. they stay for appx. 2 to 3 months and as they start to go away the center feels real soft and the outside is more like a red ring. I know it is not a ringworm. My gyno told me a long time ago they were nerve endings that tend to be inflamed from lack of hormone. he would give me a little extra in my shot of hormone and pow they would dissapear, but I seem to get them alot in the summer and have gone to a dermatologist and he says no I am just allergic to something, my family Dr. also says not related to hormone, but has no answer for it.I am just wondering since there is such a lot of people here maybe someone has had these or can put a name on it.Thanks, I enjoy this whole site so much, everyone tends to want to help one another and I appreciate it so much.

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I get them as well. Coin-shaped little, itchy red bumps, but I didn't know what they were from. Very much coincide with that "time of the month"..whatever that is these days.

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I never had this problem but for some reason it caught my interest. I did a quick search on google on "itchy red bumbs" and got a lot of hits. This is a link to a dermatologists' discussion on the subject and they seem a bit clueless. Do you have a dog or cat? The docs seemed to like the veterinary connection.

Here is a link that might be useful: itchy red bumps

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I do have a dog,but got these yrs. before I had a dog. I only get 1 or 2 of the bumps and they only itch when they first come up then there is no more itching.If I was to take a soapy rag and scrub them like crazy they go away faster, but still takes a month or so. they are not painful or anything it's just the fact they are there and wanting a name to put on them so I can see what causes them.

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