Valentines's Day

johnny52February 14, 2009

I was just wondering what everyon's plans where for Valentines's Day?

Anything fun?

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No plans...husband working overtime....again. Same old thing.

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Can we just call it off?

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Oh it's off alright....Next time he works a Friday night and then Saturday I'm getting a room at a hotel....With a pool. I got everybody something for "V", husband....was there so much as a card or the dishes done for me? We all know the answer to that question.

I'm going to bed early is absolutely OFF.

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I didn't get anything either, no complaining, no tension, no stress....ahhh. Nothing like being single.

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We exchanged cards & silly gifts, then watched a movie here on the big screen. We are going to go out later tonight instead which we both decided we'd rather do to avoid crowds at the resturants & such.

It was nice to just relax, no complaints here..DH worked yesterdy to but he works everyday all the time so I guess I'm used to the workaholic thing, though it does get irritating at times.


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My DH brought roses and a card home for me after he got off of work. We watched a movie....which was recommended by my DD20....hated it. It was called..."Quarantine"..A horror movie. I do not like movies like that. Anyway.....the roses are beautiful....I love my husband very much. I just don't like feeling like a single mom again with an extra child because he has to work so much. I'm being selfish perhaps but I want a family that is together.

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My husband has been gone all weekend at a convention, so I spent Valentine's by myself watching bad television. Which is okay, really, because I have the cold from hell...not much fun to hang around with right now, believe me.

He's going to take me out to dinner and a movie next weekend, hopefully :)

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I'm LDS, and we attended the temple with lots of friends. It was the most meaningful vday yet - a bit out of the norm for us, but it was great.

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Since economy hit us pretty bad, we don't go out as much as we used to. So we went out for dinner on Saturday, did our tradition of going to specific book store on special occassions (there is this book store where we have met for our first date, so we go there for special occassions and recreate our first date making fun of each other of course, I think people know us there by now), then went to listen to some music and then went home and watched some TV.

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Worst Valentine's Day ever - Saturday morning, dh told me he doesn't like the way I think or speak, napped on the couch for awhile, then said he was going to work an extra 12 hours that day, in addition to his regular 24 hour shift on Sunday.

We've been married 15 years, so I feel like this is a phase, and that eventually we'll get back to our happier state.

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Yeah - worst VDay ever...
Just a hint to all of the guys out there:
There are times when 'it's all about me' sex is OK (that's him me, not me me) --
but first thing in the morning on VDay is not one of those times.

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Hubby brought me 2 dozen yellow roses (I prefer yellow colored roses rather then red). I gave him his mushy VD card. We stayed in and he made us a special dinner and I made dessert. Champagne and chocolates later on.
Youngest daughter went to visit her sister at college for the weekend. I made a candy bar pizza for her to take along and share with the dorm for VD. Also sent an email valentine to both of them from mom and dad. NancyLouise

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OMG! I don't think I've heard so many say how much they hated Valentinme's day in a decade. Mine stareted off in a good way but my expectations were of course too high.

I gave my wife the tickets to a big concert coming in May. Best seats available & thry weren't cheap. It cost to be up close and personal. She got me a new computer for my bike.

To be sure she was happy I worked the entire day in the yard mulching in the cold to put a smile on her face. (I hate being cold). Later We went out to dinner to a place she choose (I would have never selected it). Throw in a movie too!

Now here's where it got tricky. My grown son has been with us for a week because he & his wife are going through a separation. The 3 of us really have a good time. But later that evening he fell apart and my wife ended up talking & listening to him for hours.

My wife told me to go ahead and go to bed & she'd be with me soon. She had the perfect reason to become mom once again but Valentine's day special intimate moment vanished in a New York second.

The next day I'll admit was a bit cranky and she drilled me for it. That losey feeling still didn't go away. She said she's make up for it on Sunday night. Guess what .. a repeat situation.

We both love our son & would do anything to help him through this terrible time. But now we are both getting dragged down with him. We can't help him if we're both down there with him.

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Johnny, Wasnt your wife supposed to go away for Valentines Day? Did she change her plans to stay home with you? Sorry about the son issues, hope that gets better soon...My Valentines Day was very nice..Saw Billy Joel In Vegas, and it was great...

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Interesting that there's all these rags here and over on the singles site....nothing.

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Yes, my wife was supposed to be gone but there wasn't any snow for her skiing. She didn't stay home just to be with me. Now that might have made a difference.

However, this weekend wasn't really any different from other weekends. She always has a benchmark for me to reach before she will "give in" to what I might desire. Sure, it's only my perspective so it's got to be slanted but now I'm already "working" toward next weekend.

This morning I left her a special note by the sink so she's be sure to see it. It doesn't matter because it just won't be enough. I still remembered that she whispered in my erar during the movie last week.. "if you want sex later you'll have to be nicer to me".

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How in the world did I simply know that this was going to end up as an "I didn't get any" whine from johnny! Johnny, if you would do nice things and treat your wife special just because you want to rather than so you could get sex in return, I'll be that would work for you. All of you posts seem to talk about what you do for her and expect as a result of it. I suspect that your wife knows the real reason for the things you do. That's a big turn off. Anytime, in any situation, where the thought is "I will behave this way so that I get something in return" is destined to failure.

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And yet... I d still rather have Johhny as a husband than Chazlie...At least he s trying :)

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Excellent point, dotz. I agree with you on that (the lesser-of-two-evils thing).

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DH started the day by telling me to stay in bed and he would bring breakfast - coffee, toast and his libido.
Afterward he thoughtfully asked if I would like anything else? I said some creme brulee and a young Samoan would be nice - that did not sit well!

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