can progesterone cream help?

beaglencJanuary 5, 2006

I'm new to this forum. Hi to all. Anyway, I was wondering if any of you girls have tried this for PAINFUL intercourse?

I'm post meno. for about 5yr. and am currently using estrace cream 2g. and would rather use something natural.

Thanks for your help.

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Yes it does help! :o) I use Menocream by "Before and After" that I got at Walgreens, supposedly a derivative of wild yam. helps me a lot... Though, I do want to say one thing. One of the reasons that I like it, is because too much progesterone makes me eat like a pig, and I can use half of the recommended dosage and am fine. Helps with the night sweats and hot flashes too. BUT, for me, I might have to take something else, due to the fact that one should cut down on the cream after ovulation, if you are still ovulating, because progesterone is an ovulation stimulator, and I have found that after ovulating, it makes the period even MORE erratic. But, I think my periods are finally coming to an end... and I need something more. For you, it should be perfect for your needs. :o)

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Well I never used the stuff to help with sex. But progestrone cream was an OTC remedy suggested by a doctor to relieve my intense hot flashes. Guess what happened? The sweating simply intensified. So much for sure-fire cures. :o\

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Natural Progesterone and Dr Lee have been instrumental in me now asking my GP here in Devon, Uk for some on prescription. Its not a patented product so no pharaceutical company will benefit from it, hence its not often given out by Drs here in the UK anyway. I have come off HRT, had a full hsyterectomy in January, as i didn't like the side effects and am only 42 so want to try something natural and this has been recommended by many of my friends in the same position as me. They all have come off HRT and try all sorts of things, but apparently the Pharmacist told me today when i asked about it "oh yes thats very popular nowadays and the Dr will prescribe it for you". Marvellous, proof will be in the pudding, and hopefully my weight gain and hot flushes will disperse, i exercise every day, weight train and run too and still have gained weight with water retention, so im hoping this natural Pro-Juven progesterone cream will help me. Thanks and good luck. Fiona

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I've heard from a reliable source the progesterone creams increase your appetite. I'm kind of seeing this for myself after day 6 of using MenoCream. Once again, I don't know if it's mind over matter or what. I can't seem to get enough of salty junk foods. Anyone else have this problem?

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I cut back on the progesterone cream... I have worked it out where I can take about 1/4 of what the directions call for... 1/4 to 1/2. a balance between gaining weight and having the good affects. Yes, progesterone is given to people to get them to eat.... like old people or People with AIDS. Also is given for an energy boost.

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It helps some and doesnt do diddly for others.... if you are having trouble with intercourse then try KYJelly or another lubricant..there are several on the market that really do work.

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